Post-Internship Thank You Letter: How To, Templates & Examples

Writing thank you letter after internship

Internships play a vital role when students make a transit from their educational life to their workplace. It helps them in building their career and works as a stepping stone. Only textbooks cannot provide the knowledge that’s required in the actual workplace. That can only be gained when you learn how to do a job hands-on!

Internships are important as they are counted as work experience in the corporate world and help people fetch superior jobs. If you have just finished your internship, you must remember to write an internship letter to the person who gave you a chance to work under them. It may be your co-workers or supervisor who taught you certain skills and provided you guidance. It not only helps to build a healthy relationship with your co-workers but also fosters network building that’s essential for finding your way up in the corporate world.

When To Send It?

There is no set rule for the timeline when you can send the thank you letter. However, a few days before your tenure ends or after a few days of your farewell is the right time to send the letter of thanks. Do not delay the process as it loses its meaning and significance if you send it after a month or later than that. Along with that, it will also have less impact on the receiver.

Why Is It Important?

There are some good reasons for writing a post internship thank you letter but the first and foremost is because it is a polite gesture. Being courteous is the value that you must inculcate when you enter the workforce. It will be appreciated and help you to be noticed and remembered.

It will make you stand out from the crowd

Over the years interns come and go in companies. You must do something that separates you from the rest of the bunch. Writing thank you letters pay off. Nicely worded, respectful thank you notes are remembered for long. You are then considered a team player who does not forget to extend his/her gratitude. People will immediately know the difference between you and someone who casually walks out at the end of their term and never bothers to write back.

People will remember you

Expressions of thankfulness, kind words, good wishes, have a lot of value. These are positive feelings that reveal a lot about someone’s innate nature. Expressing your humble feeling in a written note impacts people and helps them to remember you for a longer time than the others. People whom you worked with will remember you as one of them, as a dedicated worker, and a good human being. They will also appreciate that you took time and made an effort to pen down your thoughts to extend your heartfelt thanks. That keeps you one step ahead of the others!

It’s a polite gesture

Thanking people is a good thing to do. Whether it’s a paid or an unpaid internship, people gave you a chance to learn things hands-on. They allowed you to be a part of their team and made an effort to share their knowledge with you. Writing a post internship thank you letter is your chance to acknowledge their generosity. You never know, they might consider offering you a full-time job in their firm in the future. Politeness increases future prospects and creates a favorable opinion and impression!

What Should Your Letter Include?

Since it is a thank you letter, it’s obvious that you should express your heartfelt thanks in the letter. But, beyond that, there are certain things to mention in the letter. Mention about the wonderful experience you had, the knowledge you gained, things you learns, useful advice you received, to make the letter more meaningful.

If you do not want to be too formal, take the liberty of adding a personal touch. Write about memorable experiences and anecdotes to show that your letter is not merely a routine thank you letter but comes from the heart.  

Be authentic

Your internship thank you letter must have a positive note and must sound genuine and positive. Make sure you pen down an authentic letter with a positive feeling. That will help you to leave your mark and help people remember you. This may foster a long-term relationship with people and the company.

Mention how the internship helped you

Remember to mention what you gained from your term as an intern. State how enriching your experience was, how wonderful people in the team were. Write about the skills you learned and how fruitful the experience was.

Don’t forget to add your contact number and other information

Always leave your trail! Mention your contact number, LinkedIn profile, and other important information so that the company can reach you if they want to offer you a job in future. It is a very vital piece of information at the end of your letter.

Things To Avoid In The Thank You Letter

Do not use negative words

It is extremely important to choose the right words when writing a post internship thank you letter. Make sure your letter has a positive tone. Words that are wrongly put can spoil your image and future prospects. You may be trying to do good but incorrectly put or rude words can totally mar the purpose of your letter.

Avoid mentioning unpleasant events

Remember it’s a thank you letter and not a feedback document. Mentioning good things that happened during your tenure is all right to talk about. Steer clear from complaining about people or events. Every organization likes to get positive feedback and not to be reminded about the darker side.

Do not request a job directly

Your post internship thank you letter is not the right medium for pitching for a job. Keep it just to show your gratitude. Thank them for providing you with a platform to learn new skills and get exposure. Asking for a job in the same letter will defeat the purpose as the letter will sound like flattery and just a means of requesting a full-time job.

Avoid making it too wordy and lengthy

You may be overwhelmed with your wonderful experience as an intern and want to write a lot of good things in the thank you letter but take a pause! Companies get a lot of mail and documents every day and do not have time to read lengthy letters. Keep it short and sweet. Get to the point quickly to save the readers time. Say that you at the very beginning so that people know what’s it about. Your letter should not be more than a few short paragraphs.

What Is The Best Way Of Sending The Letter?

A handwritten note always has the most impact as it shows you have made an effort to pen down your words. If you live in the vicinity of the office, a hand-delivered note can leave a deep impact. It looks polite and will be appreciated the most. If that’s not a possibility, an email to the company’s official mail address or to the concerned person is also acceptable. 

Templates of Post-Internship Thank You Letters

Thank you letters sent to different people like the owners, supervisor, co-workers will be differently worded. You can use more casual vocabulary with your co-workers whereas it will be more formal with your superiors. 

Template #1: Thank You Letter To Your Supervisor

Dear Mr. [Name],

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your [job title]. I have learned so much in the last month and have gained confidence working under your guidance.

I am grateful for your time, the knowledge you shared, and the advice you gave me. I enjoyed working on the [name of the project] and gathered insight on how things should be managed in such situations.

The exposure to this job has ignited my interest in the field of [mention field]. It has equipped me with a better understanding of the subject and skills that will help me to take new responsibilities.

It was a wonderful learning experience for me and I would love to learn more from you in the future. I would like to leave my phone number and my email address with you so that you can reach me if you ever require my services.

Thank you once again for the internship opportunity. I wish you and the entire team the very best always.


[Your Name]

Template #2: Thank You Letter To The Owner of The Company

Dear Ms. XYZ,

I am extremely thankful for the internship opportunity you offered me in the sales department of your company. Being a part of the [area name] regional office of [company’s name] was an amazing experience.

It provided me with much-needed knowledge and skills that will help me with my future jobs after college. The team was extremely supportive and always made me feel like a valuable member. Moving beyond the classroom and joining your company as an intern opened new horizons of knowledge for me.

The hands-on training allowed me to understand things better and strengthened my foundation. I will be forever grateful to you and the team for the most amazing three months of my life.

 I feel I’m much better equipped now and will be able to add more value to my future job. I will be finishing college in March and hope to find a job in a company that has a wonderful team like yours.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to you for providing me with the opportunity to gain such a rewarding experience.

Sincerely yours,

[Your name]

Email address

Template #3: To A Team Member

Dear [Name],

My internship will end in two days and I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks before I leave. You have been an excellent guide, a good friend, and an amazing advisor to me in the last couple of months. I have learned so much about production operations from you. I was hesitant on the first day of my job but your welcoming gesture made me feel extremely comfortable. I will miss your jokes and your amazing stories.

I hope you all the best and thank you once again for your invaluable support. While I won’t be attending the office anymore from Monday, I’d love to stay connected. My personal email is [email address]. Let’s stay in touch and meet up sometimes.

Wishing you best of luck!

[Your Name]

Phone number


Template #4: Thank You For The Opportunity

Dear Mr. ABC,

It was a pleasure working in your company as an intern over the summer. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. It was an invaluable lesson for me and opened up new avenues. Working as an intern in your advertisement firm sparked my interest in designing. I am surely going to enhance my skills further so that it allows me to explore opportunities in his field.

I am leaving with so many wonderful memories and will cherish them forever.

If you ever require my services kindly let me know. I will be glad to work with the team and learn more.


(Your Name)

Template #5: Thank You For Your Guidance

Dear (Name),

Let me start by thanking you for your valuable guidance during my internship at [name of the company]. I admire your patience and the effort you took to make me comfortable and help me understand what goes into the [job name] process.

It was truly an incredible experience. It helped me understand that (job name) and a career related to it is what I want to pursue. I enjoyed spending time with you and the team in the workplace and our Saturday outings that strengthened the bond between the team members.

I appreciate how you trusted me with the job and allowed me to participate in the [name] project. It was an excellent learning opportunity for me and helped me develop my professional skills.

Warm regards,

[Your name]

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