Thank You Letter To Suitor: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank You Letter To Suitor

Choosing from suitors is one of the hardest decisions a woman can make as they prioritize the perspective they are looking forward to their future partner. 

According to research, a suitor’s traits are the biggest factors before women decide 88.9% of women consider men’s kindness, 86.5% considered supportiveness, and 72.3% considered intelligence. 

In addition, Claire Stott, a relationship psychologist at the dating app Badoo and data analyst, states that because people have a lot of choices and date a lot more than they used to, women always want the best.

It is important to thank a suitor for their interest in you and for the time and effort they have put into pursuing you, whether or not you are interested in them romantically. . This article will teach you how to fill out several thank-you letter templates correctly. MailToSelf also created additional articles with instructions and model thank-you letters for close friends and other special recipients.

What Is It?

A letter of gratitude to a potential suitor is one in which you sincerely thank them for their interest in you and the time and energy spent pursuing you. You might express your gratitude in this letter for their actions, like taking you out on a date or sending you a kind gift.

The letter can also express your gratitude for the person’s interest in you while expressing your lack of romantic feelings for them and your desire to forego a relationship.

When Should You Send It?

Sending a thank-you note to a suitor is appropriate in the following situations:

  • It is considerate to feel grateful for the person’s efforts if they have shown you a lot of interest and attempted to court you, such as by taking you out on a date or sending gifts.
  • A thank you letter can be a considerate and respectful approach to convey the message to someone that you have made the decision not to pursue a romantic connection with them.
  • Let’s say the individual did something particularly kind or kind for you, like assisting you with a task or offering care and support during a trying moment.
  • Even if you are not interested in a romantic relationship with the individual, you should keep a good friendship with them.

Sending a thank you letter to a suitor can also be important for several reasons:

  • It demonstrates your kindness, respect, and appreciation for the time and effort the individual has spent pursuing you.
  • Since declining someone’s love advances can be difficult and emotionally challenging, it may be beneficial to announce the news gently.
  • It enables you to respond to their efforts respectfully and politely instead of being obnoxious or dismissive, which can help you maintain your integrity and sense of self-respect.

Writing Guidelines

Here are some guidelines on how to create a thank you letter to a suitor:

  1. Start with Greetings: Begin by expressing appreciation for their interest in you and for taking the time and effort to pursue you.
  2. Express your Honest Emotions: Your letter needs to be upfront and honest if you have no interest in dating. Inform the person that you understand their feelings but do not share them.
  3. Be Mindful by Words: Avoid inadvertently hurting or offending someone using courteous words.
  4. Offer Friendship: You can stay in touch and be friends if you wish to keep the relationship amicable.
  5. Show Gratefulness for his Kindness: Mention and show appreciation if someone has done something unusually considerate or kind.
  6. End with Thanks: Conclude the letter by thanking the person again and expressing your best wishes for their future.
  7. Double-check and Proofread: Before submitting the letter, check it for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Templates of Thank You Letter To A Suitor

Template #1

Dear (Suitor’s name),

I’m writing to thank you for taking an interest in me and for taking the time and effort to look into me. I truly acknowledge your consideration and thoughtfulness, and your sentiments touch me. But after giving it some thought, I’ve concluded that I don’t have any romantic feelings for you. While I appreciate and want to keep our friendship going, I do not desire to pursue a romantic relationship.

Please accept my decision with respect. Please understand that nothing about this reflects on your qualities or character. Unlike how you feel about me, I do not feel like having any romantic relationship for now.

I hope you can find happiness and fulfillment with someone who can return your feelings. I will always remember your kindness and the memories we have shared.

Thank you again for everything.


(Your name)

Template #2

Dear (Suitor’s name),

I do value all that you have done for me. I’m happy you’re in my life, and I appreciate how patiently you wait for my answer.

I want to keep the word I said to you honestly. I want to make it happen. I want to have a deeper connection with you both romantically and as my best best friend. I want to say those words “I love you” for every minute we share as it is what my heart says. At first, I was very hesitant about the fact that everything would change and that your feelings are not that persistent and honest towards me, but now, you show me how much you value me from how you treat, act and speak toward me. 

I know you will be surprised but I am too. It is true that the moment you appreciate all the efforts of the person who gives you so much and anything he can offer, you’ll soon create a deeper connection, and I think I’m already falling into you. I want to see you in person and grant you my biggest ‘yes’ for the second time.

With sincerest love,

(Your name)

Template #3

Hi (Suitor’s name), 

Thank you for always making me feel attractive through your words and actions. I’ve never heard someone remark, “You are lovely,” with such sincerity, especially when I see how intensely your eyes stare at me in awe. I’ve never felt more beautiful in my entire life.

Second, thank you for bearing with me and being mature while you reminded me to do the same. I am complex and not the easiest person to understand. When I don’t get what I want, and it becomes intolerable, I behave in an immature and childish manner. However, you decide to gently correct and punish me instead. And even when I argue with you or become angry at you, you handle it with dignity and maturity.

Finally, I want to convey my sincere appreciation for embracing me as I am. You still pick me every time, despite my shortcomings and attitude. You set the standard for a man who will love a lady without conditions. I’m confident that our relationship will be the best one we’ve ever had. And everything will come together for the two of us in the future wonderfully and magnificently.

Thank you once again. And my answer to your long wait is “YES.”

Lots of love,

(Your name)

Template #4

Hello (Suitor’s name),

I value your efforts and your genuineness in dealing with me. I appreciate you constantly keeping an eye out for me. I’ve never met a man who would commit to guarding my honor and demonstrating his resolve in the process. You never displayed bad behavior. Instead, always acted with respect and gallantry.

Because of how open and sincere you are with me, you have always taught me how to express my feelings honestly. Your integrity never ceases to astound me. You’ve been waiting for so long, and I know you’re excited to hear my response. I believe this is not the ideal time for us both, as you advised me to “Just be honest with what your heart shouts.”

Don’t be so depressed over this news, please. I tell you, you should find someone more deserving of your love than I am. Since you are the ideal that every lady would aspire to, I don’t want you to spend your feelings on me any longer because I am lacking in many ways. I am now letting you go because of this. I appreciate your admiration and gratitude. 

Sincerely yours,

(Your name)

Template #5

Dear (Suitor’s name), 

I appreciate you telling me how you feel. I know that it was challenging to communicate one’s emotions, much less do it to a lady who had no romantic notions of her own and had sought him with persistence and sincerity. I truly admire you for it, you know.

In this world full of lies and permanent changes, you came with a light in your hands and guided me to your sincere world. You know that I have trust issues, and despite all of that, you still pursue me and patiently wait for me with all of your might. You never fail to amuse me and make me blush just by telling me how beautiful I am. You never fail to surprise me with all your laughter every time I’m not in my mood and being mean to you just because you saw me cute with that. 

You know what? Everything lovely in this world is your due. I know you have waited for a long time to capture me, and I would like you to know that I willingly want to be captured by you at last. I will never be a perfect partner to you, but I will return the love and sincerity to you with the best I can do.


(Your name)

Warm Up

Your potential partner is deserving of pampering in his current state. He makes you grin on a bad day, surprises you, and looks out for you. Consequently, the greatest approach to thank him is to express your appreciation for his work, love, and care for you with deliberate and tender words. 

Although gifts are wonderful, nothing can compare to the power of words of gratitude. Keep in mind to always be polite whether or not you are interested in the suitor. If interested, send your great news and thank you letter to your suitor at special events and occasions.

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