Thank You Letter to Coach from Parents: How To, Templates & Examples

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A coach plays a very important role in an athlete’s life. A coach is like a second parent to the athlete. You may also call him as the unsung hero behind the sportsmen’s success. An excellent coach will leave no stone unturned to see his student achieve the best and become the better version of themselves. His endless hours of encouragement and motivation in building the athlete’s future deserves a note of thanks from the parents.

What makes a great coach? There are numerous reasons that makes for an excellent coach. A coach is a visionary. He envisions the future of his student. He identifies the strength and skill of each student and then sharpens it. He teaches important life skills to his students like leadership qualities, discipline, honesty etc. It is the immense effort, undying spirit and dedication of a coach which makes for a true sportsman.

What is a thank you letter to coach from parents?

A thank you letter to coach from parents is a letter of appreciation and gratitude.

 As a parent you have several dreams for your child and want to see him achieve that dream. But there has to be an expert who guides, shapes and moulds your child to help him fulfil his dream. Here, a coach, a guide or a teacher plays an integral part in your child’s life. It is his unwavering dedication, his training, his teaching methods, his guidance and above all his commitment which undoubtedly paves the path for a successful sportsman. Just like a potter gives shape to a pot, similarly a good coach shapes his students to take on the challenges and be a winner. Doesn’t the coach deserve the biggest salute from you as a parent?

While, there are several ways to show your appreciation to a coach, like sending him a text message, buying a small gift or sending him a bouquet. But, there can be no match for a handwritten thank you note. A thank you note is a very kind and thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation to someone who truly deserves it.

So, next time you want to show your gratitude to your child’s coach, go ahead with the traditional method of writing a thank you note.

When do you send a thank you letter to coach from parents?

You must send a thank you letter to a coach to express your gratitude when your child has performed well. The performance of your child has a direct relation with the effort and time the coach has spent on him or her. Whenever your child emerges victorious, do not forget to thank your coach.

But, do remember, while winning in sports is important but what is more important is to imbibe the values of a good sportsperson. Any coach can teach a sport to your child, that is his job and his profession. But a good coach goes beyond teaching just the sport. It’s the discipline, the concentration, the focus and determination and values like these which only a true leader and a great coach can teach his students. These are life skills which will help your child throughout their life and not just his or her sporting career. Such a coach, who goes beyond just teaching a game deserves your recognition and a thank you letter.

Tips for writing an effective thank you letter to coach from parents:

Greeting: A warm greeting sets a right tone for the letter. You may address the coach by his name, this shows that you have taken the effort to know his name rather than just addressing his as “coach”.

Express your gratitude: The sole purpose of this letter is to express your thanks. Begin the letter with the two kind words “thank you”. This makes the purpose of the letter to the recipient crystal clear.

Mention the details briefly: State the reason for sending your thank you letter. Be specific and do not make it too lengthy. It is encouraging for the coach to know, how he has positively influenced your child’s sporting career and the difference he has made in your child’s life.

Timing of the letter: This is very important to make the letter relevant. If you are thanking the coach after a specific game that your child has won, then ensure that you send the letter immediately after the game. This shows you truly appreciate the efforts and the contribution of the coach.

Restate your thanks: You can end your letter by thanking the coach again. You can add some more details stating your future expectations and desires with your closing statement. For example, “Thank you once again and I hope you continue nurturing my child’s sporting journey”. “I want to show my utmost gratitude to you and I request you to keep mentoring my child.”

Sign Off: End the letter with your regards. Use sign offs which are warm, respectful and pleasant. Example: Many thanks, Yours Sincerely, Yours truly.

Template 1#

Dear Coach, (name of the coach)

I am writing this letter to say thank you for your hard-work and dedication. You have been a great source of inspiration to my daughter Erica. Had it not been for your constant push and your words of encouragement, Erica wouldn’t have even tried playing tennis. I am so glad that she gave this sport a chance and now she is thoroughly enjoying playing it. You have not only helped her to grow as a player but also boosted her overall confidence.

Tennis is a very competitive sport and recently it has gained a lot of attention. But coaches like you shield young minds from this pressure and help them focus on the game alone. You have also used your extensive contacts from your playing days and have secured a sponsorship for Erica. We all know how much of a help that is with Tennis being such an expensive sport.

Erica has only nice things to say about you. The amount of respect I see in her for you is evidence enough of the influence your coaching has had on her. She is a wonderful athlete, and she is extremely lucky to have a coach of your caliber by her side.

Your sincere concern for each player is so evident and obvious. I only hope that you are the coach of Erica for the foreseeable future as well. Thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Parker.

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Sample #1 thank You Letter to Coach from Parents

Template 2#

Dear Coach, (name of the coach)

My name is Robert Andrews and I am the father of John Andrews. I want to say thank you for building such a fabulous basketball team for “XYZ” school in such a short span of time. You have spent immense amount of effort and time on each player to ensure a strong team is built. The kids have learnt so much about the game from you, it’s unbelievable. What is more important is that, you have also taught the kids fair play, sportsmanship, team spirit and many other values. This will help them become better sportspersons and better individuals. As a parent I feel immensely proud and happy when I see such positive values instilled in John.

The students are peaking at the right time and with your guidance they can achieve greater heights than ever before.

With you at the helm I am sure that this team will be a winner in the upcoming inter school basketball championship. Even if they are not, our gratitude towards you will remain the same. I wish you the very best for all your future endeavors and thank you again for your devoting so much time and effort for this sport.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Andrews.

Sample #2 Thank You Letter to Coach from Parents

Template 3#

Dear Coach, (name of the coach)

Thank you for everything you have done for the High School Students Soccer team. As a coach you have played such an integral part in shaping my Allen’s sports career and I can’t thank you enough for that. You have not only taught him the basics of the sport, but you have imparted important life lessons that shall stay with him forever. Only an excellent coach can teach their students leadership skills, punctuality, and teamwork.

Thank you for never giving up on Allen, even though there were times when he was on the verge of quitting soccer. You believed in his abilities him more than we believed. You recognized his talent and nurtured and gave it shape. Thank you spending your valuable time in honing Allen’s skills. Today, as a parent I feel so proud to see that Allen has been selected for the National Soccer team. This has been possible only because of your immense belief, dedication and your hard work.

Once again, please accept my sincere gratitude in helping to build my sons sports career and most importantly in helping him to become a better sportsman and an individual. I am sure Allen will carry throughout his all the lessons and values you have taught him.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. John

Sample #3 Thank You Letter to Coach from Parents

Template 4#

Dear Coach, (name of the coach)

I am John Parker’s mother and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unabating support for John’s swimming aspirations. John has always been a dedicated student. But ever since you have taken over the responsibilities of becoming his coach I see a renewed sense of purpose to his dreams.

He has been talking non-stop about your coaching methods and how you make something tedious and monotonous fun. He has always been a good swimmer. But when I saw him participate in the inter-school championship I knew he had developed into a competitive swimmer. It is all thanks to you that he won the championship.

John mentioned that you have also helped organize events so that he can get sponsorship. He is indeed very lucky to have someone like you looking over him. He would very much like to continue building on his skills and compete at a national level.

And to that effect I would like nothing more than you coaching him further. Thank you for everything you have been doing for him. As a proud parent I know you deserve as much credit as he does.

Warm Regards,

Molly Parker

Boy's Football Coach

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Sample #4 Thank You Letter to Coach from Parents

Template 5#

Dear Coach, (name of the coach)

I am Dylan’s father and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coaching Dylan. As a college Baseball player myself I know how much a good coach can influence a player’s life. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful coach myself. And, I can see Dylan is equally lucky to have you coaching him.

Even though you are pretty big name in the college baseball circuits you do not let that affect your coaching style and dedicate quality time with every single player. I see you every day in the trenches with these wonderful athletes trying to improve their stance and technique. And what I also appreciate is you do not mince words while giving feedback. I have always maintained that direct feedback works best and there is no substitute for it.

As a trustee of the college I have the privilege of being in the front seat of all the developments that happen in the college. I spoke to our Director in this regard and we would like you to start coaching our girls’ team as well. I am sure your dedication and knowledge will propel them to new heights. Just as you have done so with the boys’ team.

Speaking on behalf of all the parents here I am sure they would all agree when I say, appointing you as the coach has been the best decision the college has taken. The results are everyone to see and the kids are really enjoying their time with you.

You have inculcated team work, discipline and camaraderie within the team. These values you have imparted in them in their formative years will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Once again, thank you for all the services you have provided and I hope with your help this college will have the best baseball program in the state.

Yours truly,

James Summers.

Sample #5 Thank You Letter to Coach from Parents

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