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The first thing you should do after appearing for an interview for the internship is to draft a thank-you letter to your interviewer. The action creates a good impression on your interviewers and also shows your interest.

Apart from expressing your gratitude, you may also wish to point out why you think are the most suitable candidate for the position. The guide explores why sending the internship interview thank-you letter is important and it also covers, steps, tips, and samples to assist you to write yours.

What is Internship Interview Thank-You Letter?

If you send the internship interview thank-you letter to your interviewer, it creates a favorable impression for you as an applicant. The thank-you note also showcases a professional element and demonstrates that you follow the basic etiquette rules. By expressing your appreciation to the interviewer, you are making them aware that you value and respect their time.

Your thank-you letter also acts as a crucial strategy to make sure you are at the top of the interviewer’s mind as they make the final decision. The letter should contain reminders about your educational qualifications and experience, which makes you stand apart from other candidates. If you take out time to write the thank-you note, it shows your interest in the position to the interviewer.

When Is Internship Interview Thank-You Letter Required?

Irrespective of whether you opt for a classical letter or an email, it is better to write the internship interview thank-you letter within 1-2 days from the interview. If you send it within this period, it shows your excitement and enthusiasm for the position.

Proper timing reminds an employer of your eagerness and helps to make sure that they have your thank-you letter with them before another applicant influences them.

Tips for Writing the Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

It is a simple yet crucial task to write the internship interview thank-you letter. However, you need to note down some crucial considerations while writing one. The interviewer could have interviewed many candidates for the position. So, you need to stand out from the rest of them. The following are some handy tips to follow to draft an impressive letter after the internship interview.

1. Make sure that the interviewer’s contact information is available

You should request an email address or a visiting card before the end of your interview. If you did not ask for this information, contact the person you have been in touch with to get the details.

2. Decide on the type of thank-you letter to write

A typed letter appears more personal and professional. However, remember it will take more time to deliver such a letter as compared to an email. Today, sending an email could be a better alternative in terms of modern expectations and efficiency. This is particularly correct if you are communicating with the company via emails.

It is okay to write and send a physical thank-you letter by hand for incorporating a personal touch or to write an email for efficiency and expediency.

3. Begin the letter by thanking your recipient

The purpose of this letter is to thank your interviewer so ensure that the “thank you” words are in the first sentence. Make sure you thank your interviewer for taking out some time to meet or speak with you and speak about the internship. The recipient of your letter could be interviewing many other candidates for various types of internships. So, do not forget to specify the position you have applied for and the reason for your interest in the internship.

4. Write about your educational qualifications in the thank-you letter

You should also specify why you feel to be the most suitable candidate for the internship. You have likely covered such details during your interview. So, this is an opportunity to repeat the most relevant experience or skills for the job.

5. You may share your enthusiasm for the chance

In the final paragraph of your thank-you letter, you can express your appreciation to the recipient and your enthusiasm for the internship once again. You should also include a valid reason to apply for the position of an intern. Your interviewer should realize you are looking forward to hearing from them. You may also use the final section of the letter as an opportunity to respond to queries or offer extra details that may help them in their decision.

6. Proofread the thank-you letter

Spare some time to proofread your thank-you letter. Check for any grammar, spelling, or other mistakes before sending the letter to the recipient. After all, you need to make sure you have all the necessary details about the company hosting the internship and your interviewer.

If your thank-you letter is grammatically correct, you will look more detail-oriented and professional to them. How about making someone else, such as a family member or roommate check the letter for any mistakes? Doing so will make sure that you did not miss anything.

7. Keep your thank-you letter short

Be careful about the recipient’s time and ensure that your thank-you letter does not take more than a few minutes to read. A thank-you letter usually has 3 to 4 concise paragraphs, which take up not even a page.

8. The letter should have a professional tone

Do not use casual language, images, emojis, or slang in the letter. You might have a sense of the environment and the interviewer’s style during the interview. So, try to replicate that.

9. Each thank-you letter should be personalized

Include details relevant to your communication to demonstrate that you paid attention during the interview. You may even build a more powerful bond with your interviewer if you refer to any topic both of you discussed or any other similarity between you. However, if there were multiple interviewers, customize your thank-you letters to every recipient instead of using the same note for all.

10. Incorporate extra materials

There are some situations where the interviewer could have already queried you for instances of your work. If they have not done so, you may write a thank-you email to offer tangible proof of your relevant experience. However, such proofs should be professional ones.

Sample Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

Sample Letter 1

Sample #1 for Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

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Date and address headings have become a regular norm if you are sending a hand-mailed letter. However, there is some flexibility while drafting an email. For instance, if you are planning to thank your interviewer via email, its subject line should be direct and short.

Subject: Thank you from [Your Name] (If it is an email)

[Your name]

[Your Contact Number]

[Your Email ID]


[Name of Recipient]

[Title of Recipient]

[Organization Name]

[Organization Address]

Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Recipient Last Name],

Thank you for taking out the time to interview me for the [name of the internship program] internship. I am enthusiastic about [specific reason the internship looks interesting to you].

The internship program looks like an excellent opportunity for me to develop [Mention the skill you want to develop]. [Also, mention you want to develop that skill in a few sentences. Provide an instance, which highlights how you may contribute to the organization].

I would like to thank you once again for considering me for the internship. [Mention a proper reason you wish to intern with the organization]. Kindly let me know whether you need any other clarifications or information from me.


[Your name]

Sample #1 for Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

Sample Letter 2

[Sender Name]

[Sender Address, City Name, Zip Code]


[Recipient Full Name]

[Recipient Designation]

[Organization Name]

[Recipient Address, City Name, Zip Code]

Dear [Recipient Last Name],

I would like to extend my thanks for taking out time to interact with me about the [Internship Program Name] internship opportunity at the [Organization Name]. I am enthusiastic about the chance to work with your award-winning team members.

The internship program appears to be a god-sent opportunity for me to have real-life experience and will enhance the skills I have acquired as a junior reporter for my university newspaper.

I am deeply passionate about narrating stories, which create a difference. I covered a local election recently when I found out that one of the campaigns was spreading incorrect details among students.

Thanks to my timely and accurate reporting, the candidate acknowledged their mistake and apologized publicly. I look forward to getting a chance to continue creating a difference. I believe I can achieve the same at [Organization Name] on a larger scale.

Thank you once again for considering me for this internship program. I have been following your newspaper and magazines for many years now. I am extremely interested to be a part of it. Kindly let me know whether you need any other answers or additional information or not. 


[Sender Name]

Sample #2 for Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

Sample Letter 3

Subject: Thank you from [Sender Name]

Dear Mr. /Mrs. [Recipient Last Name],

Thank you for meeting me to discuss the [Internship Program Name] internship opportunity at the [Organization Name]. I enjoyed getting familiar with your organization and the role. I am also keen on the chance to work along with your expert team members while polishing my social media marketing skills.

We discussed that my responsibility as a social media in-charge for my college has given me the necessary skills for this position. I have used the official social media account for my college to spread awareness about our monthly fundraising programs.

My social media marketing led to a massive boost in donations from the community. I am looking forward to doing similar social media engagements for your business and clients. It was a pleasure to know your company wishes to incorporate more video content as I completed a professional video-editing course.

I also observed that videos got more engagement on our social media profile. Therefore, I wished to polish my skills to make more professional-looking content.

I would like to thank you once again for your kind consideration. Kindly let me know whether you have any other queries or any extra details you require from me. I am looking forward to getting revert from you.


[Sender Name]

[Sender Contact Number]

Sample #3 for Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

Sample Letter-4

Sample #4 for Interview Internship Thank-You Letter

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[Sender Name]


[City Name, State Name, Zip Code]

[Sender Email Id]


[Recipient Name]

[Recipient Designation]

[Organization Name]


[City Name, State Name, Zip Code]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. [Recipient Last Name],

I am grateful for your taking the time to discuss with me the [Internship Program] position available at [Organization Name]. I am thrilled about the opportunity to intern with such an established organization.

The internship program as you discussed, appears to be a great match for my interests and skills. I feel confident that my advanced degree in accounting will help me to become a productive team member. Apart from my enthusiasm, I will be willing to learn about the organization and the accounting field as well.

I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you. If I can provide you with additional information, please let me know.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Sender Signature]

[Sender Name]

Sample #4 for Internship Interview Thank-You Letter

Sample Letter-5

Hi [Name of the Interviewer],

Thank you for sparing time to interview me on [Date] and responding to my queries about the [Internship Program Name] internship at [Organization Name]. I am thrilled after a detailed discussion with you about the position in the [Organization Name] and would love to get an opportunity to join the team this winter.

I am also looking forward to implementing the lessons I am learning in my journalism classes during the internship program. It is my sincere belief that the writing skills I inculcated during the time I worked for my school newspaper will help me to excel in the new role.

When you mentioned teamwork as a crucial value at [Organization Name], I instantly thought about the collaborative efforts I put during my tenure as the editor of the school newspaper. I am excited about the opportunity to put these skills to use and know more about the publication and reporting industry.

I thank you once again for this interesting opportunity. I look forward to reverting from you on Thursday.


[Sender Name]

Sample #5 for Internship Interview Thank-You Letter
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