Thank You Letter for Offer: How To, Templates & Examples

Thanks for the offer

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Have you received an interesting offer recently? Are you excited and ready to begin as soon as possible? Hold on, first things first! You need to give a suitable reply as well as thank them for the offer.

Professional communication is always important as you can later use it as a written word document. The offer cannot be retracted without genuine reason. Make sure you send a thank-you letter for offer on the same thread.

Keeping the communication open shows the HR or your employer your excitement about the offer and it will help both parties transition into a new bonding. This thank-you letter for offer will act as the beginning of a new and fruitful professional relationship.

Writing a formal letter can always be tricky. You are daunted by the right tone, if there are any grammatical errors or simply if you missed out on some information. Read till the end to find out tips and hacks to write a perfect thank-you letter for offer without sounding stilted.

What is a thank-you letter for an offer?

A thank-you letter is essential to convey your gratitude, especially within a professional circle. You can send it on various occasions like after a job interview, receiving an offer, a business meeting etc. It shows your eagerness, appreciation for their time and a positive attitude.

You can use this thank-you letter to accept or reject the offer formally. You can also use this opportunity to reiterate your strengths and remind HR of the same. This letter acts puts the ball in their court, they will use it to schedule the next meeting or explain the process to join etc.

A thank-you letter helps you maintain good professional relationships. It will also help you expand your contacts and social circle. It shows you are good and comfortable communicating. Your HR/ employer/ business partner will be reminded of your efficiency and promptness.

Efficient communication is a professional skill everyone needs to develop. Let us help you impress your employer by appreciating them with a well-crafted thank-you letter. This article will help you establish your foundation on how to write a professional thank-you letter for offer.

When to send a thank-you letter for an offer?

Immediately! Everyone is busy with their work and meetings, so craft a reply immediately on receiving an offer. This will show your positive qualities like promptness, thoughtfulness and reliability. It shows that you took the time to appreciate them.

How to write a thank-you letter for an offer?

This article helps you navigate around the basic formats of writing a formal thank-you letter for offer. A general format to follow when writing a formal letter is:

  • From, Insert Name, position, full address including postal code
  • Date/month/year
  • To, Insert Name, position, full address including postal code
  • The subject of the letter
  • Dear, Salutation, Last name
  • Greetings
  • Body of the letter
  • Suitable ending (regards/ yours sincerely, etc.)

It is not wrong to use the same format for an email, but it is ideal to keep an email short. You can avoid date and address and follow the rest.

First paragraph

  • Warm greetings: Always start your letter positively with a warm greeting of the day or good morning. This instantly enhances your writing tone and the reader will appreciate it.
  • Self-introduction: If you received the offer through a phone call and this is the first correspondence mail you are exchanging with your employer, make sure to introduce yourself and mention the job position. This will help the HR/ employer to identify you from many candidates they contact throughout the day. You can also do this if you are starting a new mail thread.

Second paragraph

  • Say thank you: Let us not forget the purpose of this letter. Thank the person addressed genuinely. Highlight what you are thankful for. It could be for the offer itself and for some assistance they provided. This should ideally be the first sentence after your introduction.
  • Accept/ Decline the offer: Write one or two polite sentences stating your decision to accept or decline the given offer. You can also state the reasons for your decision. Make sure to express your enthusiasm.

Third paragraph

  • Questions and clarification: In this paragraph, ask any further questions or clarifications you have regarding this offer. You can schedule the next meeting or phone call as well.
  • Reply to queries: If they have asked any questions or clarifications in the previous mail, make sure you address them in this thank-you letter. Also, provide other contact information if necessary.


  • Conclude the letter by thanking them again. Sign off promptly.

Tips to write the perfect thank-you letter for offer

  • Personalize each letter: You mustn’t stick to a single format and send it to all employers. Edit and personalize each letter depending on the offer, position and company. This is important for you to stand out among all other candidates.
  • Address appropriately: Know who you are writing the letter to. Do not be vague and write Dear HR. Address them by their last name with the appropriate salutation (Mr./ Ms./ Mrs./ Dr.)
  • Be precise: Keep your mail short and precise. Do not write more than three sentences per paragraph and limit to four paragraphs. Make sure to include all information in a single mail. Do not spam your employer with multiple threads.
  • Be polite and formal: In case you are declining the offer, be very polite and provide an astute reason for your decision. Do not be vague. Make sure you maintain the formal style of writing throughout the thank-you letter for offer.
  • Use resources: Make use of lexical resources and grammar tools to create an eloquent letter. This will help you avoid common grammatical errors. This will also help you avoid generic phrases and formats of letters.
  • Proofread and edit: We cannot assert this enough! While writing a thank-you letter for an offer, you will be excited and nervous. This can lead to many errors because your brain is working fast and is loaded with emotion. So make sure you read through your thank-you letter for offer at least twice. Get help from someone for a fresh perspective and make the necessary edits.

Some common Thank-you phrases that you can use are:

  • I appreciate your time and look forward to meeting the team.
  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving me this offer.
  • Thank you for your courtesy
  • I greatly appreciate you for considering me for this position.
  • I am excited and thankful to you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
  • I thank you for your sincere support and hope to further receive this kindness continually.
  • You are very kind and thank you for this offer.

Why it is important to write a thank-you letter for offer?

Job hunting or a business alliance is very competitive. It is necessary to do the maximum and put in all your effort to show why you are the ideal candidate among others. Something as simple as a thank-you letter for offer you received shows exactly this.

You should also keep in mind that the employer or the HR took time to shortlist and interview multiple candidates including you. The process is long and you need to show appreciation for their effort and efficiency. A thank-you letter shows your appreciation and gratitude to your fellow soon to-be-colleague.

It will help you establish a kinship with them. This letter will also help you clarify your doubts regarding employment. It will help you ensure the terms and conditions of your contract. You could also use this opportunity for any additional negotiations.

How to send the thank-you letter for offer?

You can send a thank-you letter for offer as a reply to the offer. It can be a physical letter, an email or even an attachment to the mail. An email is faster and more professional than a physical letter. It saves time for both parties.

Thank You on Smart Phone

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Thank you letter for offer templates

Template #1

This is a template for a physical letter


(Your name

Address line 1

Address line 2)

Sub: Thank you for the kind offer

Dear Mr/ Ms. ___

Good morning, I hope you are well. I received the offer letter for (the position) at (company name) today, and I am very excited to accept the same. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope I can add value to your prestigious institution.

Kindly help me with the next step to employment. I would like to know in detail about (insert any clarification of terms you have). Looking forward to working with you. I sincerely appreciate your assistance. Please contact me at (insert your email) for faster correspondence.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely


(Your name)

Sample #1 Thank You Letter for Offer

Template #2

Sub: (Your name) acceptance letter

Dear (Salutation, Last name)

Greetings of the day.

Thank you for offering me the position of (___) at (___). After sincere consideration, I would like to inform you that I am accepting this job offer. It perfectly suits my experience and will help me move forward in my career.

Once again I would like to appreciate your time and thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Kindly help me establish the next procedure. Hope you have a great day ahead.


(Your name)

Sample #2 Thank You Letter for Offer

Template #3

Sub: (Your name) reply to the offer for (project name)

Dear Mr/ Ms. ___

Good Morning

Thank you so much for considering me for this project. Unfortunately, after much consideration of your offer, I would like to politely decline. As a freelancer time constraint is the main reason for my decision. All my slots are filled and I find it hard to allocate one to you. It would be my pleasure to refer a colleague for the same (add details like name and contact).

I hope we get to collaborate again, soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to approach me. I deeply value this offer and am saddened to decline it. Please do feel free to reach out again at (email id/contact number) when the need arises.

Best wishes

(Your name)

Sample #3 Thank You Letter for Offer

Template #4

Sub: Thank you letter for the job offer

Dear Mr/ Ms. (Hiring manager’s last name)

Kindly consider this letter as my formal acceptance of the job offer for the position (name the position). I am grateful to you for considering my application.

Thank you for contacting me by phone and clearing my doubts regarding the employment contract. Kindly assist me with the onboarding process. I will be able to join on (insert date/month, day). Please do let me know if there is any missing paperwork to be completed.

Once again, thank you for all the help you provided. I appreciate your time and effort.

Kind regards,

(your name)

Sample #4 Thank You Letter for Offer

Template #5

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

Warm greetings,

I am grateful to you for taking the time to discuss my employment opportunity in detail during our phone conversation. Thank you so much for your consideration and for offering me a great package. I would like to formally accept this offer.

I feel very optimistic about our new alliance and would like to begin on (insert date/month/year). Could you please confirm the details of the relocation package? Kindly assist me on the same. I also kindly request you to keep me updated on any information deemed pertinent.

I look forward to starting soon. Thank you again for your kind assistance.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name)

Sample #5 Thank You Letter for Offer


When writing a thank-you letter for an offer, you have to follow a formal format. Keep the tone strictly professional. Avoid unnecessary ramblings. Make sure you include all necessary details and inquiries within this letter.

Hope you found this article useful, and we wish you all the best on your new beginnings!

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