Thank You Letter to Animal Rescue: How to, Templates & Examples

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Animal rescue workers are those people who value life above anything else. The life of an animal is just as important as that of a human being. Animal rescues understand this fact and dedicate their life towards providing a meaningful life to stray animals. Such people deserve every appreciation we can give. This article will provide tips on writing a Thank you letter to animal rescue.

What is a Thank you letter to animal rescue?

A Thank you letter to animal rescue is a show of appreciation for recognizing a good deed performed selflessly in order to help animals. In today’s day and age cruelty towards animals is on the rise. Only a few people go out of their way to help and rescue animals which need assistance. It is therefore paramount that such people be recognized for everything they do.

Why must you send a Thank you letter to animal rescue?

These are people who put their lives on hold in order to help unfortunate animals. Animal rescue provide a home for these animals. They provide food and a sense of safety.

The animals that they take on have been subjugated and abused throughout their life. This lifestyle would have cultivated a fear of humans among these animals. Animal rescue workers work tirelessly to earn the trust of these animals so that they do live in fear. A stressed animal would not survive for too long. So it is important to thank them by sending a Thank you letter to animal rescue.

These animals need a lot of care and affection along with nourishment. Animal rescue personnel not only take good care of the health of these animals but also try to find a suitable home for them.

When should you send your Thank you letter to animal rescue?

The Thank you letter to animal rescue must be written when you witness an act of kindness towards an animal. It can also be written if you hear about such acts from another person. It is important to acknowledge these selfless people by writing a Thank you letter.

How to write a Thank you letter to animal rescue?

If you wish to write a Thank you letter to an animal rescue keep the following things in mind.


Think about why you are thanking an animal rescue. Try to include all of their contributions in the letter. If, for example, you are writing a Thank you letter to an animal shelter which took care of an abandoned dog, you can include the following. Location of the abandoned dog from where the rescue workers picked up the dog. The health checks they performed on the animal. The kind of accommodation provided to the dog along with the quality of care provided. If they also arranged for the dog to be adopted then you can thank them for that as well.


The thank you letter can be a handwritten letter or a computer typed one. It could be even in the form of an email. While emails and typed letters do the job, a handwritten letter definitely conveys a more special sentiment. A handwritten letter makes the recipient feel extra special and makes the letter a cherished memory.

But whatever medium is used for writing the thank you letter, there is one thing that should be evident in it. That is that the letter should be written from the heart and words should be genuine.


Keep the language of the letter simple. Using flowery language sometimes misses the point you are trying to make entirely. You may be writing to someone you have never met or know personally. So, the letter will most likely be a formal letter. Address the person with the proper salutation.


Animal rescues are not a business run by companies. They are run by common folks who want to do right by the world. These people give their valuable time and money in order to fight for these animals. Most animal rescues are run by Not for profit organizations. So, any contributions made towards these rescues will only help and inspire the rescue workers to save more animals. So, along with your thank you letter, be generous in giving donations to the help the cause along.

If more people donate to Animal shelters and Animal rescues than they do on frivolous material things then the world will surely be a much better place.

It is not only monetary help that these animal rescues need. They also need help from volunteers to carry on their good work. Anyone can become a volunteer. If you see any animal in distress and decide to do something about it then you are by definition an animal rescuer. You can also contribute your time to animal rescues by helping the animal rescue care for the animals.

What are some tips to keep in mind while writing the Thank you letter to animal rescue?

Apart from appreciating Animal rescues in the Thank you letter, try to include some of the below tips in the letter.


Adoption of an animal who has no one else, is one of the most selfless acts a human being can perform. Adoption gives the animal a home and you a companion unlike any other. The animal will forever be grateful to you and will shower you with the kind of love you have never experienced before.

So, if you are the kind of person who is open to adoption, make sure you include that in the Thank you letter. This way your Thank you letter to animal rescue will stand out and will also enable to animal rescue to contact you if they have a suitable animal you can adopt.

But sign up for adoption only if you are sure you can handle the distressed animal. If you are unsure then leave the care to the professionals. Sometimes out of the goodness in ones heart, people sign up for adoption but they are unable to provide complete care for the animal. If this happens remember that at the end of the day it is the animal which suffers.


An idea which will encourage adoption or improve the quality of life of the animal or any other person should be mentioned this in your letter. An example of this would be pet therapy. If the organization you work for or any organization you are aware of who do this kind of therapy notify the animal rescue. Your Thank you letter can include details of this. If the rescue you are thanking has some therapy dogs, they can be used for this. The dogs also thrive from the company and other people receiving this therapy also benefit.

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To help you get started with writing your Thank you letters below are some examples:

Sample Thank you letters to animal rescue

Example 1:

To all the wonderful volunteers,

I am writing this letter to Thank you for your immense dedication, love, and commitment towards the animals. The passion with which you take care of the animals is commendable. It can be seen in their behavior and their playfulness.

In our shelter we have a total of 150 rescue animals and I not it is not an easy task to take care of them. Some of the animals need personal care and attention and you all have been doing a great job in doing so. From taking the dogs on a walk, to playing with them, to cuddling the cats or just sitting outside the kennel of a shy dog. You go above and beyond to ensure that the animals are comfortable and happy. You not only focus on their happiness, but you also provide a clean and health environment to them. This is so important for the well-being of the animals.

Once again, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your selfless love and unwavering dedication towards the animals. Let us continue working as one team, one family to provide the best care for our animals in our community.

Yours Truly,

Peter Jones.

Sample #1  Thank You Letter to Animal Rescue

Example 2:

Dear Sam,

I want to Thank you for providing shelter and care to stray dogs. You are doing a wonderful service and I hope more people are inspired by you. In today’s world when people commit such heinous acts towards animals, your love and passion towards them is truly an act of humanity.

There are many people who love animals and adopt them as pets but only few come forward to rescue strays. Every dog needs our love and care. You are one of the few who had the courage to provide shelter to the stray dogs in our locality. Infact, you went a step ahead and personally went and asked donation from the residents to administer vaccination for the dogs. Some of the stray dogs were quite traumatized and weak but under your love and care they now look quite healthy, happy and playful.

I am attaching a cheque along with this letter. Please consider this as a token of love for the dogs. It’s a small amount but I hope I can help you in your cause of providing care to stray dogs.

Dogs understand the language of love and that is all that they want from us. While they cannot speak, I am sure they are blessing for this kind act of yours. Thank you once again and keeping doing such great service to the society.

Yours sincerely,

Clara Mathew.

Sample #2  Thank You Letter to Animal Rescue

Example 3:

Dear Dr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to Thank you for the exceptional services that your Veterinary clinic and Care Centre is providing to the animals. Last week your staff members rescued 1 cat and 4 kittens from my locality.

I saw the mother cat along with her kittens taking shelter under a broken roof near my house. Due to heavy rains, these animals were all badly drenched. The poor creatures were shivering out of cold. Also, since most of the street shops were also closed, there was no one to provide them with food. I tried to give them some warm milk, but they were extremely traumatized and initially refused to drink. I immediately contacted your clinic because I realized they needed medical care as well. Despite the heavy rains and most of the roads being flooded, two of your staff members came to rescue the animals.

I visited your clinic yesterday and I saw the cat and her kittens. They looked healthy and happy and were curled up in their personalized condos. It’s heartwarming to see your staff members providing personalized care and attention to the animals. This is so important and integral for their health and wellness.

Thank you for rescuing these animals and taking good care of them. I hope more and more people are sensitive towards animals and they are not left abandoned on the streets.

Yours sincerely,

Henry Willey.

Sample #3  Thank You Letter to Animal Rescue

Example 4:

Dear Animal Rescuer,

This letter is just a simple attempt to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work you do each and every day for keeping the animals safe. Rescuing animals is certainly not easy and hence you deserve a vote of thanks.

Sometimes you spend hours in your car waiting for a cat to enter the metal cage for a bite of food. Or, rushing in the middle of the night to rescue a stray dog. Most of these strays get into fights with each other and sometimes they are badly bruised. There are so many incidents of strays being beaten up or tortured by human beings. You understand the trauma these animals go through and hence you go out of your way to rescue these animals and provide them with a safe shelter. It’s people like you who take every effort to make the lives of these animal better.

You are doing an exceptional service and I just want you to know that your act of kindness is not going unnoticed. We hail you as the real heroes of our society. We are cheering for you every minute for your effort, dedication, and passion towards these animals.

Once again, Thank you from the bottom of our heart for all that you do to ensure a better life for the animals. People like you make the world we are living a better place.

Yours truly,

Mary Jones.

Sample #4  Thank You Letter to Animal Rescue

Example 5:

Dear Madame Maureen,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter to Thank you for rescuing the Labrador Cleo last week and for opening your door to provide him with a safe shelter.

It is so unfortunate how these poor creatures are abandoned. I heard how our neighbors Mr and Mrs James abandoned Cleo overnight because they are having a baby and according to them the presence of a dog could be harmful to a baby. I am absolutely shocked and appalled with such behavior and ignorance. Poor Cleo was abandoned on the road and he was left to fend for himself. He was also attacked by the stray dogs and was injured badly. The incident left him so traumatized. Had you not rescued Cleo, the dog would not have survived.

While there are insensitive people, there are also good souls like you who provide a safe haven to these animals. I just want you to know that you are superheroes in my eyes. Your act of kindness has touched many hearts and hopefully it will inspire many more people to rescue animals and provide them with a safe home.

Yours truly,

Julie Brown.

Sample #5  Thank You Letter to Animal Rescue
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