Thank You Letter to Patients From Doctor: How To, Templates & Examples

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A part of running a successful business requires keeping customers satisfied. The other part requires these satisfied customers to market your business. And most medical professionals think that a satisfied patient after getting treated from their clinic will voluntarily start spreading the word about their services to the masses. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. In fact, according to a study, happy customers may tell about your services to one to three people but dissatisfied customers will negatively market your services to seven to ten people.

Now, how do you ensure that your satisfied customers amplify your marketing efforts? What is that one thing that will make them motivated to help spread your services to other people? The answer to this question is simple. All you need to do is to start writing personalized thank you letters to your patients once they get treatment from your clinic.

That brings us to the next question what exactly is a “Thank You” letter?

What Is A Thank-You Letter To Patients From Doctor

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Thank you letters that are cordially written play an important role in the business world. A thank-you letter is a way of expressing your gratitude towards those patients who have chosen your practice over your peers, especially, personal thank you letters. Writing a personal thank-you letter to your patient will make them feel more special and appreciated.

As mentioned above, thank you letters play an important role in the business, they are a medium through which a patient’s contribution to your business can be recognized. Doing so will help your business yield better results and more importantly, they are a great way of expanding your business.

While word of mouth is still an effective marketing strategy, it doesn’t have that reach. Through word of mouth, the chances of promoting your services are very limited. On the other hand, evidence suggests that writing personalized thank you letters to your patients can maximize your reach. In fact, writing thank you letters not only retains your existing patients but also brings in new patients.

To sum it up, a thank-you letter plays a key role in helping your business reach newer heights. Expressing your gratitude to your patients through a thank-you letter will make a positive impact on your patients and will motivate them to promote your practice to the masses.

That said, now the pertinent question that comes to mind is when exactly is the ideal time to write a thank-you letter to your patient.

When Is The Right Time To Write Thank You Letters To Your Patients?

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Writing thank you letters is more than a sales tactic, it also builds the relationship between the doctor and patients. Displaying gratitude towards your patients through a thank-you letter will make the patient feel appreciated.

A thank-you letter will certainly sow the seed of creating a meaningful relationship between you and your patients. This will help you in retaining your current patients and through them, you will also get the opportunity to attract new patients.

As you know, it is difficult to directly ask a patient to refer you as a doctor, thereby, making it difficult to earn a referral. However, by writing a thank-you letter, it is the other way around. It can provide you with the opportunity to earn a referral.

Through the thank-you letter, you can motivate your patients to share their experiences about your practice with their families and other loved ones. This way you can earn those important referrals that will help in boosting your business.

The ideal time of writing a thank-you letter to your patients would be immediately after your patients have sought your services. It is advisable, to use the weekends as the days to write these letters. On these days, you would get the opportunity to be a little free from your work and can use the free time to concentrate on writing personalized thank you letters to your patients.

Now the question that arises is what are the best ways to send the thank-you letters to your patients.

5 Best Ways To Send Thank You Letters To Your Patients

Before you start writing thank you letters, you need to first determine what would be the best possible medium to be used, to send them. Below are the five well-known mediums through which it is easy to send your thank-you letters.

  • Handwritten letters
  • Snail mails
  • Emails
  • Direct Message
  • Social Media Post

Now, the thing is you need to choose an appropriate medium that will certainly resonate with your patients. You can do this by understanding your demographics. If your patients are above 60 years, crafting a thank-you letter via email or by writing a social media post won’t be that effective. However, this way of communicating could work with the younger generations.

That said, writing handwritten letters to your patients will certainly show the efforts and dedication that you have put into crafting them. Plus, handwritten letters give the personal touch that is required to connect with your patients. Also, these letters show that you care for them which will certainly create a positive impression about you on your patients, eventually boosting your business.

Let us now focus on how to write thank you letter to patients from the doctor.

Tips For Writing Effective Thank You Letters To Patients

Avoid Writing Thank You Letters In A Monotone

Writing thank you letters in a monotone will look like you are forcibly promoting your business. On the other hand, if you use an aggressive tone, it feels like you are harassing the patients for referrals. Avoid the use of such tones.

Makes Sure The Handwriting Is Legible

It is a well-known fact that doctors don’t have the best handwriting. The alternative is to find staff members who have fairly good handwriting. They can write on your behalf according to your requirements. Remember, here, the content is yours but the handwriting is one of your staff member’s.

If you don’t find someone to write for you, you can also find a template and fill in the necessary details of your patient. Once you finish filling out the details, take a print and send it out to your patients. Although this way of sending a personalized letter to your patients is easy, the handwritten way of sending letters seems more personalized and caring.

Use An Authentic Tone

Focus on writing the thank-you letter in a simple, and natural way. Doing so will portray the genuineness of the letter. If you write your thank-you letters in a business tone, the message seems automated and ingenuine. Write the thank-you letters in a personal and authentic tone to give a personal touch that helps in building a strong relationship with your existing patients.

Include Those Aspects Of The Patient For Which You Are Thankful For

Be specific on why you are thankful to your patient. Don’t write phrases like “I thank you”. This phrase doesn’t reflect how grateful you are to your patient for choosing you as your doctor. You need to include those instances in your thank-you letter where the patient has made your job easy. For instance, when the patient visited your clinic, the patient made all the efforts to abide by the rules set by the clinic. In your letter, you can refer to this instance and write how thankful you are for abiding by the rules set by the clinic.

Make Use Of A Call To Action

After crafting the body of the letter, now the time is to include a call to action in your thank-you letters. A call to action, in the advertising world, is encouraging the person to carry out a certain task. For instance, clicking the submit button on websites. Here, clicking the submit button is the call to action.

However, when writing a thank-you letter, your call to action is something like asking a favor. For example, your call to action can be asking your patient to refer you as a doctor to their friends or any other family members. But remember, you need to frame your call to action in such a way that it doesn’t sound too salesy.

Include Signature

Finally, after writing the content and editing it, you need to add a signature at the bottom of the letter. Adding a signature to your letters makes them genuine. In fact, it is mandatory to add a signature to any form of a letter.

Let us now see some samples so that you can have a better understanding of how to craft thank-you letters.

Sample Templates Of Thank You Letter To Patients From Doctor

Sample 1:

Dear ____________ (Name of the patient),

I personally want to thank you for being a patient of __________ (Hospital name). Our primary goal here at the clinic is to provide the best care possible at reasonable prices. If this is something that you have experienced then thank you for recognizing our services. If not, we would certainly want to hear from you on areas where we can better ourselves.

Here, I would like to ask a simple favor from you. Please introduce our services to your near and dear ones. We promise to provide the best treatment and take very good care of them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ____________________ (email address or mobile number). Thanking you in advance.

Very truly yours,

Dr.___________ (Name)

Email ID ___________

Contact No.___________



Sample #1 for Thank You Letter to Patients From Doctor

Sample 2:

[Sender’s Name]

[Sender’s Address]


[Recipient’s Name]

[Recipient’s Address]


Dear ____________ [Recipent’s Name]

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being an excellent patient during the time that you have been with us. You have been one of the top patrons of our services _________ (name of the service) and I personally thank you for that. In fact, you were one of the few patients who did not make a fuss and followed our instructions obediently.

If you find any of your dear ones looking for the same service, we would be privileged to provide the best care that is possible.


Dr.___________ (Name)


Sample #2 for Thank You Letter to Patients From Doctor

Sample 3:

Dear Patient,

We sincerely thank you for your relentless backing of our service – __________ (Service Name). And also take the opportunity to thank you for encouraging one of your dear ones _________ (Name of the person) to use this service. We promise to take good care of him/her and provide the best service that is at our disposal.

For any assistance to you or your family members, please free to contact me at _________ (Contact Number).


Dr. __________ (Full Name)


Sample #3 for Thank You Letter to Patients From Doctor

Sample 4:

Dear ____________ (Patient’s full name)

I am pleased that you are doing well post the surgery. I hope that you have found our services satisfactory. If you have, I personally thank you for recognizing our services. I am particularly grateful to you for abiding by the rules of the clinic and following my instructions.

It would be great if you could refer our services to your near and dear ones. For any further assistance, please feel free to contact me on ____________ (Contact Number)

Yours Sincerely,

Dr.___________ (Your Full Name)


Sample #4 for Thank You Letter to Patients From Doctor

Sample 5:

Dear ____________ (Patient’s Full Name)

We hope that you are doing well. We would like to give our deep appreciation for choosing our procedure to treat your ailments. In fact, you were one of the few patients that were calm and composed all along the surgery which made our job easy. Thank you for that.

Please feel free to recommend our services to your loved ones and friends. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. My contact number is ____________ (Contact Number).


Dr. _____________ (Your Full Name)


Sample #5 for Thank You Letter to Patients From Doctor


 If you want to spread the word about your practice to the masses, writing personalized thank you letters is one way of doing that.

To learn “how to write thank you letter to patients from doctor” then this article will help you in doing exactly that. In this article, we have explained, how to craft thank-you letters for patients with examples.

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