Thank You Note to Teacher From Parent: How to, Templates & Examples

Thank You Letter

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Teachers play a significant role in shaping the personalities of their students. Every year teachers deal with kinds of students, some brilliant, some shy, and some of them coping with personal problems. There are teachers out there who walk the extra mile to make their students feel comfortable and to push them towards realizing their maximum potential.

Teachers can help students achieve great things in life. Parents understand the hard work that teachers put in to help their children reach great heights. It means a lot to teachers when parents show their appreciation for what teachers have done. A well-written thank you note to teacher from parent can be one of the best ways to express appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

Giving compliments is an extremely wonderful way to express your gratitude. Writing a thank you letter to a teacher reflects your approval of the ways he/she helps your child with learning new skills. Also, praising someone is a great way to encourage them to continue the good work and why not do the same to your child’s teacher?

Why should parents write thank you letters to teachers?

‘Thank you’ may be just two words put together but it makes a powerful and heart-touching statement. A thank you note to teacher from parent can be one of the best gifts to give your child’s teacher. It can be a nursery, middle-school, or high school teacher to whom you are writing a letter, but telling how wonderful the teacher is will definitely make the teacher’s day! Share your good thoughts and show appreciation to sports teachers, music teachers, or any teacher who might have helped your child acquire some special skills.

As a parent, if you are waiting for the perfect moment to write a thank you note to a teacher, that day may be today! There is no fixed time when you should write a thank you letter to your child’s teacher. Any day is a good day! In case a teacher played a major role in your child’s achievement or a teacher made a special effort to help your child, it surely calls for a thank you note. However, teachers who help your children with their everyday education also deserve to be thanked. When you feel a teacher spared no effort to provide the best education and training to your child, just go ahead and pen down your feelings.

Thank you note to teacher from parent

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Tips for writing an effective thank you note to teacher from parent

Here are always some dos and don’ts when it comes to writing letters. When writing a note to your child’s teacher you should bear certain things in mind.

Be polite

When writing a thank you letter, stick to the purpose of expressing gratitude. Be positive and respectful when addressing the teacher. Do not mention any unpleasant or embarrassing situations that you and the teacher might have had in the past. Be polite and use good language. Never use slang. Avoid abbreviations and texting language that you may use for writing SMSs or Whatsapp messages. A letter, written with simple yet correct usage of grammar and spellings always leaves a good impression. When the purpose is to make a teacher happy about the good work he/she did, take a little effort to make the note have that ‘feel-good’ factor!

Don’t sound too informal

Language and tone play a major part in any letter. It can make or mar the purpose of the document. Remember it’s after all your child’s teacher whom you are addressing this letter to. It’s alright to praise and be informal but do not cross the line. After all, even though you meet the teacher often enough, he/she is not your friend.

Begin by saying thank you

You are writing this letter to a teacher to show how much you value their effort. Begin with what you have to say to make him/her feel good right in the beginning. Don’t shy away from saying what’s in your heart till your expression is sincere.

For example, start with

  • Thank you, Mr./Ms (Teacher’s name) _________ for helping my child achieve ……(mention the achievement for which you are writing this letter)
  • Thank you, teacher, we appreciate how you have helped our child open up and take part in activities.
  • Dear teacher, we have no words to express our heartfelt thanks for helping our child score well in his/her exams.
  • Dear Mr./Ms…(teacher’s name), allow us to take a few moments of your time to extend our gratitude for being such a wonderful mentor to our child.
  • Dear teacher, we wanted to express our most sincere thanks for encouraging…..(child’s name)… improve his knowledge of maths.

Keep it short and to the point

When writing a letter to your child’s teacher, remember teachers are busy and burdened with loads of school work. Keep your letter short and sweet but do express what you intended to say.

Be genuine

The intention of a thank you note to teacher from parent is to express genuine appreciation. Express your true feelings for the teacher and teachers in general. Empty words are easily recognizable and a teacher will know when you really mean what you write.


  • Dear teacher, you are a hero to our little one and us, thank you for everything.
  • You have filled up the role of a parent in school for our child and we can’t thank you enough for that.
  • Thank you teacher, you have helped my child become a good student and a better person in life.
  • Our sincere thanks to you for being such an excellent guide, mentor, and friend, to our child.

End on a nice note

Ending a note pleasantly and positively is as important as starting it politely. In the end, thank the teacher once again for the good work. Mention how you appreciate him/her for taking the time to read your letter.

Handwritten notes are special

You can always email a thank you letter to your child’s teacher but a thank you note to teacher from parent is priceless. Handwritten notes show you actually mean what you say because you have taken the extra effort of penning it down on paper and delivering it. The delivery can be done by hand or post depending on how busy you are or how often it is possible to meet the teacher.

Choose a nice piece of paper (you can also use colored paper depending on your child’s age), use a ball or ink pen that writes well and does not drip. The idea is, every aspect of your letter should show you truly mean every word that you have jotted down on the paper.

Thank you letter to child’s teacher

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If you intend to write a thank you letter to your child’s teacher and cannot find the right words, help is at hand! Here are some examples of thank you note to teacher from parent to give you a head start. You can use these templates to get an idea about how to express thankfulness to your child’s teacher in the best possible ways.

Sample 1#


Address of the school

Grade 2, A

Dear Ms. Carla (name of the teacher),

I am Tania, mother of Linda who studies in your class. I wanted to thank you for the contribution you have made towards developing her personality. We moved from a different city last year and the shifting did not agree with my daughter.

Linda was shy and introverted when she joined the school, but one year of being with you has changed it all. She is now a happy girl who can make friends easily. Her personality has blossomed so much under your care! She used to be extremely sullen when we first got here and missed her old friends terribly. It truly makes me happy, seeing my little girl go out in the world on her own.

You have not only helped her open up but also helped her with her studies so much! She used to struggle with a few concepts in the past, and now she’s studying ahead of the class! I truly can never find the words to thank you enough for being such an ideal guiding figure for my daughter.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Tania, Linda’s mother

Sample #1 Thank You Note to Teacher From Parent

Sample 2#

Address of school



Dear Mr./Ms. (name of teacher)

I am Anita (your name), parent of Maria (child’s name). I wanted to reach out to express my gratitude towards you. Before attending your classes, Maria used to face lots of difficulties regarding her application of math concepts. Your teaching has truly been a blessing for her because now she can finish her work without any problems.

The personalized teaching approach that you take towards your students is such a boon, and it has helped Maria understand much better. One can only wish that every child gets a teacher like you! She is now much more curious and willing to learn. Previously she had begun to develop a fear and avoid having to do math work, but now she is more than happy to do so!

I am so grateful that she had a chance to learn under such a wonderful educator like you. Maria will truly retain your teachings for a lifetime.

Thank you for your continued guidance.

Yours truly

Anita (your name)

Sample #2 Thank You Note to Teacher From Parent

Sample 3#

Address of school

Grade- 3,A


Dear Mr./Ms. (name of teacher)

This is Kiara(your name), mother of Joe(child’s name). I am writing to you to express my gratitude for being such an amazing teacher. Joe has always had an aversion for school, and never looked forward to going to school. He would get up to all sorts of trouble and wouldn’t focus on his studies at all. However, under your guidance, that has completely changed.

Your fun ways of teaching and constant words of motivation have made him turn over a new leaf. He now actively wants to go to school, learn, and participate in school activities. I have never seen him this curious and willing to study before. Your kind words and innovative teaching methods have brought about such a change in him, and I could never thank you enough.

Joe has become such a good student, and I am sure he will continue to do so under your guidance. It is indeed true that a good teacher makes a good student. You are such a role model to him, and I couldn’t have asked for someone better. I hope every student gets a chance to learn under an educator like you.

Thank you for all that you have done for my child.

Yours sincerely

Kiara(your name)

Sample #3 Thank You Note to Teacher From Parent

Sample 4#

Address of school

Mention grade


Dear Mr./Ms. (name of teacher)

I am Jude(your name), parent of Jill( child’s name). The purpose of my writing to you is to show my appreciation for all that you have done for my child. Jill had always been interested in academics, but never so much in co-curricular or sports activities. However, under your wing, I have seen her blossom into such a well-rounded student, she even won first place in track!

I had always wished for her to try venturing into new avenues, and to try different things, but she always held steadfast to her opinion of being a purely academic individual. With your care and teaching, she felt involved in the class activities and co-curricular activities and actually enjoyed them for the first time. I had never seen her trying to prepare for any such competitions, let alone with the gusto she now has!

You have been one of the first educators who taught her the importance of balancing things and taught her to enjoy learning in all its forms. I now see her indulging in crafts and sports, she even asked me to put her in a dance class! Your guidance has been crucial in helping her flourish as a versatile and adaptable human being. For that, I am ever grateful.

Thank you for your dedication to teaching.

Yours sincerely

Jude(your name)

Sample #4 Thank You Note to Teacher From Parent

Sample 5#

School’s address



Dear Mr./Ms. (name of teacher)

This is Rita(your name), parent of Bob(child’s name), studying in your class. I wanted to thank you for your continued support towards my child. Bob has always been a child with a strong artistic inclination, but this was never nurtured or encouraged at school.

He would get remarks on his absent-mindedness in class and would get reprimanded for wanting to pursue art in the future. You were the first teacher who nurtured his talents and supported him in his ventures. He learned to foster his hobby, and you showed him avenues that we didn’t know existed.

You have been instrumental in helping him find his direction in life, and have always been there when he needed it most. As his mother, I can never thank you enough for your hard work and support.

Thank you for the time and effort you put in to help my child.

Yours truly

Rita(your name)

Sample #5 Thank You Note to Teacher From Parent
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