Thank You Note to Oncologist: How To, Templates & Examples

Thanking your oncologist

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The most beautiful human emotion is gratitude, it makes us become better people and it makes us give forward. So never skip any chance to show your gratitude to others.

You might have been having the toughest days of your life and your oncologist was the rock that kept you afloat. They would’ve stayed calm at your most stressful point. They would’ve smiled at and reassured you even when they were in doubt. Your oncologist is your savior but at the end of the day, they are also humans. Show them your appreciation.

Words are elusive when we need them, that is why writing things down can always save the day. This is a guide to help you write the best thank you note to your oncologist containing all your emotions and your gratitude to them. This article contains all the basics like:

  • What is a thank you note
  • When to send a thank you note
  • How to write a thank you note to an oncologist
  • Tips to write the perfect thank you note
  • Why it is important to write a thank you note
  • Thank you note templates

What is a thank you note to an oncologist?

A thank-you note is something that helps you show your gratitude to your doctor. It goes to show that you think about them and that you are genuinely thankful for all the service they have done to help you get better. A thank-you note is a thoughtful gesture in return for the kindness you received from them.

When to send a thank you note to an oncologist?

There is no best time to say thank you. It can be done now or later, the important part is to tell it. You could write a thank-you note on the last day at the hospital or before an important surgery. You could also write a note after your last chemo session.

A Thank-you note is a gesture that tells them they are remembered and appreciated. So, you could send a note on an important day, like your doctor’s birthday, Christmas, one year of cancer-free life, or even years after recovery. There is no time limit to show your appreciation.

How to write a thank you note to an oncologist?

Finding the right words to express your deepest emotions is a difficult task and can be intimidating. Take a deep breath, we are here to help you out. As challenging as it seems, the best thank-you note is the shortest one. You don’t have to write your life story, you just have to be precise.

  • Organise your thoughts before you start to write. Make a list of things you’re grateful for that you would like your oncologist to know. This will guide you when you start writing the letter. In the below section we have added a few tips on what to write to your doctor.
  • Be specific. Doctors are very busy, and they might not get much personal time. So stick to your points. Avoid unnecessary stories and long sentences.
  • Add a cheerful greeting. This creates a positive vibe. Address your oncologist by their last name unless you are on a first-name basis with your oncologist. If the note is for a team of doctors, ideally write each of them a note or include all their names, along with the department.
  • If you are not giving the note directly/ if you are sending a note after many days: write the specific assistance they provided you along with the date/year. This will help them remember who you are as they have many patients.
  • Handwritten letters are always the best as it has a personal touch and shows your effort. You can also add a modest gift to show your appreciation. Flowers, gift cards, cookies or books are some great gifts to give. Attaching your current photo is also a great idea.
  • Close your note with warm regard and appreciation. Add your full name.
Handwritten thank you note

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Things to say in your thank-you note to oncologist:

  • Greet your doctor. Keep it simple.
  • How your oncologist had an impact on your life and healing process.
  • A specific thing your oncologist did to make you feel better.
  • Your journey of healing and how you feel now.
  • Tell them about your recovery
  • Add a personal note. Something that will make them feel good.

Things to avoid saying in your thank you note to oncologist:

  • Be specific, avoid unnecessary details.
  • Don’t be too formal, be warm and write in a semi-formal tone.

How to send the thank you note to an oncologist?

Remember your doctor is always busy. If you do not get a chance to meet them directly, mail the letter to them or hand it over to their assistant. Do not interfere with your doctors more urgent appointments.

Presentation is key. If sending a handwritten letter, you need to write legibly. Do not give your busy doctor a hard time making out what’s written. You can type your thank-you note as well.

Always put your thank-you note in a new envelop and address it to your doctor. You can keep this along with any gift you plan to give the oncologist.

Why is it important to write a thank you note to an oncologist?

A small gesture like a thank-you note can make a person’s day. Doctors have a stressful and difficult life, they always put their patients first over their own needs.

Oncologists are aware that it is their duty to protect their patients, but they deserve recognition for all the work they do. Your note could brighten up their day and remind them why they do what they do.

A good doctor genuinely cares about their patient’s well-being. Update your oncologist about your recovery status in your note. They will be overjoyed to know you are living life to its fullest. This is meaningful if you were out of touch with your doctor for a while. Or if you had to change your doctor for some reason.

Thank you note with flowers

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Following templates will help you write a well-structured thank you note to your oncologist. It can be used by either filling the gaps or adding your personalized sentences by taking inspiration from these templates.

Templates for the thank you note to an oncologist:

Some common sentences you can use in your letter is as follows

  • We are blessed beyond measure to have a doctor like you. Thank you for your time and effective treatment. You are a great human being and a hero.
  • You are a great doctor. Your smile and kind words played a major role in my fight against cancer. My family and I heartily thank you.
  • Cancer is very scary and you helped me stay strong and not to give up on my life.
  • I wouldn’t trust anyone else but you to successfully treat me. It was lonely in the ICU, and I am grateful for your care and concern. Your recommendations were always the best.
  • I really admire the dedication with which you conduct your work. We need more doctors like you. You are a miracle worker.
  • Even when many other doctors refused to take my case, you stepped forward and gave me hope. I am grateful for whatever little time you added to my lifespan.
  • I feel very safe in your capable hands. I appreciate the time you and your team provided me.
  • I love how great you are with children. You are kind and empathetic to them. It feels like you understand them really well.
  • I owe my life to the best care Dr__ and this hospital provided. Thank you so much for being so dedicated and professional.
  • Your timely diagnosis saved my life and gave me a fairer chance in the fight against cancer. I am forever indebted to you.
  • My child is recovering very fast with the medicines prescribed by you. I am sure he will be soon running and playing again, thanks to you. My child always talks about you and remember your generosity. He/she misses you deeply.

Template #1

Dear Dr. ___

I am ____ who received treatment for ___. I am so grateful for the unconditional care that you have given me over the years. You provided me with the best care available. When all hopes had gone, you showed came into my life like a blessing. I can never express my appreciation with mere words. (Write a personal moment that you enjoyed after you got cured). I will forever be grateful for the additional years of life that your care has allowed me to enjoy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With love

(your name)

Sample #1 for Thank You Note to Oncologist

Template #2

Dearest Dr.___

Cancer is a very scary diagnosis, and I am very lucky to have you as my oncologist. Your skill and dedication saved my life and gave hope to my family. I pray to God to always give you courage and to protect you and your family. You are our hero and I can’t thank you enough. May you find the strength to save many more.

Thank you!


(your name)

Sample #2 for Thank You Note to Oncologist

Template #3

Hi Dr.___

You came in as a warm ray of sunshine in the darkest time of my life. My family and I shall forever be grateful for your care, kindness and support. I have never met anyone as professional and dedicated as you. I knew I would be safe in your capable hands. Thank you so much Dr___, I am deeply obligated to you. Please accept this small gift as a token of our gratitude.

Kind regards

(your name)

Sample #3 for Thank You Note to Oncologist

Template #4

Hello Dr.___

Greetings of the day!

I would like to thank you for being the best doctor. I am doing well thanks to you. It was a scary and lonely journey throughout, and you always managed to calm me down. I do not know how you do it daily, but I want you to keep being as strong as you are for all the scared patients like me. A doctor like you is a ray of hope. Thank you for always being patient with me.

Many thanks,

(your name)

Sample #4 for Thank You Note to Oncologist

Template #5

Good Day Dr.___

Thank you for the exceptional care and treatment you provided. I am able to live a comfortable life because of you. I will always remember your kind words and smile. Even during the greatest pain I suffered, you managed to make me laugh. You gave me the strength to keep fighting. I’ll always remember how you reassured my family. Thank you for being our pillar of strength. I am grateful to have met you and received your care.


(your name)

Sample #5 for Thank You Note to Oncologist

Template #6

Dear Dr.___

Thank you so much for taking care of my child (add name). It would’ve been very scary for him/her. There were times when I was helpless and could do nothing. You were kind enough to soothe me and my child. I appreciate your time and service. I know this journey is not over, but I’ll be at peace knowing my child is under the best care he/she could receive.

Thanking you

Warm regards,

(your name)


Thank your doctor with the warmest heart and prayers. Keep their time in mind and write a concise thank-you note. Be vocal in explaining all the services you received from them. Write in a tone filled with love, warmth and appreciation. Update them about your recovery and what you plan to do next. End the note with regard. We hope this article was helpful and made writing a thank-you note less daunting. We wish you a happy and healthy life forward.

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