What Is The Purpose Of A Letter Or Memo Of Transmittal?

How To Write Letter of Transmittal

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There are several such scenarios in a business when certain crucial documents are sent from one individual to another. These key documents require proper clarification and introduction. At times, such documentation may have certain sensitive details, technical information, or reports in them, which need a short explanation.

Transmittal letters help call attention to the recipients to make sure they go through the main enclosure as well and respond quickly. The article will help you understand what this letter is all about. You will also know answers to a question like what is the purpose of a letter or memo of transmittal?

What is a letter or of transmittal?

A transmittal letter is a kind of a brief business letter or cover letter, which accompanies a document or a report. It explains the importance or the aim of the other detailed document. The letter thus brings clarity to correspondence by minimizing confusion, which may otherwise arise in the minds of the recipients.

On the other hand, recipients are certain about why they received a certain document and what they received. A transmittal letter can also comprise details of major elements when documents are larger. The letter also clarifies instructions or requirements related to the attached documents.

For instance, a person sends a report clarifying why there was a drastic fall in sales over a particular quarter to his/her company headquarters. They would also attach a transmittal letter or memo to give a short explanation of the objective of the report. Thus, the letter tells its recipients what they can expect to find in the document attached and thus appreciate its importance.

The letter is usually kept brief and its first paragraph explains the attachment being sent and the aim for sending it. The letter also declares the topic and highlights surprising information or major segments. It also prepares the recipients for the sender’s recommendations and conclusions. Personal meetings can be also arranged via the letter of transmittal.

Many people use a letter or a memo of transmittal to formally declare a report’s release. The letter gives the necessary background to the reader so they can appreciate the importance of the report. Thus, the letter helps in further establishing the bond between the recipient and the sender.

To put it plainly, a letter of transmittal is a short business letter dispatched with usually a longer document such as a response to payment or an inquiry or a proposal. Readers can have full clarity on why they received a document, what they are receiving, and who the sender is.

What is the purpose of a letter or memo of transmittal?

There are many such scenarios when business people open an envelope to come across a draft, bid, proposal, or contract of some kind. When they receive such lone enclosure, they may be at a loss to understand how they should proceed.

Phone calls may explain what should be the next steps to take. However, a transmittal memo or letter could have eliminated the requirement for a telephonic conversation. Thus, this kind of bemusement can be done away with altogether when you need to send a long document or a proposal.

So, what is the purpose of a letter or memo of transmittal?  A straightforward and simple letter or memo of transmittal explains the sender’s intentions. It also outlines crucial information like deadlines, as well as, removes confusion. The memo or letter of transmittal declares the purpose and topic of a document so that users or receivers are not confused or bemused.

These letters or memos are typically used for sending a written communication to recipients external to the sender’s organization. Usually, the receivers are not entirely engaged in the sender’s project. Check out some of the common requirements of a letter of transmittal.

·       Sensitive and confidential documents

·       Project proposals or certain details

·       Financial information or reports

·       Technical and scientific reports

Check out some of the instances of how this letter is typically used:

·       While sending drafts or contracts, which need approval or review

·       If one has to explain instructions or requirements related to an attached document

·       In case a project resulted in unexpected or surprising outcomes

·        If unexpected challenges/hurdles occurred that pushed back a project

·        In case the sender has to emphasize a document’s key points

·       If an attached report comprises certain decisions made after a proposal has been submitted

·        If there are deviations in a project from its original plans

·       When the sender has to explain why the attached document has to be considered and read

Tips for writing a letter of transmittal

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While a specific way for writing a transmittal memo/letter does not exist, most people follow the standard format for writing business letters. These letters are usually typed on letterheads. Before looking at the tips for writing such a letter, let us see the steps to follow.

1. You need to put the heading with the recipient’s address and date

The heading should include the recipient’s company address and name. You have to also put the full name of the recipient, their official designation, company name, and address.

2. The recipient should be greeted properly

Start your letter of transmittal with a brief greeting to address the receiver of your correspondence.

3. The letter body has to be drafted next

The letter body should ideally have four different sections, which are as follows:

·       The aim of the memo or letter of transmittal

·       Mentioning details of the document attached

·        Request for further instructions or follow-up

·       Contact information so that the recipient can get in touch if they have any queries or doubts

4. A brief closing paragraph should be included in the letter

Make sure to mention remarks about the document attached in the document. You may extend a thank you message to the receiver, as well as, a closing salutation. Examples of closing salutations are “Regards <Sender’s Name>” or “Sincerely <Your Name>”.

Check out these handy tips so that you know how to write a well-received letter or memo of transmittal:

1. It should be concise

A letter of transmittal aims to just furnish major details about the enclosed document. The letter should be preferably less than even a page. The sentences should briefly highlight only those details that the recipient should be aware of before opening the document attached.

2. Should have proper clarity

The language of the letter should be such that the recipient should read and comprehend what the attached document is meant for. The flow of thoughts should be logical in the letter. Make sure to use as much non-technical language as possible unless it is essential.

3. Send the letter with the accompanying document

While the transmittal letter should be considered as a distinct document, it should be always sent with the document it refers to. It will make sure that the receiver is sure what document is being referred to by the letter as it is attached directly.

4. Should have a friendly tone

Although these letters are formal, a conversational tone is acceptable. Make sure to have a positive tone in the letter and establish goodwill.

5. Proofread

It is always recommended that you proofread the letter to check for typos and errors before sending it. Also, ensure that the information has been fully and clearly communicated.

6. Maintain a copy

Apart from sending the original letter via email or post, make sure that you have a copy of the letter in your files. You may need it for reference.

Samples of Letter/Memo of Transmittal


<Name of Sender>

<Organization Name>


<City, State, Zip Code>

<Name of Recipient>

<Proprietor of Business Name>


<City, State, Zip Code>

Dear <Name of Recipient>,

You will find details on the market feasibility of your organic products within the enclosed <Name of the Report> Marketing Report. We have also mentioned our recommendations and suggestions for a specific action plan.

Our detailed analysis is primarily based on the research conducted in Des Moines’s organic market. We have also researched similar products being sold by other entities that are in a similar line of business.

We have directly interacted with the team at <Organization Name> for data collection. Our exercise also aimed to gather valuable insights into how their portal can help in increasing your online sales and market visibility.

We concluded based on our study that online marketing is a good idea for your business. The attached report also offers a detailed outline for a feasible marketing plan for your perusal and review.

We would like to thank you for showing faith in our capabilities and allowing us to conduct this marketing research on your behalf. We highly appreciate your approach and are looking forward to being associated with you. Kindly review this official report and revert to us.

In case there are any other questions, you may get in touch with me anytime at <Email Address> or <Contact Number>. I am looking forward to discussing this project.


<Signature of Sender>

<Name of Sender>



<Name of University>

<Name of Department>

<Professor Name>

<Professor Designation and Department>


<City, State, Zip code>


<Name of Recipient>

<Designation of Recipient>

<Name of Organization>


<City, State, Zip code>

Dear <Recipient Name>,

I hereby submit a proposal in support of my research program titled <Name of Research Program> to be conducted under my supervision in my university <Name of University>’s <Laboratory Name> laboratory.

I, therefore, request you for a funding of an amount of <Amount in Figures> as the total estimated expenses for the period <Start Date> to <End Date>.

If you have any queries about my technical proposal, feel free to revert to me. All administration-related queries can be directed to Ms. <Name of the Contact Person> <Designation> at <Contact Number>.

I will greatly appreciate it if you consider my proposal.

Yours sincerely,

 <Sender Name>

Enclosure: Proposal

Cc: <Contact person for administrative queries>



<Full Name of Sender(s)>

<Name of the Lab>


<City, State, Zip code>


<Name and Designation of Recipient(s)>

<Lab Name>


<City, State, Zip code>

Dear <Names of Recipients>,

This letter is being written to you along with a copy of our project report titled <Name of the Project Report> as an enclosure. The aim of sending this letter is to request you to conduct a detailed analysis of the project report. We started this project on <Start Date> and it was ended on <End Date> in the <Laboratory Name>. Following are the sponsors of this project:

1. <Name and Designation of Sponsor1>

2. < Name and Designation of Sponsor2>

3. <Name and Designation of Sponsor3>

Personnel who assisted in the completion of this project are <Name 1, Designation> and <Name 2, Designation>.

Kindly go through the enclosed project report and discuss if you have any concerns regarding the same as soon as possible.


<Sender Names>

<Project name>

Enclosure: Project Report




<Sender Name>

<Sender’s Designation>

<University Name and Address>

Re: Submission of Internship Report

Respected Sir,

It gives me immense pleasure to submit my final internship report titled <Title of the Internship Report>. I would also like to add that I did my internship at <Name of Organization>, <Branch Name> at <Address> under your supervision and guidance.

I sincerely feel that the experience and knowledge I gathered during my internship period will prove to be highly useful when I pursue my professional career in the future. I will be greatly obliged if you accept my final internship report for your perusal. I will be also available for any queries you have related to the report.

I will highly appreciate your support in this matter.

Thanking you,


<Name of the Student>

<Registration Number>

<Batch Detail>

<Department Name>

<University Name>

Sample #4 Letter of Transmittal




The Chairperson,

Placement Office for Interns,

Institute of Information Technology,

University of Calicut


It gives me great pleasure to let you know that I have completed my internship at <Organization Name> located at <Address>.

I am enclosing my internship report with this letter. The report elaborates on my learning, practical experience, and activities in the organization starting from <Start Date> to <End Date>. Mr. <Name of the Supervisor and Designation> supervised me during my internship period.


Suman Kumari,

Registration Number-100923

Student of MBA, 7th Semester,

Institute of Business Management

University of Calicut


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