Proof of No Income Letter for Tax Exemption Purposes: How To, Templates & Examples

Proof of No Income Letter

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Establishing that you are with zero income can be tougher than you feel. In case your income has to be documented for applying for any kind of financial assistance, it is important to establish that you earn nothing. It is important to point out that there is no simple way to accomplish this. You may have to comply with several documentation requirements so that your objective is fulfilled.

The proof of no income is a special document that can be completed, as well as, signed for specific requirements. Such letters can be sent to the recipients by fax or even via email. No matter how you decide to send this letter, it should look clear and neat to the recipient.

There are certain circumstances, which need an individual to establish that they are without any kind of income. Establishing a negative is more difficult than proving a positive. However, do not despair as there are some ways of doing so and this article can come in handy for you.

To start with, you can make use of the IRS by traveling to their official portal. Download a form to request a transcript of your Tax Return. This form is called 4506-T. The form will suggest all earnings for the earlier year.

A written statement or self-affidavit, which suggests that you have no income, may be used. It should, however, be accompanied by certain documents, which act as proofs to demonstrate that you had zero income from the previous year.

An individual has the right to write and then sign a document wherein he/she can explain there is no income. They can also mention that there will be no earnings going forward. It can be also mentioned that there could be a decline in earnings while explaining why and how such a change in financial status occurred.

Several students are not working. It is not tough for them to establish that they are full-time students through their acceptance letters or a current transcript of the class schedule. However, such documents do not show the income of students. Hence, they should be accompanied by a document explaining zero income as they are full-time students. The letter should also state that the school document is being enclosed to prove their income is zero.

In case no income is a result of termination or loss of a job, the applicant can prove his/her zero income status by the termination letter. Alternatively, they can attach the severance pay notice on their last paycheck stub. In case the loss of a job was due to the closure of the organization, they could produce a notification letter given by their previous employer.

When is such a letter required?

There are many instances where you may be required to provide proof that you are not earning anything at the moment. The letter may also indicate that you do not expect to earn for some time in the future. Why would you need one? Well, again, you might require it for several reasons including applying for benefits or disability claims, depending on what your specific situation is.

If you are unable to earn because of your prevailing medical condition, it may not be that tough to write a proof of no income letter. Producing such a letter can help you to obtain free social services. Also, if you have just started school or wish to procure a degree after pursuing higher studies, it is a valid reason for having no income.

Based on whatever your reasons are, a no income letter can be documented accordingly. However, you need to ensure that all the instructions provided by the authority to you are strictly followed. The authority we are referring to here is the one to whom you will be submitting your application.

There are many occasions when authorities will offer you a prescribed form that has to be filled out. The form then acts as proof of zero income. You may be also directed in such a circumstance to attach certain documents, which will further establish that you are not in a position to work like the note from a doctor.

The proof of no income document is most commonly required when an inquiry is made about a rental agreement, lease, loan, or line of credit. The document should be always in the form of a written letter. You should compose this important letter by yourself. Alternatively, take the help of a social security caseworker, your employer, or an accountant.

Using a digital template can be the easiest technique to prepare your proof of no income letter. These digital templates are specifically designed blank forms, which can be filled with required data and information. Such letters can be designed in a list format or a spreadsheet and even signed electronically before sending them to the counterparty.

Tips for writing an effective letter or certificate

Tips for Writing No Income Letter- Have All Required Details

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Before even starting to write or fill up your no income form/letter, make sure you have all the required information ready. It is an important part as even some typos may require you to submit your entire word form and end up missing deadlines. As a result, you may even be asked to pay a late fee as a penalty.

Additionally, you should apply caution while writing down any figure(s) in the letter. Initially, the task may seem to be quite simple while it is not so once you work on it. Anyone can make mistakes after all.

Make sure all information presented and documents enclosed or attached to your proof of no income document are genuine and correct. You should check all documents and figures at least twice before submission to the relevant authorities. Do not be in a hurry to submit before you complete cross-checking all your details.

What Information should you Include in the Proof of No Income Letter?

The document offers you the chance to declare your existing expenses and earnings over a specific period. Thus, it is worth your focus all the way. The letter can assist you to obtain a proper view of several financial aspects of your life. In case this is the first occasion when you are facing the need to create such a document, refer to the set of instructions listed below:

  1. Explain the objective of the letter in short
  2. Begin the letter with an introduction about yourself
  3. Your personal data should be inserted in the letter, Also, add your email address and telephone number to contact
  4. Add your signature at the end if needed for the document to be sent
  5. Include notes so that there is proper clarification on confusing aspects. You may use different colors to highlight them
  6. Submit the basic financial data to indicate your current financial status. All figures must be provided accurately
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Sample 1- Proof of no income



<Telephone Number>


Dear Mr./Ms <Name> 

This letter is about my case #1112-CFT-224C8 furnished at your office on <Date>. I would like to restate my case details so that you are updated about my scenario. I had sent an application for my disability after I was diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition.

My current medical condition has restricted my physical movement and I am also under immense mental stress. With my current health condition, I cannot work for more than two hours every day. It is precisely for this reason my physician recommended complete bed rest for me for an indefinite time period.

It is to bring to your notice that I have failed to work full-time since March 2017 and have been into three contractual jobs since April 2018. As I am currently under medication, I would not be able to work part-time or full-time in the coming months unless my symptoms can be curbed through a medical breakthrough.

In respect to this situation, kindly treat this as my no-income letter. I have attached my diagnostic receipts, copies of my physician’s advice, and all bank statements of <period>. These statements exhibit at times low and on other occasions no income at all.

Also, find attached copies of the food stamp and my Mediclaim eligibility notices that also show my income as zero. Kindly confirm whether you need any other details from my side to go ahead with my case. I deeply appreciate the effort and time you have spent into going through this letter, 



<Applicant Name>


1. Final paycheck certificate to employee

2. Landlord’s proof of residency letter

3. Self-employment income declaration of cook once a week

Sample # 1 Proof of No Income Letter Samples for Tax Exemption Purposes

Sample 2- Self-Affidavit of Income Letter

<Name of the Applicant>



<Contact Number>


Medi-Ohio Access Program

P.O. Box No 14459

Akron, Ohio.

Dear Medi-Ohio Access Program,

I am hereby submitting this self-affidavit to verify my earnings because I have no other official documentation certifying my income available with me.

I get a gross amount of $__ and the payment frequency of this money is on a <weekly or fortnightly or monthly> basis. I got this amount last on <Date>.

I realize that this self-affidavit can be checked by the State of Ohio. I also certify that the details presented in this letter are correct and true to the best of my belief and knowledge.



<Signature of the individual receiving the income>


<Printed name of the individual who is getting the income>

Sample # 2 Proof of No Income Letter Samples for Tax Exemption Purposes

Sample-3-Proof of no income affidavit

(This affidavit should be filled up only by adult family household members)

Name of household ___________  Name of Development_______________

City___________                               Unit No___________________________

I. I certify hereby that I do not individually get any kind of income from the sources listed below:

1. Wages from any organization (including fees, bonuses, tips, commissions, etc.)

2. Any kind of rental earnings from personal or real property

3. Income from operating a business

4. Dividends or interests from assets

5. Insurance policies, annuities, social security payments, death benefits, pensions, or retirement funds

6. Public assistance payments

7. Disability or unemployment payments

8. Sales made from self-employed resources

9. Periodic allowances like child support, alimony, or presents received from individuals residing in my household

10. Any other sources excluding the above-listed sources

II. I have no income of any kind at present. Also, there are no imminent changes to take effect on my current employment status or financial status during the coming year.

III. I will be utilizing the resource sources mentioned below to pay for my necessities including rent:



I also certify that all the above information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge under penalty of perjury. The undersigned also realizes that documenting incorrect information is regarded as an act of fraud. Incomplete, false, and misleading information may lead to the lease agreement’s termination.

<Printed name of the tenant/applicant>    <Date>

<Signature of the tenant/applicant>     <Date>

Sample # 3 Proof of No Income Letter Samples for Tax Exemption Purposes

Sample-4- Proof of no income Affidavit

I hereby do affirm and certify that I do not earn wages or have any different income source currently. These other sources include and are yet not restricted to earning from any of the sources listed below:

·       Military pay

·       Bonuses, overtime, commissions, tips, salaries, or wages for any kind of personal services part-time or full time from an employer

·        Self-employment or operating a business

·       Odd jobs

·       Pensions or retirement funds

·       Social Security income

·       TANF or welfare assistance payments

·       Unemployment compensation

·       Alimony payments

·       Child support payments

·       Death benefits

·       Disability benefits

·       Annuities

·       Insurance policies

·       Dividends, interest, or other earnings from personal or real property

·       Gifts or contributions from anyone who does not live at my home for living expenses or bills

I should intimate the housing authority of any alterations in my income status within 10 (ten) working days of such alteration by signing this document. I also permit HCHA to procure a copy of any tax returns filed to the IRS.

<Printed Name> <Signature>

<Last four digits of Social Security Number> <Date>

Sample # 4 Proof of No Income Letter Samples for Tax Exemption Purposes



I, <Name> have not had any type of income from any kind of source since the last one year due to ____________________.

I live at <Address>.


Notary:: State of California, County/City of ___________. Sworn and subscribed before me _________ dated <Date>.

Notary Public: My commission expires on _____________________________.

Sample # 5 Proof of No Income Letter Samples for Tax Exemption Purposes

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