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Baptism Certificate

Understanding and following your religion can be challenging. Not everyone around you will tend to follow the same religious practices as yourself. Being a Roman Catholic and belonging to the Roman Church, you should always remember that every religious activity has its own importance and significance. It comes to understanding yourself and your surroundings and most importantly the Almighty’s plan.

Every religion has its own calling, like Christianity has Baptism. And obtaining the Catholic Baptism Certificate ensures you are towards the right path and that you are certified for the same.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is a rite of admission and adoption to Christianity. Baptism is performed by pouring or sprinkling water on the head or even by completely or partially immersing in the water.

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It was during the Second Temple Period, that the practice of Baptism came into existence. Baptism was used as the central sacrament for John the Baptist’s messianic movement. He was considered as a major forerunner to Christianity.

Who are Catholics?

The term ‘Catholic Church’ is commonly associated with the whole Church which is being led by the Roman Pontiff. The history of Roman Catholic Church dates back to Jesus Christ and the Apostles. However, over the course of centuries, Roman Catholic Church has developed as an elaborate organizational structure and has highly sophisticated theology. This is headed by the papacy, being the oldest and still continuing absolute monarchy in this world.

The act of Baptism being performed on a child in the Church

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What is a Catholic Baptism Certificate?

Being baptized in a Church can help you get the Baptism and Confirmation Certificate. You may need such a certificate while enrolling your child to a Catholic school. It is important to remember where you were Baptized and where you got confirmed as a catholic? This is where the certificate plays an important role. This certificate acts as a proof of your existence and identity.

Why do you need a Catholic Baptism Certificate?

A Catholic Baptism Certificate can help you in more ways than one. Here are a few pointers which you can consider while understanding the importance of your Catholic Baptism Certificate.

·        A Catholic Baptism Certificate gives you your identity. It tells you where you were Baptized and where you got Confirmed by your Catholic Church.

·        You may go through the records available in the Church where you were Baptized. Track to see if your brothers and sisters were also baptized in the same Church or not.

·        You can even go ahead and track the Catholic Baptism Certificate of your grandparents in the same Church. This helps you establish a deeper connection with the Church you owe your existence to.

·        This certificate acts like an identity proof and as a birth certificate. Hence, it becomes necessary to keep your Catholic Baptism Certificate with yourself.

Where is your Catholic Baptism Certificate?

Baptism is usually performed when you are a child. Hence, you may not always have access to your Baptism Certificate and may have to look for it. The central records of your Baptism and Confirmation are kept only in the parish where the event had taken place. The Church keeps all the certificates in their records. Thus it is important for you to know where and when you were Baptized and Confirmed. If you are not sure, you may have to look for the Parish where you were Baptized and Confirmed.

Finding the right Parish can also be a challenge for you. You may have to ask your parents about the Church where you were baptized. Or you can also reach out to your close relatives to understand the Church your parents used to visit when you were a child. You can also reach out to your God parents who may or may not be aware of the Church where your parents would visit often.

You can google the Parish’s around you home. This can help you speed the process of finding the right Parish and in turn your Catholic Baptism Certificate.

Try and recall the old incidents revolving around your parents. You may just remember the parish you used to visit before marriage.

Catholic Baptism Certificate

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How to write a letter for your Catholic Baptism Certificate?

Consider you are in a situation where you have found the parish. Now all you need to do is request for your Catholic Baptism Certificate, then you will need to follow a couple of steps before writing the letter.

·        Always write the subject or reason for the letter on top of the letter. This help the recipient to understand the contents of the letter right at one go.

·        Mention the date in dd/mm/yy format only.

·        Considering we do not have a concerned person’s name to address the letter to, you may begin my writing ‘to whom it may concern’. This will ensure the letter is directed to the right department.

·        Keep the letter short, simple. Unnecessarily lengthy letters with no content seem to turn off the recipient from reading the letter. This also gives a wrong impression on the recipient. Remember this is an official letter and not a personal one to type anecdotes or your silly jokes or unrelated matters. Also, you do not want to waste the time of the recipient. Hence keep it simple, to the point and keep the letter informative.

·        Mention your date of birth, place of birth, if possible, time when you were born. This piece of information is helpful as it can help the parish in finding out your Catholic Baptism in no time. Date of birth and place of birth stand important.

·        You cannot collect your Catholic Baptism Certificate from any Parish in your state. It becomes important, you will need to go to your regular Parish.

·        Mention the full name of your parents in the letter. This is also important to help locate your Catholic Baptism certificate.

·        Mention your address as well. If the parish is at a long distance, then they may send across or courier your Catholic Baptism Certificate.

·        Provide your contact information, like your cell phone number or your email id, and even you helper at the bottom of the email.

·        Ensure to print the letter in A4 size only. Do not use your notebook sheet to write the letter on and to send it across to your parish.

·        Handwritten letters are always considered to be personal. Being in a situation where you need an official work to be done, it is better to type the letter. Typed letters look presentable and neat. If you have time, always type the Catholic Baptism Certificate.

·        Ensure to check for typos and grammatical errors. You do not want your letter of request for Catholic Baptism Certificate to look so obvious.

·        Avoid the use of jargon and big words, lengthy sentences in the letter. They may act as a negative when you are writing your Catholic Baptism Certificate. Industrial jargon may not be familiar with the Parish.

Letter Templates for getting your Catholic Baptism Certificate

It now becomes important that you sit through and write a letter to your Parish if you want your Catholic Baptism Certificates. Writing a letter and ensuring it meets the standards as mentioned above can be a little challenging. Understanding the correct language, so as not to upset anyone is reasonable thought process. Keeping all the factors in mind, here are a few letter templates which you can copy – paste directly from. You can make your own little changes and make use of the letter templates. These letter templates are designed in such a way that you can see they are simple, straight forward, professional, to the point.

Template 1

Requesting for a copy of my Catholic Baptism Certificate

Date: dd/mm/yy

To Whom It May Concern

I am requesting my parish to give me the hard copy of my Catholic Baptism Certificate at the earliest. I am glad to announce, that it has been more than 20 years I was Baptized in these holy waters. And today as I announce to get married to this absolutely beautiful soul, I also have to follow a few religious protocol. The first being, if I have been Baptized or Confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church. The certificate is required as a proof of identity, a proof of my existence. Here are the details as required:


Mother’s Name:

Father’s Mame:

Date of birth:

Place of Birth:

Parish Name:

Place of Birth:

Kindly let me know once when the Certificate is ready- I may come and collect the same. Likewise, you can also mail the same to my address which is listed as under.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Your name

Your complete address with zip code

Your contact number

Your email id

Sample #1 Catholic Baptism Certificate

Template 2

To whom it may concern.

I have been a loyal member of the church for over 40 years now. However, today I need your assistance in getting the Catholic Baptism Certificate. My son is now preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. And hence we would require his Catholic Baptism Certificate at the earliest.

His details are listed as under.

Son’s name:

Mother’s name:

Father’s name:

Parish name:

Date of Birth:

Time of Birth:

Date of Baptism:

Kindly provide us with the Catholic Baptism Certificate at the earliest so that we can proceed with the Sacrament of Confirmation for our son.

Looking forward to your cooperation and coordination with regard to the same.

Yours faithfully,

Your name

Your complete address with zip code

Your contact number

Your email id

Sample #2 Catholic Baptism Certificate

Template 3

To whom it may concern

I, (your complete name), born on (your date of birth), at (name of Parish) Parish, need a copy of the Catholic Baptism Certificate.

I am glad to inform you that I will be getting married end of the coming month and am currently preparing for the same. Hence the need for the Catholic Baptism Certificate.

Please make note of my mother’s name (mother’s name)- Mrs. , father name’s – Mr. Also, for your reference, I was born exactly at (time of birth), in your parish.

Kindly update me with the status of my Catholic Baptism Certificate at the earliest.

Please make note, if you are sending across the Certificate please send it across at the earliest. I am eagerly waiting for the same.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks and Regards,

Your name

Your complete address with zip code

Your contact number

Your email id

Sample #3 Catholic Baptism Certificate

Template 4

 To whom it may concern

I was baptized in your parish, roughly in the year – (mention the year). Here are all my details listed below which may help you find my Catholic Baptism Certificate.

Kindly share a copy of my Catholic Baptism Certificate, either my mail, or you can let me know. I will be more than happy to come and personally collect it for myself.

Please find my details as under,


Mother’s name:

Father’s name:

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Parish baptized in:

Awaiting your positive response.

Thanks and regards,

Your name

Your complete address with zip code

Your contact number

Your email id

Sample #4 Catholic Baptism Certificate

Template 5

To whom it may concern

I am glad to announce that I am currently preparing to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. For this I would also need my Catholic Baptism Certificate at the parish where I will be getting married.

I, (full name) was born on (date of Birth) and was baptized on (mention the year), at the Church (name and address of the Parish)

Kindly look this up on a priority basis. If you get a chance, please do send a copy of my baptism information to the given address of the parish where I am preparing for my sacrament of marriage.

Church of (name of the parish / Church)

Include the full address of the church


Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Your name

Your address

Your cell phone number

Your email id

Sample #5 Catholic Baptism Certificate
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