Compelling Counter Offer Email Templates for Software Engineers

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Millions of professionals throughout different industries are selected and sent formal offers for joining. As per the latest figures, the IT industry is one of the top employers of workforces among other sectors. Demand for software engineering has grown by 24% in the current year and is likely to grow further. Profile of software engineering has become a crucial factor for success in a digital ecosystem. Hiring by recruiters for software development and engineering positions thus holds significant importance.

After checking the skills and carefully screening a number of software engineering candidates and validating their diverse skill sets, recruiters spend days in preparing for a final offer. Before the offer is officially sent, a long process of screening and interviews take place. In simple terms, a good amount of time is invested by organizations for the hiring of software engineers.

On the other hand, qualified software engineering candidates should also be prepared for asking questions, sending salary negotiation emails, and counteroffer emails to respond. Let us understand how a candidate can land with the desired compensation in a job profile of their choice.

Analyzing a job position

Various skill sets are checked by the recruiter for the profile of a software engineer. The year 2020 has become more challenging in terms of evaluation by global firms. Internet-based technologies have floated in and changed the landscape considerably. Technologies like cloud computing, augmented reality, data analytics, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity have risen. Not merely software engineers but also profiles like project managers, data scientists, and programmers are required to do extra efforts to be selected for a lucrative position in global firms.

Most global firms follow strict screening processes. They also evaluate each candidature on a specified matrix. Hence, software engineers can expect good compensation when applying to a reputed global firm.

On a generic level, software engineers are evaluated on the basis of mathematical aptitude, problem-solving, programming languages are known, and soft skills like communication, time management, accuracy, etc. While checking the core skills such as using developmental tools, writing code, testing, collaborating with other team members are checked. Most engineers are well versed in programming languages, data structures, database management, and algorithms.

For software engineers, identifying and responding to suitable job opportunities can seem like a task. The toughest part can be evaluating an opportunity and responding to the job offer, subsequently. To have knowledge about salary negotiation email and acceptance emails can be beneficial. Both email types have different tones of messages for the recruiter to decode. Hence, the email responses for the selection process should contain necessary parts of communication. They help in facilitating the screening process and communication part, clear-cut, and easy.

When the job offer is made

A number of candidates clear multiple rounds with flying colors for the software engineering profile. Software engineering and development can sound the same, however, have different scopes. Basis of these scopes, recruiters spend hours in the evaluation of selection. Generally, the selection process in companies takes several days before an actual offer is made. And recruiters follow a set of guidelines to write an email communication. This communication verifies all the skills of the candidate, places a clear salary structure, and offer of the job.

Now, when the email containing all the necessary details lands in the mailbox of the selected candidates, they should take time before sending a response. The email will be directly addressed to the candidate and will have:

  • Name of the position
  • Total salary package
  • Salary structure (monthly/annual)
  • Date of joining (tentative)
  • Location

Points to check before accepting the offer

In response to the salary package offered, the recruiter and the company will expect a counteroffer email. A counteroffer email will clarify the stance of the candidate on the offered job role and the compensation.

What is the counter offer email?

A counter offer email is a mail the explains the salary package by the candidate for software engineer. It is sent to communicate the desired by the candidate. And thus, counter offer email is expected to strike the perfect balance between the desired compensation and the offer made by the company. It can also be regarded as a counter offer email.

Getting monetary compensation as per the wishes can make us feel ecstatic. However, many times companies sent out offers, which require a candidate to negotiate as per the role requirement. The recruiter often conceals the actual break up, unless the candidate asks. Many candidates fall into this trap and don’t try to negotiate the offer. When a job is offered, the candidate should not respond anxiously. And rather take some time and check the room for negotiation.

Including salary negotiation emails, here are some of the points to check that can ensure that a software engineer grabs the best compensation.

  1. Read the job profile thoroughly.
  2. Evaluate your own experience and skill set.
  3. Check company background and work culture.
  4. Calculate the counter offer.
  5. Show openness for negotiation on salary.
  6. Ask for a month-wise break up with CTC.
  7. Write one comprehensive salary negotiation email for responding.
  8. Evaluate before sending it.

Maximum companies prefer to comply with the demand of the candidate. On some rare occasions, some may stick to their budgets and don’t wish to leave the ground. When the scenario gets rigid, then candidates should look out for alternate opportunities or can go with the offer at hand. However, they can also write a crisp yet detailed salary negotiation email that can help solve the agenda in one go.

How useful are salary negotiation emails templates

Many organizations provide a salary structure on the mail for overseeing and seeking agreement. While others can be extra careful in offering the role to a candidate and present additional options in terms of monetary benefits. The salary break-up should be based on the quality of projects handled and skills by a software professional. And it is best calculated by the candidate if the package is at par with industry standards. In case the offer made by the company is not sync with either candidate’s career trajectory or salary expectations, then logical negotiation should be the next step forward.

Software engineers would require a persuasive and quantifiable salary negotiation email.

A salary negotiation email should comprise of these:

  • Crisp subject line
  • Professional/projects accomplishments
  • Persuasive statements on the requirement for salary negotiation
  • Need for face to face or direct discussion over the call

Salary negotiation emails are persuasive and try to convey the point across, without any confusion. For professionals like software engineers, they are ideal and can facilitate a quicker response. Need for a salary negotiation or counter offer email arises when a candidate wants to look forward to a higher package.

Also, when a candidate is looking forward to joining a specific organization, checking the market reputation of the organization as paymasters is a must. Not merely monetary compensation is important, it is quite crucial to check the work culture as well. After receiving the final job offer, it is good to sit back and analyze the offered package. And check whether the package justifies their academic qualification, skills, and experience or not.

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Counter offer email templates (salary negotiation emails) for software engineers

Software professionals like software engineers are proficient in logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving. However, at the communication end, they might feel choked. Counter offer email templates or salary negotiation emails are helpful in professional and corporate level communication.

A variety of profiles require professionally-written and to-the-point salary negotiation, including for software engineers, offer acceptance, and counter offer email templates. Such emails create a good professional impression and communicate the message, without beating around the bush.

Some of the main components of a counter offer email template, which can be a salary negotiation email and offer acceptance email:

For salary negotiation email

  1. Name of the recruiter/manager
  2. Acknowledgment of offer
  3. Iteration of skillset
  4. Accomplishments
  5. Negotiation pitch
  6. Note of thanks
  7. Signoff

For offer acceptance email

  1. Name of the recruiter/manager
  2. Acknowledgment of offer
  3. Iteration of job profile
  4. Interest for joining the company
  5. Note of thanks
  6. Signoff

An important element in a counter offer email should be persuasion for a solution. Justifying a high salary may take time for the employer to agree and reach out to the candidate. After a long process of selection, they will also not prefer to blatantly reject the candidature. But will find alternatives to stick with the selection. Finding a middle way can also be effective in reaching a solution.

Global firms adhere to a comprehensive recruitment process. The selection process and terms agreed upon, once frozen, don’t change until the time of employee appraisals. As a reason, calculating the right monetary compensation, in the light of current industry standards is safe. Also, understanding the purpose of the counter offer email or salary negotiation email is equally crucial for a candidate for demanding appropriate compensation. Facilitating communication between the recruiter and the candidate, an email template with the right elements can lead to a win-win situation at both ends.

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