Thank You Letter To Godparents At Baptism: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank You Letter To Godparents At Baptism

Godparents, also known as sponsors, attend a child’s baptism and pledge to encourage them in their religion. According to canon law, Godparents are required in various churches to actively participate in the child’s spiritual development and offer direction and encouragement as the youngster develops their faith.

As shared by Kristen Shambarger, a mother of a twin, chooses a separate set of godparents from each side of the family, believing that godparents will help in ensuring the children’s spiritual faith if anything happens to them as the parent. 

But how will you show them your gratitude? The key is to thank them by writing a letter of appreciation. Continue to read this article to learn the important key points of properly creating a thank you letter for your family and loved ones, just like your child’s godparents.

What Is It?

A letter of thanks to the godparents of a baptized child is known as a letter of thank you to godparents in baptism. In the letter, the godparents are thanked for their love, care and support, and dedication to the child’s spiritual development.

You might also express gratitude for any particular favors or assistance they have given the kid or family.

When Should You Write It?

Here are several situations where you may want to write the baptismal godparents a thank-you note:

  • After the baptismal ceremony: A letter of gratitude to the godparents might be written to express gratitude for their support and dedication to the kid.
  • On the godparent’s birthday: To express appreciation for their contribution to a child’s life, it might be kind and meaningful to present a gift on the godparent’s birthday.
  • On the child’s birthday, the godparent is invited to consider the significance of their presence.
  • It may be written whenever you feel the impulse to send them one to show appreciation. The link between the godparents and the kid can be reinforced this way, strengthening the tie between them.

Writing Guidelines

Here are some tips and tricks on how to write a proper thank you letter to godparents during baptism:

  1. Add a Greeting at the Start of the Letter: Start the letter with a salutation, such as “Dear (Godparents’ Name)” or “Hello (Godparents’ Name).”
  2. Express your Gratitude: In the first paragraph, thank the godparents for participating in the child’s baptism and their promise to help with their spiritual education, “We are delighted to have you as (child’s name) godparent,” and “Your attendance at (child’s name) baptism was such a memorable and significant occasion for our family.” You may also include something like “Thank you for your love and support.”
  3. Include Particular Details and Anecdotes: Describe the significance of the baptism ceremony and the godparents’ involvement using particular details and anecdotes. You might highlight any favors they gave you or how having them at the baptism made the occasion even more special for you.
  4. Closing: “We are very thankful to have you” or “Your wisdom and presence will be vital to (child’s name) as he/she matures and navigates the trials and joys of life” are some meaningful expressions of thanks you might use to close the letter.
  5. Sign off: Finish the letter by signing it and adding a closing such as “Sincerely,” “With affection,” or “Warmly.”

Templates of Thank You Letter to Godparents in Baptism

Template #1

Dear (Godparent’s Name),

We want to convey our heartfelt gratitude to you for becoming (child’s name )’s godparent. We appreciate having you as a part of the life of (child’s name), and your attendance at the baptism was such a memorable and significant event for our family.

We appreciate your love, support, and dedication to his/her spiritual development. As (child’s name) matures and learns to negotiate the difficulties and pleasures of life, your support and presence will be vital.

Our family values you very much. I appreciate all you do.


(Your Name)

Template #2

Dear (Godparent’s Name),

Thank you very much for participating in the baptism of (child’s name) as a godparent. We greatly appreciate your love and support and how much your presence meant to us.

We count ourselves fortunate to have you in our lives and to have you as (child’s name )’s godparent. We are grateful to have you as a guiding force in the lives of our daughter/son since we know they will be in excellent hands with you as their godparent.

Once more, many thanks for everything. We are incredibly thankful for your love and support, and we couldn’t have wished for finer godparents for (child’s name).


(Your Name)

Template #3

Dear (Godparent’s Name),

I appreciate you being a part of our child’s baptism so much. We appreciate having you as a godparent since your love and support means the world to us. Being a godparent is a wonderful and significant responsibility, and we are delighted for you. Thank you for everything you do for our child and for playing such an important role in their spiritual development.

Once again, I want to thank you for everything. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have you in our life.


(Your name)

Template #4

Dear (Godparent’s Name),

We are thankful for all the love and encouragement you have shown us today. I thank you for making it special today. Our child is fortunate to have a wonderful godparent like you. We gratefully acknowledge your attendance at the baptism and blessing of our child. We know you’ll always be there for him when we’re not around. And we are confident that you will strengthen his faith. Your love and support have warmed our hearts, and we are eternally grateful. We consider you to be a great blessing.

Because our child has a wonderful godparent to mentor him, we are confident that he is in good hands. And we’re sure that he’ll learn to respect and adore you. There are no more words to describe how thankful we are. We will truly treasure every second of this day.

Once again, thank you so much, and we hope all the best for you. Take care always.


(Your name)

Template #5

Dear (Godparent’s Name),

We were looking for someone who was steadfast, motivating, and strong when we selected our child’s godparents. We are grateful that you spent the day with us, as we believe you were our child’s only option. Seeing you standing next to my child on the day of his baptism made my heart happy. Seeing you were there to be a part of this chapter in our life reminds us how much you mean to our family. You are a great friend as well as a fantastic Godparent. Thank you for your compassion and commitment.

Thank you for accepting the position of Godparent for our child. You guided him through his baptism day with awe-inspiring grace, and we know you will continue to guide him through life similarly. Due to your enthusiasm and genuinity, we are sure our child will grow full of respect and love for you.  

Thank you again for your presence. At the bottom of our hearts, we really are grateful. 


(Your Name)

Wrap Up

Godparents play a significant part in the lives of all children. As a child develops and faces new obstacles, they provide love, direction, and belongingness. Make your thank-you notes as precise and personalized as you can, and mention what you are grateful to the recipient for. A few brief words of thanks may often go a very long way.

On behalf of your child, let the godparents know how much you respect and love them. A sincere thank you note for godparents would help them understand and feel valued. They will adore this little yet sincere gesture. Aside from that, consider thanking them for all your child’s gifts and inviting them in advance to your future special events or occasions.

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