Thank You Letter For Volunteering & Participation: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank You Letter For Participation

Having assistance with organizing a program or event, especially if it is voluntary, is tremendously beneficial to those who do so. Organizing an event is difficult, but with the assistance of enthusiastic volunteers, every task gets simpler.

According to a survey, over 23.2% of Americans or more than 60.7 million people volunteered with organizations and events between the year 2020 and 2021. In total, these volunteers served an estimated 4.1 billion hours with a value of $122.9 billion. 

Volunteers provide their time and effort with no expectation of compensation. They deserve to know how much you appreciate their contributions to your organization for their compassion and kindness. MailToSelf prepared helpful tips and templates that you may use on writing a thank you letter for volunteers.

What Is It?

A letter of thanks to people who voluntarily gave their time to support your program or event is known as a thank you letter for participation. Giving your appreciation and sincerity for lending you their time and effort from the bottom of their hearts.

A thank-you note for helping out might help someone feel more connected to the cause. It may be a motivating factor and something they can keep for the future. Being appreciative of their efforts is a simple technique to engage people and achieves the objective of making the volunteer a supporter of the cause. 

Why Is It Important?

  1. Making Personal Connections: A thank you note, and upbeat undertones frequently help the writer stand out from the rest of the staff at the organization. Writing these letters would show the recipients that you care about and have faith in your developing relationships since it is a simple act of respect.
  2. Provides an Opportunity for Self-Promotion: Additionally, the writer can reaffirm the recipient of their significance in connection with these remarks, especially if the volunteers are from a firm or big organization. 
  3. Professionalism: Thanking a person for the opportunity to deal with them is frequently a display of appreciation, respect, and gratitude, all crucial elements in building relations. 

Writing Guidelines

  • Greetings: Start your letter out with a salutation. This is the second thing volunteers will see after the headline when they open your letters, so making a good first impression is critical.
  • Convey your Appreciation: Tell your volunteers straight away why you are writing to them to express gratitude for their support of your business, event, or program.
  • What your Volunteer has Accomplished and their Impact: Your volunteer thank-you letters may need to be revised in this area. Be precise about how each person has benefited your company. Additionally, describe the significance of what they did and how it affected your organization and the people you assist.
  • Opportunities for Future Volunteer Work: This letter’s primary goal is to thank the volunteers. Nevertheless, informing them of any impending volunteer opportunities, you may have will be good. Just keep in mind that this purpose is to enlighten volunteers; do not be pushy in your approach. After all, they have already contributed greatly to your event.
  • Contact Information for Future Use: Encourage volunteers to immediately contact the volunteer director or any pertinent staff member. In this manner, volunteers will have a particular person to contact if they have any inquiries about your organization, future opportunities, or even joining as a contributor or board member.
  • Closing: End the letter sincerely. You may say you hope to see them at another event soon or, depending on the time of year, that you wish them a pleasant Christmas season. Please keep your letter’s tone sincere and thankful no matter how you decide to end it.

Templates Of Thank You Letter For Volunteering & Participation

Template #1

Your Name



Dear (Name of Recipient),

We are really happy that you attended [Event Name]. We appreciate your support of our cause and your attendance at the event. We hope that you had a good time and benefited from the event.

For your reference, we have a recording of the session. Please click the following link.

The event’s handouts contain a reference to the website.

You may also view the website images by going to our website.

[URL of the web page]

Please share any comments you may have on the event with us. It will enable us to organize future conferences that are better.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming event!

Thank you

Best Regards,

[Your name & Designation]

Template #2

Your Name



Hi  (Volunteer’s Name)

I was really happy to see you come and help us. You wouldn’t believe we spent so much time looking for someone with your skills. You’ve not only provided a fresh set of experiences, but you’ve also made my job a lot simpler. It was lovely talking to you. My enthusiasm was increased by seeing you all fired up and prepared to go. It is mind-blowing how much compassion you have shown for the cause. 

We much appreciate the head start you have given us. Because of your assistance, we are close to accomplishing our objectives and planning to continue working on the program.

Taken differently, I am grateful that we exist. I know that you were always willing to go above and above for the cause, which is extremely close to your heart. However, I should congratulate you for exceeding all of our expectations. You are a valuable asset to the cause, and I hope you will cooperate with us more. Maintain contact.

Your Friend

(Name of the Organisation)

Template #3

Your Name



Hello (Volunteer’s Name),

We appreciate everyone who turned out in such large numbers to ensure the triumph of our final intercollegiate sporting event.

We want to congratulate you on your triumph in the pole vault as well as the triumph of your baseball team. We appreciate your support and presence since every event is only successful with the participation of its participants.

Success and failure are unimportant; attendance is what counts. I hope you enjoyed yourself and were able to network with people who had similar interests to you there.

If you have any feedback, please complete the survey I’ve included, and we’d also appreciate your opinion on our most recent performance. Please take time to complete the survey so that we can offer the next sports our best.

Thank you!

Your Friend

(Name of the Organisation)

Template #4

Your Name



Dear (Name of Recipient),

We appreciate you giving your time and energy to the hospital. As you already know, the virus has overwhelmed us at the hospital. Your assistance couldn’t have come at a better time since we are now experiencing a severe medical personnel shortage. Your voluntary effort in the military camp was quite beneficial. In front of patients, I’ve never seen you quiver or seem nervous. Many families have contacted you to express gratitude for your humanitarian efforts during this trying time.

Your assistance has undoubtedly reduced our workload. I have observed you working despite the long hours and seeing you disregard your health. You are an unlucky gift from God at this moment. I sincerely thank you for your generous work and admire how you make people who have lost all hope smile.

I look forward to working with you as soon as possible to eradicate Covid-19.

I appreciate your commitment and labor of love.

Best Regards,

[Your name & Designation]

Template #5

Your Name



Dear (Name of Recipient),

Thank you for coming to our presentation on global warming and the problem it has caused.

We are glad that the world is gradually emerging from its state of denial and starting to see how our aggression affects our environment.

Water, soil, and food are all contaminated, forests are being destroyed, and future generations will experience a lack of everything that comes from creation. Even if they can handle a lot themselves, living would be competitive despite their lack of expertise.

We are happy to see that you participated actively in the lecture. Additionally, the jury and audience both liked the recommendations you made. We are happy to inform you that they will appear in our yearly association under your name, ensuring that the advice reaches the most people possible.

Finally, kindly review our performance and management consulting on the document provided so we may do better the following year. The suggestions are already valued for the company’s advancement and the leadership commission’s enhancement.

Best Regards,

[Your name & Designation]

Template #6

Respected Mary,

It was wonderful to see you at our college’s event last week. We believe that along with the help of participants including you, we were able to put together a great case. This week, we have a record number of applicants, which is a new high for us.

We feel like as a host we are overwhelmed with participants from all across the states. We successfully could conduct all planned events with full management. This also led to few important collaborations for our college like the media houses. We are now willing to cover the next few events which will take place on our campus.

Due to people like you, we now have a reservation for next year’s festival and have secured supporters, and we’d like to extend an invitation to you anyway well. It gives us great pleasure to have the opportunity to welcome you again in the same mood with the same excitement.

Regards & Gratitude


Event Coordinator

Template #7

Hello Tommy,

We are ecstatic that we’ve had the chance to host some of the field’s most brilliant minds at our college last week. The lecture is held once a quarter, but this year we had numerous participants attend. We’re happy you were able to demonstrate your research article on supernovas and also what you discovered regarding their origin while you were separated.

It was a pleasure for seeing insightful students exhibit their finest work. As a result, we would like you to let us know if you allow us, we would like to publish your paper in our in-house magazine. It would be a privilege for the learners here to read anything so interesting and significant.

We had also want to ask you to serve on the panel at the next conference we organize. Since we are planning per week event next time. It includes international visitors from different prestigious universities and medical centers from around the world. It would be a happy moment for us to get our members on the council.

Please approve our proposal and keep us informed of your intentions.


Department of Astrophysics

Template #8

Dear Ms. Sarah Smith,

I take this opportunity to Thank the students of your school for their active participation in the inter-school debate competition hosted by our school. It gives me great pleasure to state that the event was a grand success. The credit goes to the extremely bright and intelligent students who participated in the event.

As the host school we were overwhelmed with the positive response. This year the number of participants also increased. All the events were well planned and executed. The success of the event has led to new collaborations with some media houses agreeing to cover the event next year. We have also got some new sponsors who have given their commitment to sponsor the future events.

We are hoping to organize an even bigger and grander event next year. Like every year we hope for your continuous support and participation. Once again Thank you for being a part of our event and making it a grand success.

Warm Regards,

 [Your name & Designation]

Template #9

Dear Mary,

It was a pleasure to have you participate in our Dance workshop. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. Your participation ensured the grand success of the event.

Every year we conduct a Dance workshop for young, talented and passionate learners like you. We invite eminent dancers and artists to conduct the workshop and share their valuable learning and knowledge. We have received positive feedback from all the participants, and we hope that the workshop has ignited your spirit and your love for dancing.

Attending workshops is a fantastic way for dancers to connect with other dancers, broaden their knowledge and experience and discovers new dance moves. Hence, every year we encourage more and more youngsters to participate in our workshops. We are also sending a certificate of participation and memento.

We hope to see you in the future events as well. Thank you once again for your enthusiasm and participation in our event.

Warm Regards,

 [Your name & Designation]

Template #10

Dear Participants,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to each of you who participated in XXX Conference in New York on 7th October.

We had over 75 participants from 12 states who gave their valuable time and attended the event. Your presence made XXX Conference a great success and it was a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic participants.

Hopefully you enjoyed the conference and it was beneficial to you. I am sure the network and relationship we build during this conference will continue in the future.

We have received some valuable feedback and suggestions from some participants, and we assure you the same will be incorporated for the future events.

We hope to see you in the upcoming conferences and events. Thank you once again for taking time out from your busy schedule and attending our conference.

Best Regards,

[Your name & Designation]

Template #11

Hi Joe,

I was so glad to see you join us at the volunteer program. You wouldn’t believe we were searching for a person of your skills for so long. Not only have you brought a new set of experience but you have my work so much easier. It was great interacting with you. Seeing you all pumped up and ready to go multiplied my enthusiasm. The compassion you have shown to the cause is simply mind-blowing. You are great at easing people and I cannot thank you enough for taking time out to read about our excursion and meeting beforehand. You have given us a head start which is highly appreciable. Not only are we on the way of achieving out goals, we are going to be working permanently on the program in the future because of your service.

I am personally thankful that we connected. I know you hold the cause very dear to your heart and were always prepared to go the extra mile. I should however congratulate you for having outdone all our expectations. You are a great asset to the cause and I hope you will work with us more closely with us in the future. Keep in touch. 

Your Friend,


Template #12

Hi Joe (Volunteer’s Name)

I want to let you know about the excellent work you did at the volunteer seminar last week. I have seen you change the lives of young orphans with your dedication. They find your friendly, they respond to you instinctively and they consider your advice seriously. I have never the kind of response that you have received with any other volunteer in my life.

I have seen their social skills improve, their reading skills get sharpened and their retention skills get more advanced. If you were not a business executive you would have made a great teacher. You have the gift of empathy and you perseverance is infectious. I have seen other volunteers become more serious in their daily interactions and this is because you have raised the bar high. I am confident that the children will start to enjoy learning at school with your help.

Your ability to meet the children at their wavelength and lead up from there is simply phenomenal. I couldn’t have asked for a better volunteer than you. I look forward to seeing you continuing with our program and hope to see you inspire many more lives into taking the right direction. 

Your Friend,


Wrap Up

Volunteers maintain human dignity in the face of growing global unrest. These angels ensure that every cause receives the care and support it deserves by pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones, prioritizing the needs of others before their own, and working selflessly.

Since sending the letter expressing sincere gratitude for participating is its primary goal, it needs to get out immediately. Also, consider sending a thank you letter to volunteers of an animal rescue organization or a thank you letter for animal purposes.

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