How a Handwritten Thank You Note After an Interview Can Help You Make a Good Impression

Thank You Note

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Etiquette and good manners might be on its way out, but they are still well-received by most people. Sure, thank you notes are a rarity in today’s age, but that is exactly what makes them all the more special! Job recruiters and interviewers often feel valued and respected when they receive thank you notes from the candidates they have interviewed. Some even come to expect it. Either way, a thank you note to your recruiter can really help your prospects in locking down the job for which you interviewed with them. A handwritten thank you note after the interview makes it even more difficult for your interviewer to reject your job application.

A handwritten thank you note after interview sent to your recruiter is not a prerequisite when interviewing for a vacant job position. So, when you take the time to write and send one, it only goes to show how keen you are upon being chosen for the job. It evinces your determination in working for your goals and helps set you apart from all the other applicants to the job who missed out on this crucial detail.

A Handwritten Thank You Note After Interview Can Include So Much More

Of course, you will convey thanks to the interviewer who took time out from their busy schedule to conduct your job interview in your thank you note to them. Besides this, however, there is a lot more that you can include to help build your case for finding recruitment at the organization. Here are some of the things that you can and must include in your handwritten thank you note after interview –

  • Sincere expression of gratitude for the recruiter/interviewer. Let them know you appreciate their gesture.
  • Any relevant information or question that you might have for them but forgot to mention during the actual interview process.
  • Emphasize your qualifications and experience. You should also use the opportunity to convince them why you’d make a right employee fit for their company culture.
  • Your interest in pursuing the vacant job position. Let the interviewer know why the job role interests you and why you’d appreciate being provided the chance to work for their company.
  • A request to update you about the selection procedure as and when it is complete.

Why You Should Always Send Across a Handwritten Thank You Note After Interview

Yes, it sets you apart from your competition in the eyes of the recruiter. Why else would you want to send your recruiter a thank you note for interviewing you? Honestly, there are so many reasons!

However, besides the one already discussed, the second-most important reason for you to consider sending a handwritten thank you note after interview to your recruiter is to vie for a second shot at securing your chances of receiving the job. Your job interview might not have transpired as you wished. Your handwritten thank you note allows you a second opportunity to clear the air with regards to this far-from-perfect interview earlier. If you regret certain answers you offered during this meeting, you can use this note to clarify the same and hopefully help yourself to an improved impression.

Thank You Note

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Can You Send an E-mail Instead?

You might be wondering why we aren’t advising you to send a quick e-mail thank you message instead of writing an old-fashioned physical thank you note. It is because a handwritten thank you note after interview signifies more effort on your part. Anybody can type and send an e-mail thanking their interviewer in mere minutes. It takes more time and effort to handpick paper and write a note on it.

In addition, a handwritten personalized thank you note really goes the extra length in certain industry sectors such as non-profits and creative companies. Businesses in these industry niches appreciate the personal effort put in on handwritten notes and letters.

Help Yourself to a Distinct Positive Impression

Handwrite a careful and thoughtful thank-you letter for your interviewer after they’ve interviewed you and let them know how much their time and effort meant to you. Be sincere when communicating this gratitude and don’t try to use generic, lackluster expressions while you’re at it.

Indicate your takeaways from the interview that they completed with you and highlight how you benefited from the interaction. If you were provided access to previously unknown information related to the company, express how you perceived this and how you value the trust exhibited to you in the process. Use the thank-you note to impress upon the interviewer your willingness to work with the company and also convince them how the company is likely to benefit from extending you this employment opportunity. Lastly, make sure your handwriting is legible for them and the note you write is error-free. Keep your handwritten thank you note after interview short and sincere – and your recruiter is guaranteed to walk away from it with a good feeling about you!

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