How to Write a Thank You Note to a Recruiter

Note to a Recruiter

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If you’ve recently walked away from a job interview for a job that you wish to lock down, it would do you well to write a thank you note to recruiter. Sending across a thank you note to recruiter after they’ve interviewed you reflects good manners and a keenness towards the job.

Most of us may not know this, but sending the hiring manager of a company your thank you message after they’ve interviewed you maximizes your odds of landing the job. It might seem like a redundant formality, but many recruiters actually come to expect it. So, old-fashioned or not, make sure you know how to convey your thanks to the recruiter after they’ve considered you for a vacant job position. Sending people thank you-notes may have fallen out of practice, but this only makes them all the more effective! You definitely want to send your recruiters one without fail to seal your impression in their minds.

When to Write a Thank You Note for Recruiters

A good rule of thumb for sending your thank you note to the recruiter is within 24 hours from when you completed your interview with them. If you wait longer, they might have already forgotten you or perceived you to be absent-minded or ungrateful.

In many cases, you are interviewed by a number of people employed at a business before you are handed over a vacant job role. If this is the case with you, you might want to address a thank you note individually for each person. If you were subject to a panel interview, you can CC everyone from the mail you had originally been sent as an invite from the primary recruiter. In other cases, you can request your primary point of contact for the contact information of the rest of the people you interviewed with. You can explain that you would like to express gratitude for their time and patience in interviewing you and easily receive this information.

What Should Your Thank You Note to Recruiter Contain?

We’ve assembled tips and tricks from recruiters as to what they like to see in their thank you messages below –

  • The words “thank you” – Do not try to name-drop or unnecessarily use generic expressions in your thank you note. Recruiters like receiving thank you notes that reflect their sender’s honesty and sincerity.
  • Genuity – Remember, your recruiters are performing their job too. A sincere and honest thank you note can brighten up their day and remind them why they are engaged in their professional field.
  • New information that they might not have known before – As an interviewee, you often learn many new things about the company that you perhaps did not know before. When you mention a couple of these details in your thank-you note to the recruiter, you tell them that you are a good listener and were actually interested in the information they had to share.
  • A sense of excitement for the job – It is never too late to reinstate why you’d like to find employment at the company you just interviewed at. Express enthusiasm for the job role to your recruiter in the thank you note you send them and be specific when you state reasons explaining your enthusiasm.
  • An appeal stating why they’d be a great fit – When you are writing a thank you note to the recruiter, inform them why you think you’d be perfect for the job. Very few recruiters can turn a convincing argument down. Tie in your qualifications to the job requirements and try to win over their vote one last time.
  • Information that they might have missed sharing about themselves – It is not possible for you to share every relevant detail about yourself as a prospective employee and an individual in a short job interview. When you volunteer novel information about yourself in the thank you note you write for your recruiter, you let them know that you went back home and thought about the interview you just had. It tells them that the interview that they took really stayed with you, and didn’t disappear from your conscience the moment you walked out of your recruiter’s office.
  • An appreciation of the company culture they witnessed – Employee-culture fit is integral for all hiring processes these days. So if the individual interviewed positively appraises the culture of the company they interviewed at, it works in their favor. Additionally, if they can evince a good impression of the interviewers that they spoke with, their job application stands a real chance of being forwarded for the final decision-making.
  • Correct spellings, grammar, punctuation – If you are taking the time to write a thank you note for recruiter, ensure that you are not misspelling their names. Doing so could nullify the entire effect of sending forth a thank you note to them. Good grammar and punctuation only help make your thank you note more readable and pleasing for the eyes.
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Go Ahead, Let Your Recruiters Know You Appreciate Them!

Sending a thank you note to your recruiter or the recruiting manager who took your job interview is just basic etiquette on the jobseeker’s part. You can use a well-written thank you note to the recruiter to get their attention, re-impress your skills and experience upon them, and outline the overall value you’d bring to their company.

If you feel like you missed crucial details about yourself on your resume or the interview you had with them, here’s your chance to let them know all you wish to!

We strongly recommend that you do not miss out on sending your recruiters or recruiting team this token of appreciation and gratitude. If nothing, it will make you a memorable job candidate for them to reach out to, the next time a job role of interest to you gets vacant at their company.

Handwritten thank-you notes are not required unless you know the recruiter or the business owner personally. A simple, short and good-natured e-mail will do. We hope the tips and suggestions we’ve shared above help you nail that thank-you note to the recruiter and get you the job you always wanted. Here’s wishing you all the best and success in your future job interviews – just don’t forget to send your recruiter the thank-you note afterward!

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