Thank You Letter to Stepmom from Mom: How To, Templates & Examples

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They say that the love a mother has for a child is the purest form of love. She expects nothing in return and loves unconditionally. The child is the center piece in her world and everything she does has only one agenda. That her child is happy, content and never alone.

But nowhere does it say that such kind of love has to come from a birth mother only. A step mom is capable of just as much love as a birth mother. Even though she has not given birth to the child she loves them just as much or sometimes more. She is not only the mother to the child but is also responsible for ensuring that the child never misses their birth mother ever.

So, when Stepmoms show such kind of love it is very natural that the birth mothers feel gratitude towards them. Whenever someone is grateful to another person it is always a good idea to pen those thoughts in the form of a thank you letter. When step moms receive such notes it only reinforces their beliefs that they are doing a very good job of being a mother.

Thank you letters can take many forms and can be written for several occasions. It is not about the enormity of the task performed but about the emotions involved.

This article will give you some quick tips on how and when to write these thank you letters. But we must first understand what a thank you letter is.

What is a Thank you letter to stepmom from mom?

A Thank you letter is a form of written statement expressing your gratitude and love. It makes the receiver feel special and that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. They go a long way in building relationships as well. These thank you letters are not formal letters and you can include some small meaningful gifts as well as a token of appreciation.

Since these letters are informal, you can include anecdotes and jokes that only the family is privy to. Thank you letters must first and foremost be sincere and emotional. Because raw emotions are what makes these letters special.

Why must you send a Thank letter to stepmom from mom?

Often, our societal interactions may seem to make a relationship between a child and a step mom awkward. But if a step mom takes on these challenges head on and comes out winning, she deserves all the accolades you can give.

Remember, it is not easy being a step mom. She has in fact landed the most difficult jobs in the world. Convincing a child to place the same amount of trust and love that they have for their mother is near impossible. But still, a step mom tries her level best to make that room in her child’s heart. So, acknowledging that effort is not misplaced.

When should you send your Thank you letter to stepmom from mom?

Although there is no fixed time for sending a Thank you letter to stepmom from mom, the letters must be sent at regular intervals to help the relationship. Any deed done by the stepmom that benefits the family or the child in particular needs to be appreciated.

How to write a letter to a Thank you letter to stepmom from mom?

Writing to convey your thoughts is never easy. It is even more difficult if you are in an emotional state. Most mothers are always in an emotional when it concerns their children. When writing a Thank you letter to stepmom from mom the following points need to taken into consideration.


Organize your thoughts before starting the letter. Think about what you are thankful for. The content of the letter should come from the heart. So, keep the language of the letter lucid. It is your emotions that must be conveyed through the letter and not your linguistic skills. Be as informal as possible since you are writing to a person you know very well. The most important thing is that the emotion must come through the letter very easily.

Hand written or Typed Letter:

In this day and age of emails and text messages, choose the medium of the thank you letter carefully. You can never go wrong with an old fashioned handwritten letter. But there is absolutely nothing wrong in sending a typed letter as well. If you are writing a letter by hand, choose your stationary wisely. There are some wonderful handmade papers available nowadays which are sure to strike a chord with the receiver. In a handwritten letter you must also choose the kind of pen you might want to use. This is because pens play an important role in how your handwriting comes out. Your letter must be legible first and foremost.

What are some tips to keep in mind while writing the Thank you letter to stepmom from mom?

Apart from appreciating the stepmom in the Thank you letter to stepmom from mom, there are some tips to make the letter more appealing.

Although not mandatory, it is actually is a strong statement to include small and meaningful gifts along with your letter. The monetary value of the gift is immaterial. But the emotion behind it is what is important. Some gifts like Cookies, Cupcakes, small pieces of jewelry, engraved memorabilia etc extremely personal and convey a lot of love. But, don’t buy anything very expensive. The gift is not as important as the letter itself.

Make sending a thank you letter a habit and not a one off thing.

Thank you letter to a wonderful step mom

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What are some of the examples of the Thank you letter to stepmom from mom?

Example 1:

Dear Claudia,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Well, to be honest, it took me some time to compose my thoughts and write this letter to you. This has been long pending, but I wanted to say Thank you to you.

Thank you for loving my daughters like your own. Thank you for being the role model in their lives. But most of all, Thank you for being their mom. When I first found out that my daughters will have a step-mom, I was very apprehensive. Like every mom, I was very worried about them. But I have seen you welcoming my daughters with open arms and over the years you have truly been their support system. It feels good to know they now have an extended family that care for them and love them like their own.

I know it must have been tough for you as well to make the girls accept you. But, let me confess to you that you have handled this situation with a lot of maturity, grace and patience. The girls really appreciate all that you have done for them, and they have great regards for you.

I request you to keep loving my daughters the way you have been. The girls mean the world to me. As a mother there is nothing more comforting to me than knowing that they are growing up under love and care. Thank you once again for taking care of my angels.

Yours truly,


Sample #1 Thank you letter to stepmom from mom

Example 2:

Dear Mary,

I hope you are doing good. I am writing this letter to Thank you for being a wonderful stepmom to Joe. You have accepted Joe form the very beginning and have showered him with unconditional love. And I cannot Thank you enough for that.

When David and I decided to get divorced and live in separate homes, I was indeed very worried about Joe. I knew there would be times when I wouldn’t be with Joe and he would want his mommy to be around. In my absence you take care of him like your own son. You make sure to include Joe in everything you do and make him feel accepted and loved. From baking his favorite cookies, to helping him finish his homework or organizing play dates with his friends, you always make him happy.

Moreover, what is really commendable is, you have respected my position as a mother. Only a brave and courageous women can do that. This means a lot to me and I promise you I will never try to minimize the position that you hold in his life.

Once again Thank you once again for loving Joe. He means the world to me and I will be forever grateful to you for your kind and loving behavior towards him.

Yours sincerely,


Sample #2 Thank you letter to stepmom from mom

Example 3:

Hi Jenna,

Thank you for loving our daughters unconditionally. Everyone knows that mixed familial environments can get tricky sometimes. But what you did to ensure that the girls never felt my absence even remotely was commendable. Also, you never let any animosity creep into my relationship with my daughters. You have long been the pillar they depend on and I hope for their sake you will continue to be.

We have had our differences and ups and downs but one thing we both have never compromised on is our daughters’ well-being. And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have been a part of this family for almost 15 years now and right from day 1 you have taken every effort to commit to both the girls and their father. It is very easy for a woman who has not given birth to the children to put her interests above their step daughters. But you never did that. In fact, you have always put their needs ahead of yours and maintained a sense of calm in the family.

I have nothing but respect for you for everything you have ever done for this family. I only hope that one day I will be able to repay you for all that you have done.



Sample #3 Thank you letter to stepmom from mom

Example 4:

Hi Michelle,

I wanted to thank you for taking Jack to his football game. I was supposed to take him but I got held up at work. When I called you for help you didn’t even take the time to process my request. You instantly said yes. You have always loved Jack like your own son. Jack too looks up to you just as much as he does to me. I consider Jack to be an extremely lucky kid since he has not one but two equally loving mothers.

We both know how much Jack loves football, and he would have been really sad if neither of us made to his game. I am glad you were with him during his match and what’s more you saw him score a couple of goals as well. He has been talking about the game non-stop, and he also mentioned that your words of encouragement really helped him stay on top of his game.

These are the moments when I truly appreciate the presence of people like you in my life. Things between mothers and step mothers can sometimes become awkward but you have never let that happen. More importantly you have always done what is best for Jack. For that and many more reasons he absolutely adores you.

Once again thank you for being the mother you have always been for Jack and thank you for helping us out of a tricky spot.

P.S – The school sent me some pictures of him playing. He looks adorable in them. I am sending you a few of them because I am sure you will derive as much pleasure looking at them as I did.



Sample #4 Thank you letter to stepmom from mom

Example 5:

Dear Sara,

I know things have not always been smooth between the two of us. But today, I want to keep aside all our differences and say Thank you for organizing Michelle’s birthday party. I spoke to her after the party and I cannot explain in words how happy and thrilled she was.

Since, my business trip got extended, I couldn’t be in town for her birthday. I was feeling extremely guilty of not being able to organize her birthday party. But you came to my rescue. I made a last minute call to you and you readily agreed to get all the arrangements done. From ordering her cake, to her birthday decor, to inviting her friends , to preparing her favorite snacks, you went out of your way to get things done. I am so glad that you kept Michelle’s happiness above everything else. And this gesture of yours touched me the most.

I promise to be there for whenever you need me. Once again, Thank you for making my daughters special day extra special.

I know how much you love chocolate chip cookies. I made a batch yesterday, and I am sending some just for you.

Take care,


We hope this article will help you write a wonderful thank you note to an extremely deserving step mom.

Sample #5 Thank you letter to stepmom from mom
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