What to Include in Your Wedding Thank You Card Message?

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Common courtesy and long-standing tradition demand that you send a card expressing your gratitude to guests who have attended your wedding. Now that all the “hard work,” the planning and the actual day, are done, you need to be aware of another, equally essential task at hand. You have many loved ones to thank. They may be friends or family, office colleagues, and well-wishers. Some may not have been able to attend your big day but may have sent you lovely gifts. A wedding thank you cards message lets your guests know how much they were appreciated.

Finding the choicest words is not always simple. You may also be weary at the prospect of yet another chore to do. Nonetheless, think of all the thoughtful guests that took the trouble to be with you in your finest moment, and you will warm to the task. Selecting the appropriate words to put into that message of gratitude isn’t easy, but it isn’t that difficult either. Your wedding thank you cards message should have heartfelt words of gratitude.

Note that its not necessary to send them all out at once, or immediately after your wedding is over. Experience and expectations in many cultures show that you should get your wedding thank you cards message out within, at most, three months of your special day. Don’t get anxious if you’ve put it off for a while; it’s better late than never, so you should just get started. It’s easy to postpone such things when you’re settling down into a new marriage.

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Important things

There are some things to consider before you actually start penning down your words of thanks. You should collect all the supplies you need beforehand. Make sure you have your cards and envelopes ready. Keep pens handy – you may want to do around 5 at a sitting, perhaps more. If you take on too much at a go, you may get fed up and this will reflect in the message you write.

Make sure that messages are personal. Naturally, it’s best to hand write them all. Impersonal e-mails and Whatsapp bulk messages don’t really send communication that has real meaning. Think of the recipient for each card that you write out. You can use similar words as it’s not likely that guests will compare notes, but keep them as personalized as possible. Note that wedding thank you cards should be sent to everyone. Don’t just acknowledge the guests who gave you gifts. The important thing is that your near and dear ones wanted to celebrate your happiness with you. It’s necessary for the people who couldn’t attend your big day to let them know they were missed greatly.

A wedding thank you cards message is a brief note. It isn’t a long letter. A bunch of short, articulate sentences is all it takes to get your message across in an authentic way. Typically, the size of the cards that you’re writing in won’t allow you to write a lengthy account. Stick to the limits of the card, and think of this before you start to write.

General tips

  • If you do think of typing out your message, remember to sign in your own hand at the end. This will still add a personal touch.
  • You must think of someone who gave you something special and write about that in your message.
  • In the event you received a gift of money, it’s important to convey how you will use it. Under no circumstances mention the amount received.
  • An efficient way to remember everyone to send a wedding thank you card message to, is to refer to a list of people who helped you. The planners count, or whoever was involved, as well as the invitees.
  • Have your spouse help you out. If both of you sign on the card, this will have more depth for the recipient.

Specific wording

The text in a wedding thank you card is significant, but what it conveys is crucial. Words that you begin and end with should depend on who you are writing a note to. Here are some specific examples that you may think of as templates. You can always add or delete where you see fit. Normally, think of notes with around six or seven succinct lines.

Lines to begin with

Usually, it’s a great idea to start your message with gratitude for guests’ attendance. Alternatively, if certain guests couldn’t make it, you need to mention that you missed them.

Here are some words you may use:

  • Thanks so much for coming to our wedding. Your attendance made our day one to remember.
  • Thank you for celebrating our special day with us! Without you, it just wouldn’t have been meaningful.
  • Our day was even more special with your great moves on the dance floor/the thoughtful toast you gave/all your help and support…
  • Thanks a lot for making the long journey to be with us on our special day. You’re coming meant so much.
  • It was truly wonderful to see you at our wedding after such a long time!
  • You’re coming to share our special day meant the world to us!
  • We‘re so sorry that you couldn’t be with us on our great day. We had a wonderful time and you were sorely missed. Anyway, here‘s hoping we meet soon!

The middle

The middle of your thank-you note should be all about expressing gratitude for a gift that may have been given. You could add a detail or two here as well.

  • The gift you gave us was so thoughtful/generous. We honestly appreciate it.
  • Your gift will go a long way in helping us build our new life together. It was so generous of you!
  • We just went “Wow” when we saw your gift. We love it!
  • Your gift was awesome. We’re so excited to use it to make Sunday lunches, throw great parties, fill it with flowers, use it on our patio, etc.
  • Your gift was totally cool. We can’t wait to use it in our new home!
  • What a unique gift you gave us! Thank you so much!

The text at the end

The closing lines of a wedding thank you card message conclude your platitude of thanks. You must include words that the recipient will remember and think of you.

  • We are fortunate to know you.
  • We hope it isn’t long before we meet.
  • Do visit us – the invitation is open anytime!
  • We cannot express our thanks enough!
  • There are few words to express how overwhelmed and happy we feel to know you.
  • Your generosity and kindness mean so much to us.
  • We thank God that we have you as a neighbor/a friend/a sister/a member of our family. We love you very much (for close family and friends).

You will feel great The prospect of writing out close to 200 wedding thank you cards (maybe more or less) may seem tedious. Nonetheless, be assured that you will feel wonderfully satisfied after doing so. For one thing, it’s a chance for you to remember your wedding day, thinking of all the great people you know. When you think of all the recipients who read your well-meaning words with a smile on their faces, you will feel a rush of happiness too.

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