What to say in your thank you note for condolences received

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A thank you for condolences note could be a real brain storm. Specially because at moments of great loss and mourning, our powers of comprehension often takes a back seat. It is therefore necessary to prepare for such response from before. Although we never really anticipate a loss, but having a set of response handy always works best.

In this article we list out some generic thank you for condolence thank you notes for such trying times.

1. When you do not feel the immediate need to respond to pouring messages of sympathy.

You may express it as, “I would take this time to convey my sincere thanks to all those who sent texts, cards and messages over last few months. Your kind words mean a lot to me at this moment of mourning at my loss. I would also like to apologize for the inability to respond to every message on a personal level, but your notes have brought me great comfort in this difficult time.”

2. Avoiding the unnecessary details pertaining to the death.

A simple and harmonious way to respond would be, “Thanks to all for your notes and all the kind words that you bestowed upon me. The sudden loss of my beloved brother has been difficult for. I have already shared the grieving messages with my family members. Your messages have brought a great sense of comfort to all us at this hour of grief.”

3. The need to announce the death may seem unnecessary as you respond to various messages.

The message may go in a manner like, “Most of you must have already heard regarding the recent demise of my beloved father. He left us on last Tuesday post a long battle fighting pancreatic cancer. While mourning his loss, your messages and kind words have been a source of great comfort in these trying times. I would like to thank you all for your love and messages for me and my family.”

4. Keeping the response messages brief, short and straight to point.

Short responses may go somewhat like, “Thanking you all for the kind words and comforting messages. Really appreciate all the prayers and thoughts.”

5. Avoid discussing family related drama while responding to words of condolences.

Message would look like this, “Thanking all of you who expressed their condolences at the untimely demise of my ex-husband. I will be sharing your loving messages with the children. We all appreciate the thoughtful prayers at this difficult time.”

6. You could also use your Facebook profile to post thank you for condolences and describe the loved one who had passed away.

A Facebook post could look like this, “I would like to sincerely appreciate all the messages sent by all of you since passing of my mother. My mother was a strong, independent and amazing woman. She was a constant support for my father managing his farm and also raised five children. She used to maintain a huge garden, volunteer at regular church functions, drove grain collecting trucks and was also an active member in the community. Her presence is already missed.”

7. You may want to send personal thank you for condolences to all those who do not have access to social media.

The message could look something like this, “To all my friends and extended family members, those who knew my mother-in-law. I and my husband would like to thank all of you for the beautiful texts and cards we had received after she passed away last week. The time has been a difficult phase for both Mike and me along with the rest of our family. He would like to show his appreciation to all of you who have reached out to us in these trying times.”

8. A Thank you for condolences post could be a moment to remind people that life is short.

“The sudden demise of my father has been shocking for all of us in the family. I would like to thank you all for reaching out. It is moments like these which remind us that life is very short and unpredictable. Always cherish the moments of life.”

9. A thank you for condolence post on Facebook could be an opportunity to talk about your faith.

The message could go something like this, “The recent demise of my sister has been difficult for us. But despite the trying time for our family, we are happy that she is at peace with our Father in heaven. Thank you all for your kind words.”

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10. Facebook posts can also serve as a reminder to all that written thank you notes are on the way.

Here’s presenting an idea, Our family is deeply moved by all the outpouring of love shown during this hour of grief at the passing of our father-in-law. Thank you all for all the plants, meals, books and letters of respect. We are sending individual thank you notes to all you. Thanks once again for all the messages and thoughtful gifts.

11. Some of the messages could come along with stories of your loved one that has recently passed away.

Here’s presenting an example, “Your small portrayal of my sister and her story was deeply moving. It perfectly captures her strong persona. Thank you for the wonderful letter.”

12. Few friends or relatives may choose to offer help at this trying time.

A proper way to respond to such messages would be, “We are deeply honored at you reaching out to us in these difficult times. Your offer of providing meal during the funeral service is truly heart touching, and we accept it. The funeral planning and invites have taken up most of our time. We thank you again for your immense help and support.”

13. Quick responses are always easy and works.

A simple example would be, “I deeply appreciate your loving kind words. Thanking you.”

14. You may choose to thank someone in social media for being a part of the funeral.

This type of thank you note could go like this, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. You taking a time out of your schedule and being a part of my father funeral meant a lot. Me and my family are comforted by your presence in this tough time. Me and my family thanks you for being part of the mourning.”

15. People are different from each other. Some may struggle to realize how best offer a condolence and few may lack the basic manners. You don’t require responding to all such messages.

If you really do need to say anything, a basic “Thank you so much for your message.” Taking a high road in difficult time is often the best solution. Now is not the time to lose your cool.

16. You might not feel to talk, specially over the phone when you are grieving.

It is only appropriate to provide a private message to all such calls. Even if they go to a voicemail.

“I came to know you had called. My deepest apologies for not being able to answer you, but do understand my current situation. Your phone call is highly appreciated and I would like to thank you for your effort. I can only ask for you to keep our family in your prayers.”

17. You may choose to send a direct message to somebody who had been particularly close to the family and the member who recently passed.

“Your friendship with my mother has been some of the most memorable for her in her later years. She would often describe you as the best friends in her later part of life. The memories you both shared have been some of the greatest. I understand her loss must have been tough on you too. I pray for peace and comfort upon you.”

18. If all your friends and other caregivers are also present on Facebook. You may want to send them a thank you for condolences message as well.

“Thanks so much for the love and care that you bestowed upon my father in his recent years. Me and my family cannot fathom the idea of keeping dad at home without the love care and support of yours. Your ever present love and grace have been an inspiration for all of us. We know managing our father had been tough to handle at times. We would like to thank you a lot for all the dedicated service.”

19. Some families may choose to have a private funeral. Here is how you could choose to respond to messages inquiring about service details.

“A great heartfelt thank you to all those who reached out to us. Our family had decided to opt for a private funeral keeping our family members and few relatives in mind. We appreciate your love and kind messages in this trying time. Me and my family would like to thank you all for your gesture and support.”

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