What does EOM mean in email?

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When people exchange a lot of emails with others write a short message at times. They do so in their email’s subject line and end it with EOM. The technique is used to help the receiver not opening the entire note and just check the subject line to understand its content. It is slightly faster to send and the word EOM is an indication that the message is mentioned in the mail’s subject line.

So, EOM is not only about End of Message but it is also sued to make proper utilization of time. The technique also means proper clarity and being concise. Check out some of the top reasons why EOM should be adopted while writing your emails.

1. You can create better subject lines for your emails

A prime reason why many people might not open or read your emails when they get your mail is an unattractive subject line. The subject line may not offer them adequate information or grab their attention. When you adopt the practice of writing an EOM, you have to create a good subject line for your recipients. There is no other choice before you. Also, the word limit in the subject line is limited. So, you are bound to create an improved subject line as you cannot accommodate a big paragraph there.

2. EOM saves the time of your recipient

Today, everyone values their time. However, it is nice when we start valuing others’ time as well. You can keep the subject line short, as well as, use EOM. It will send a message to your recipients that you understand the importance of their time too. They will be grateful to you for doing so.

3. EOM helps in conducting one-on-one discussion

Did you ever receive an email, which would be as long as six-pages if you take a printout of the same? You might have received such an email in the past. Such emails can be irritating and it would have been better if you met for 10-15 minutes instead.

If you start utilizing the EOM philosophy, you would be aware of whether it is better to have a discussion than an email. Use the below-mentioned formula to determine whether a discussion would have been better or not:

  • Can your email be fitted into the subject-line? The answer is “No”
  • Can it be fitted into a single paragraph? The answer is still “No”
  • Can the email be fitted into a couple of paragraphs? It is still “No”
  • If all the three responses are no, then having a meeting or a phone call to discuss the issue will be possibly more efficient.

4. EOM inspires others to also EOM

When people realize the effectiveness and benefits of using EOM, you will find them creating EOMs on their own. Thus, it creates a win-win situation for all. You will get non-time wasting, concise emails while they would also receive such emails.

5. It is possible to easily paste subject lines containing EOM

The sender can do a cut-paste of a well-designed subject line into notes, task lists, and calendars. You may have been irritated when there was a request to attend a meeting but nothing was mentioned in the email’s subject line. Ordinarily, to create your appointment, you need to go to the calendar, key in the subject for your meeting. You have to also set the meeting schedule. You would not face this kind of problem by resorting to an EOM message.

For instance, you can mention this:

“Let us meet at the meeting room at 4 PM 4/22/2020 RE: Customer expansion plans EOM”

It is possible to drag & drop this email into your calendar without making any adjustments. Important details related to the meeting such as the place, the time, the subject, and the date can be mentioned in a single place. You have also saved valuable time for the attendees of the meeting to search for these details.

6. EOM can force the sender to make sure that the message in the email focuses on just one topic

One of the good etiquette to follow while writing an email is to restrict the number of discussion topics to just one. As there is only one subject line available, it is not possible to cover multiple topics.

7. EOM assures 100 percent readership

You all must have faced the experience of waiting for the recipient to read your crucial email and then respond. There have been times when your wait had been a long one and then need to follow up. Then, you get to know they did not even read your email. The most important merit of EOM is possibly 100 percent readership. That is because the entire message is dropped in your subject line. The message is not easy to ignore as it appears in the center and front. There is no need for you to double-click.

This is how a sender is benefitted from Writing EOM in the subject line of an email:

  • Writing short emails will save time to write those emails.
  • Senders will learn ways of writing brief self-explanatory emails.
  • There is a higher likelihood of readers paying attention to the instruction in the subject line.
  • To-the-point and brief emails make them more impactful.
  • The main idea written in the mail’s subject line will be communicated even though the reader decides not to read the remaining email.
  • Any gadgets can be used for drafting such short emails. There is no need to sit and write a detailed email if you are using EOM.

How to understand the advantage of EOM in the email?

For instance, your boss has emailed you. The subject line has EOM mentioned right below it. It signifies that the remaining long email can be ignored by the recipient, and they need not read it.

After all, the subject line was self-explanatory for the recipient. If the recipient has understood the content mentioned in the subject line, they can skip the remaining mail.

In case you did not know what EOM was and reading it for the first time, you will realize its high importance in your professional life. Professionals will love using this utility in their workplace repeatedly to make sure that your email is read by their co-workers and superiors.

EOM is a relatively old concept

Contrary to common perceptions, EOM is a relatively old idea. It has not emerged recently and has been trending ever since the use of emails has become popular. As there is a close relationship between EOM and emails, its usage became common for communicating between businesses- externally and internally. Many people are already aware of how to use EOM and have been incredibly benefitted from it. However, there are some people who are still clueless about the relationship between EOM and an email.

You can save a lot of time by using EOM in your emails

When senders of the emails use EOM, the readers can save a lot of time, which can be then utilized for other important work. Imagine how annoying it can be to have patience and read an email, which spans across multiple pages. Rather, the reader can simply follow the subject line to understand what has been discussed in the body of the email.

People have started appreciating the value of time and using the same for doing something productive in its place. That is the key reason why several professionals prefer to use EOM in their emails. It can help the employers to save time as they do not have to read beyond the EOM in the subject line. They understand the job to be done by simply understanding the content of the subject line, which is more than adequate in most cases.

In case you feel that you have difficulty in understanding the aim of an email, there is an easy remedy. You may get in touch with the sender who has sent the email to you. Do not overlook the fact that it is crucial to be certain of their expectations. Hence, it makes sense to be ready rather than redo things from scratch when the superior does not like your work.

EOM’s alternate phrase or abbreviation

As discussed above, the full form of EOM is End of Message. It can be used interchangeably with another term called SIM. It is the acronym for “Subject Is Message.” It refers to what a recipient should expect from the emails they receive. Did you observe an email with the word SIM written at the top of the email? It is mostly written under the email’s subject line. The word denotes that you do not have to read rest of that email. The content of the email’s main body has been summarized in the subject itself.

Final words

EOM is an acronym for the words “End of Message.” It is mostly used to draft formal or official emails in professional environments such as an institute or an office. The specific purpose of using EOM while creating an email is to let the recipients know the mail does not contain any important content beyond the point where EOM has been written.

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