Everything You Need to Know About Yahoo! Mail

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A premier mail service, Yahoo Mail was introduced in 1997. It is a web-based, free email service for providing quick communications. When you have created a Yahoo account, it is possible to use all services provided by the email service. Yahoo Mail enables the users to select how they wish to switch among text-messaging, chat, and email options to communicate with other users.

The email service provides 1 Terabyte of online storage and free email accounts at the,, and domains. The mail service also provides folders for holding messages. Yahoo Mail also features a search engine to search mail. Yahoo offers a helpful yahoo customer service, where you can contact for any problem, including the problem of yahoo mail print failed.

Steps for creating an account for Yahoo mail

1. Open your web browser to open

2. Click on the button with a Signup caption on it.

3. Key in the basic information required to create the type of Yahoo account. Your basic information would be name, date of birth, gender, and age.

4. Create your Yahoo account by clicking on the Continue button.

5. Enter a phone number to link with your Yahoo account

6. Key in your mobile number for confirming your account on Yahoo Mail.

7. An OTP or One Time Password will be sent to the phone number you had entered earlier.

8. Type the One Time Password to verify your email account.

9. Your Yahoo email account will now be successfully created.

The mail service also offers a view to check all the email subscription. There is a button, which enables the account holder to unsubscribe any of them by only one click. The mail service of Yahoo India offers the email service in 8 regional languages of India.

Advantages of Yahoo Mail

There are several web-based mail services, which are available on the Internet. However, Yahoo Mail boasts several features that are not available with other mail services. Check out some major ones below:

1. Access email accounts on other mail providers

Yahoo Mail comes with a feature, which a majority of other email providers do not have. A user can check all their other POP email accounts without logging out of Yahoo. It can be done by simply adding them there. The benefit is any of your email inboxes can be accessed at any time and from any computer. The user simply requires his/her login id and password.

2. Accessibility

It is one of the top advantages of any Internet-based email program. A user may access his/her email inbox in a device-independent manner. The user needs to only provide their login id and password.

3. Select your “from” address

As there are emails sourced from multiple email accounts, Yahoo Mail enables the user to select which email id they wish to put in the “from” field while replying to a mail. The user is free to use the same email id or can change it based on the account to which that email was sent to.

4. Multiple Yahoo ids

A user may have several email ids assigned to his or her inbox. They may also set up filters so that emails can be sent to various folders. Alternatively, folders can be marked in distinct colors, so that they can be organized well.

5. Attach big files

There are certain email providers that have restrictions on the file size, which can be received or sent through their users’ accounts. However, Yahoo comes with an option to shrink the size of big files before sending them out. A user may send files with a maximum size of 2 GB through this feature.

6. Folders

Users may set up folders so that their emails are organized. They can have their emails filtered to facilitate direct movement to specific folders. The mails can also be moved by the users at their discretion.

7. Unlimited storage space

Many online email providers offer their users a fixed storage size. Such storage restrictions are adequate for a majority of users but not for all. However, Yahoo Mail offers unlimited file and email storage facility.

8. All your favorite apps are organized in one place

The calendars, evite, Flickr pictures, as well as other popular online applications are listed in the Yahoo inbox. Also, they are simply a click away to be launched.

9. Email tabs

As soon as a user opens emails from his/her inbox, they transform into tabs and are placed at the top of the inbox. So, it is quite simple to return to the recently opened emails. The user simply has to click on a particular tab to do so.

10. Yahoo Mail Plus

All the above features we discussed above and several others can be used using the free email account of Yahoo Mail.

However, you can get even more extra features by using its upgrade called Yahoo Mail Plus. However, you have to shell out a meager annual fee to use it. If you use this upgrade, your Yahoo email can be accessed with different POP email clients such as Outlook. A user can also forward their Yahoo email to some other email id.

The users do not have to feel distracted from advertisements as it will be an ad-free account for them. Thus, the window will have a cleaner look. The upgrade also offers another excellent feature called disposable addresses. The feature enables the user to set up non-permanent email ids for use while using sites, which can generate spams.

Not so great features of Yahoo Mail

1. The save button has been removed

The “Save” button was quite popular with the users of the Yahoo mail. Some users worry when an app states it will “automatically update or save”. These users want to save as per their discretion.

2. Grouped emails

Yahoo Mail sorts conversations by the latest emails first. However, some users are not fond of the way the exchange of emails is put into a single conversation thread. The feature is quite similar to how Gmail stores email messages. Some users want the freedom to arrange the most recent or the oldest mails to appear on their Yahoo inbox’s top.

3. Plenty of advertisements

A user will come across plenty of advertisement in their Yahoo emails. These ads make it available as a free service for its users. In the new version of Yahoo Mail, advertisements pop at all places. These ads make the page clumsy and engaged. It becomes difficult for the user to determine where their email begins or ends.

Printing emails from Yahoo Mail

A user may wish to print emails containing recipes or instructions while they are away from their computers or phones. They may also have to take a printout of their email attachments. It is easy to get printable copies of emails through Yahoo Mail.

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Steps to follow to print emails from Yahoo Mail Basic to avoid the problem of yahoo mail print failed.

Taking printouts while using Yahoo Mail Basic

If you do not want to encounter the problem of yahoo mail print failed while using Yahoo Mail Basic to view emails, here are the steps to follow

1. Open your preferred web browser. Then, open the email in the Yahoo Mail you wish to take a printout of.

2. Choose the option “Print” that appears on your email’s top-right side.

3. You can tweak the print settings available on the monitor like how many copies you require, the pages you wish to the printout, paper size, and layout, among others.

4. Choose the print option for printing the email using the print dialog of your web browser.

Steps to print email attachments on Yahoo Mail

To print email attachments while you are using Yahoo Mail, you have to save those attachments to your laptop or computer first. Or you may encounter the issue of yahoo mail print failed.

1. Go to Yahoo Mail and open the email with an attachment, which you need the printout.

2. Choose the attachment for opening the preview pane at the right.

3. Choose the Printer icon that is available at the screen’s top right corner so that the email attachment can be downloaded.

4. Finally, the downloaded email account has to be opened. Take a printout using the printing interface of your computer or laptop.

If you are using Internet Explorer for accessing Yahoo Mail, you can open the email with an attachment. Here, you can get the print option without saving it in your device. However, the feature is unavailable in Google Chrome and may get an error message while trying to print directly.

You have to save the attachment first in the hard disc before taking its printout. Attachments, which may be previewed in the web browser, can only be printed even without downloading them first.

Summing up

All in all, the merits of accessing Yahoo Mail as your preferred email provider outweigh its demerits. Even if you may find the ads annoying, it is important to remember that Yahoo Mail is a free service and it generates its revenues from other sources. You can always use the upgrade to do away with ads by paying a nominal fee. You can contact the Yahoo customer service for any assistance and quick resolution of your problem. Yahoo customer service is timely, prompt, and easy to follow.

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