Here’s How You Can Create Email Templates in MS Outlook

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Do you have to type and send the same email on repeat? Maybe you have to send weekly reports to your superiors at work. Or maybe you need to send messages to thank people for purchasing a product from your online store. People have various reasons for using canned responses in emails, but accurate information and consistency needs to be present in every professional email.

Typing the same thing out week in and week out can be tiring. It also increases room for errors. You could forget to change the subject line, forget little details within the mail, or update it for that week. These small mistakes could easily be avoided if you could focus on altering the email every week instead of manually typing everything out.

This is where Microsoft Outlook’s Email Template feature will help you.

What is Microsoft Outlook’s Email Template feature?

You don’t have to create new emails and type out the same information again and again, instead, create an email template using Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook’s Email Template is a free feature that allows you to create predefined templates. These predefined templates can contain all the information that you have to repeatedly type out. This time saving feature gives you the opportunity to update specific parts of an email without having to type the whole mail out.

You don’t have to copy and paste your old emails or type out the same content. The email template you create will already contain all the standard information you need. These templates can be accessed any time you need them, and you can also update your templates if you need to.

Microsoft Outlook’s Email Template feature allows you to edit either single or multiple parts of an existing template. You can also create new templates that help you create canned responses for various occasions.

How do you create an Email Template in Outlook?

Learning how to create an email template in Outlook is easy. You can create and customize templates for free, and the whole process doesn’t take much time to finish.

If you want to learn how to create an email template in Outlook, then you’ll have to:

  1. Open Outlook and locate the Home tab.
  2. On the Home Tab, find the ‘New Group’ option and select ‘New Email’.
  3. Now select ‘Create Email Message’.
  4. At this point, click on ‘Save’.
  5. Once the Save window opens, choose the ‘Save As’ option. Now save the file as an Outlook Template.

Don’t worry about the email addresses of the people you’ll be sending your canned responses to. You’ll notice the ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ are available within the Outlook Email Template. You should only predefine these if you’re going to send emails using the template to the same person.

Now that you’ve set the template, it’s time to add in your predefined inputs. These could include anything from the subject line of the email to the actual body. Depending on what you need changed, start inputting the details:

  • You should add a subject line that easily locates the email template, especially if you intend to create multiple templates.
  • You should fill in the body of the email however you like. Keep in mind that you can edit this information later and change your template. An example of the kind of content that goes here is a standard response like ‘Thank you for getting in touch with us. A service representative will get in touch with you shortly.’ Based on the email template you’re creating, fill in any content that should appear in every email you send using this template.
  • Remember to give your Outlook Email Template a name that you associate with the content. That way you can easily locate it later on.

Once you’ve typed out all the information that will appear in this email template, click on ‘Save’. Finally, now that the template is ready, you can exit the draft.

How can you access Email Templates created in Outlook?

If you’ve created and saved your Outlook Email Template, then you can find it within MS Office. To locate your email template:

  • There is a pull down arrow located next to the ‘New Items’ option in Outlook. Select this arrow.
  • Find the ‘Look In’ button and select ‘File Systems’.
  • Now, click ‘User Templates’.
  • Here, locate your email template. You should find it easily by looking for the name you saved it under.
  • Finally, select the template as click on ‘Open’.

How do you use the Outlook Email Template that you have created?

Every time you open an email template in Outlook, it will contain all the information you previously added to it. You can add more information in the body of the mail, add a picture or file, add data, or format the mail’s structure.

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If you’ve created a standard email template that does not need any of these additions, then don’t worry about them. Only the information you already provided will appear in every template, and you can adjust these on an email to email basis as you see fit.

Here, you can adjust the ‘To’, ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ sections of the email to send it to your recipients. Any updates you make within the email template does not get saved to the actual template. When you open the email template again, your predefined information will appear without the changes you made.

Can you change an email template you’ve made in Microsoft Outlook?

If you need to change the standard information within an email template you’ve already created in Outlook, you can do it easily.

All you have to do is open the email template you want to make adjustments to, make your changes, and then save the file using the same name.

Remember to always save the file with the same name. When you do this, your old information is overwritten with the new data you’ve supplied. Next time you open the template, it will reflect the changes you’ve made.

What is the Quick Steps feature in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook versions 2010 and later come with the Quick Steps feature. This feature allows you to provide your own commands to Outlook emails. You can manage new emails, reply to emails or forward emails with ease using Quick Steps.

This is another way you can create an email template using Outlook. Here’s how you can use Quick Steps to create an email template in Outlook. To use Quick Steps to create a default email template, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ‘Create New’ option on the Home tab in Quick Steps.
  2. Select the option you would like to manage.

The default option you’ll be presented with is ‘To’. This allows you to manage who you’ll be sending the mail to, however you can make many other changes to your emails using Quick Steps.

To locate the other options, click on the ‘Show Options’ button. This will allow you to make changes to:

  • Subject line
  • Body of the message
  • To, Cc and Bcc
  • Automatically send after 1 minute delay
  • Follow Up Flags

Once you’ve made your changes, save to ensure that they are saved within Outlook.

You can change any information you’ve provided later on. To do this, right click on Quick Steps on the Home Tab and select ‘Edit (Name of the File)’.

Why do some email templates created using Outlook look different once the message is sent?

A common issue you can come across while using email templates created using Outlook is rendering problems. This happens when the formatting of the email is different from that of the draft. The size of the text could be different from what you want, or images may not line up properly.

This could create potential problems for you as your emails won’t look as professional as you need them to. However, resolving this issue is relatively simple. There are two ways you can fix any formatting errors in Outlook Email Templates. Here’s how you can resolve formatting errors in email templates created using Outlook:

  1. Add Custom CSS: If you know how to code, then this would be the best option for you. Using <head>, <style>, <body> or other tags can help you maintain standard formatting in your email templates.
  2. Use Online Tools: Don’t stress if you don’t know how to code! There are plenty of tools available online that led you maintain your Outlook Email Format. Just run a search on any search engine select the tool you want to use.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook’s Email Templates?

Writing emails that look professional is important for businesses. Even if you’re sending a standard reply, emails that provide the necessary information, are grammatically correct, and come with standard formatting create a good impression on the recipient of the email.

Microsoft Outlook’s Email Template feature will help ensure that all your emails look good enough for your business and professional needs. Follow the aforementioned instructions on how to create an email template using Outlook to send professional emails every time. You no longer have to spend time typing out content or copying and pasting old emails onto new ones. The Microsoft Outlook’s Email Template feature will help you send well-structured emails every time.

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