Fraternity Letter of Recommendation: How To, Templates & Examples

Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation

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Moving into a good fraternity is not easy- thus, a fraternity recommendation letter written by a current or former member will help you get into a good fraternity. Fraternities are beneficial to college students. It is because they come across interacting with inspired individuals and form most of the strongest friendships possible. Want to get into a fraternity group at your college? You must ask someone to write a letter for you or help someone join your group. 

In this article, we will explain how to write a fraternity recommendation letter.

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a group of individuals who have common interests. It does not have to be exclusive to a college environment. On the outside, there are social groups too. Their operation differs from those of a university, but the fundamentals stay the very same.

There are several various fraternities at a college. Most of them have their hotel rooms, which participants can use instead of living on the college campus. These student societies organize daily gatherings. And, they also plan enjoyable and friendly matches. But once they’ve graduated from college, the participants assist one another. Outside college, all of them remain colleagues.

What is a fraternity recommendation letter?

Fraternity Recommendation Letter is a document written by a former or existing fraternity member to nominate a colleague or companion for membership in the group. Such letters will have a significant impact on the Fraternity’s admissions process.

Why do you need a fraternity recommendation letter?

Fraternities do not invite others to join because of their well-organized structure. To join a fraternity, you must meet certain requirements, one of which is a fraternity recommendation letter. A message will improve an individual’s odds of being accepted.

A fraternity letter of recommendation establishes an individual’s eligibility to join a group of like-minded people. While most clubs are found in schools, they can also be found in the community. A fraternity’s key purpose, apart from socialization, is to help one another accomplish concrete objectives.

These groups hold monthly gatherings, team bonding activities, and exciting moments for their participants. A fraternity is an ideal place to meet people who will become lifelong friends. It will not be straightforward to join such an organization, necessitating the need for a letter of recommendation from somebody who understands you well.

Who should write a fraternity recommendation letter for you?

A present or former member of the fraternity for which the applicant is applying must write a fraternity recommendation letter. To become the author, the applicant should ideally select someone familiar with them. The letter’s aim should provide evidence on why the applicant must be chosen for membership.

As a result, the writer should be familiar with the student to include detailed explanations and suggestions of why the candidate is a good fit for fraternity membership.

Participating in fraternity-related activities may be a great chance for a nominee who doesn’t have a personal friendship with either current or former alumni members. It may help them find anyone able to write a recommendation letter.

Sometimes, a student may ask a fraternity member or alumnus who isn’t familiar with them to write a fraternity recommendation letter. They should include a detailed description of their eligible accomplishments, aspirations, and civic engagement to that individual.

What are the essential details to include in a fraternity letter of recommendation?

A fraternity recommendation letter details an interested individual’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It must be written well enough to get selected in the desired fraternity. Here are the points to jot down in the recommendation letter.

  • Name and address of the prospective participant who will be contacted as a result of the recommendation
  • Name and address of the person who made the recommendation
  • Signature of the person who made the suggestion
  • The fraternity’s name
  • The two of them have a relationship.
  • Reasons and characteristics that make an individual a good candidate
  • It must be enclosed in a sealed envelope.

What is the format of a fraternity letter of recommendation?

While there is no set format for a fraternity recommendation letter, it must usually be a page long and have an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a summary. The letter may be more or less formal depending on who it is sent to and their connection with the sender.

·        Introduction:

A formal salutation and the introduction of the individual writing the letter must be included in the introduction part. The writer should mention presentation of their association with the fraternity in question, and introduction of the person applying for membership should be included in the introduction. It is also a good way to provide information about the author’s relationship with the nominee.

The writer may want to choose a regular business letterhead at the top of the article. It will include their contact details, the period, and the information of the individual to whom they are writing. The letter would seem more formal if you use the traditional business letter type.

·        Paragraph 1:

The writer may mention the individual’s unique attributes and qualifications in the first body paragraph of the letter, indicating that the individual is an appropriate applicant for inclusion. This paragraph should showcase any examples that show the nominee is ambitious, hardworking, compassionate, and academically talented. 

Many fraternities seek out representatives who are active in their communities who have donated their time to help a cause, an event, or a charity. As a result, any voluntary work the individual has performed must be reported here too.

They demonstrate that the future candidate is a very multi-faceted and knowledgeable individual. The person is capable of participating in the group by displaying a wide range of passions and accomplishments.

·        Paragraph 2:

The person’s characteristics will be the highlight of the second two paragraphs, which will focus on why the fraternity will appreciate having him as a participant. Since fraternity members often share a home, this document must show that the applicant is approachable and enjoyable to have been around.

·        Conclusion:

The writer must focus on their enthusiasm for the candidate in the concluding paragraph and extend the offer for any further communication. The document is signed and typed with the author’s signature and typed name beneath a formal sign-off. Examples include “Sincerely” or “Best Regards.” If the writer’s favorite means of communication isn’t specified on the signature, it should be in the final paragraph or under the printed name of the author.

What are the tips for writing a fraternity recommendation letter?

Here are six simple steps and suggestions to assist the individual in writing the letter in making the material professional and formal while also being understandable. Learn the process we’ve laid out for you to follow when creating your fraternity recommendation letter.

·        Choose from numerous options. Select a Template:

Explore the enormous ocean of precisely organized, elevated templates available. Choose the one that best fits your needs and save it to your computer. Start customizing the model by opening it.

·        Present a brief overview of your skills:

Ask your author to devote one section to explaining whether he or she is qualified to make your recommendation. Allow him to compose a few statements about his qualifications and accreditations. He must also report to you and justify his friendship with you. This segment can also be used as a summary of why he was chosen to write your letter.

·        Positively describe the applicant:

Help the writer to explain your credentials, including your attitude, talents, and ability, shortly and constructively. Ask him to speak in a supportive way that compliments your accomplishments and behavior.

·        Examine the Whole Letter before submitting:

You should review the whole text after the writer has finished writing the letter of recommendation. Check the file with a skilled grammarian or editor for any linguistic or textual faults.

What are the samples of a fraternity recommendation letter?

Sample 1: 

September 21, 20XX 

Jackie Nicholson 

Leonine Recruitment 

University of Alabama

Dear fellow Leonine members,

I would like to introduce Gary Stevens, a prospective member of our fraternity. After nearly fifteen years, I was shocked to see Mr. Hurston here in college. Before our family moved to Northern Carolina, we went to the same junior high school in Oregano.

Mr. Stevens was a very involved student, both in and out of the classroom. He was the captain of Jevers Junior Academy’s junior football team. He has been a go-getter and a team leader in my experience. With this new member, I think our fraternity will be stronger.

I propose him as a member of our community.

Thank you all. 


Jackie Nicholson 

Sample #1 for Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation

Sample 2: 

Jason Smith

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta House 

123 College Street 

Canterbury, Ohio State

April 19, 2017 


Alpha Kappa Lambda Recruitment 

C/o Ohio University 

12345 College Street 

Dear Fellow Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Members, 

James Frank is the only one I can think about that I can recommend as a new fraternal partner.

Frank and I were neighbors and attended the same high school in Clayton, Ohio. I bumped into James while visiting my house during the holidays. He told me that he was coming to our university to pursue a degree in pharmacology and that he had considered joining our fraternity.

Back in Clayton, James was still a famous figure. He was the basketball team’s star point guard and was always at the top of his class in every issue. Even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time, our conversation last week persuaded me that he hasn’t changed anything.

James told me that he has been playing point guard for Clayton College’s basketball team and that he is already at the top of his class. James is a wonderful time to be around, and he knows how to strike a balance between having a good time and being focused at school. His success at school and on the basketball team attests to his ability to get along with his classmates.

I have no question that having James as a member would benefit our fraternity. Please contact me if you have any concerns or need any additional details to facilitate James’s welcoming.

Thank you for your time. 


Jason Smith

Sample #2 for Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation
Sample #2 for Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation

Sample 3: 

Kyle MacDougal 

Boston University 

Morris Fraternity House 686, 

Long Road Fortville, KT, 1111 

19 January 2022

Fredrick Waters 


Morris Fraternity House 

Dear Fredrick, 

When attending Boston University, I was a member of our Alpha Fraternity for the past two years, and those two years have been some of the best of my life. I just met Bradley Morris, a transfer student to our university this year, and I think he’d be a great fit for our home.

Bradley’s cousin attends the same high school as Bradley. Brad was not only a brilliant student but also a very famous and outgoing person, according to him. He is indeed a compassionate citizen with a common conscience. At his high school, he actively organized blood donor camps and assisted in the planning of student political rallies.

Brad strikes the perfect balance between positivity and hard work ethic. He has a wonderful personality, and we need more people like him in our fraternity. Brad expressed an interest in joining our fraternity when we were conversing. I believe he will be an excellent fit for us.

As a result, I’m writing this letter in the hopes that you’ll nominate him for membership in our fraternity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Thank you. 

Sincere Regards, 

Kyle MacDougal 

Sample #3 for Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation

Sample 4: 

Afsha Sayeed 

55 Mazda Street 

Westwood, Virginia, 657999 

April 31, 2002

Gary Gould 

Alpha Beta Frat House 

Burstone University 

Dear Gary, 

During my undergraduate studies at Burstone University, I was a member of Alpha Beta. I had a wonderful time and am always in touch with the fraternity friends I made. My brother, Ali Khan, will be attending Burstone University as well, and I will be grateful if you will consider inviting him to participate in the fellowship.

Ali, like me, is pursuing a degree in engineering, and I can assure you that he is now well ahead of where I was at his age. He’s a quiet genius who gets straight A’s without putting in much effort. Maintaining my high grade-point average was a challenge for me.

Alpha Beta is among the tightest student societies in the university, and I’m certain that my brother will prosper immensely if he is admitted. Ali will be an excellent candidate for Alpha Beta because he also embodies all values that the organization stands for.

He’s a sweet boy who’s a lot of fun to be around. This summer, Ali will begin her studies at Burstone. The thought of being considered by the fraternity excites him. I stand by my brother and am sure that he will be chosen by this illustrious fraternity.

If you need any additional details, please contact me at the phone number mentioned above.

Thank you. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Afsha Sayeed 

Sample #4 for Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation

Sample 5: 

Dear recruitment committee, 

Every year, as members of King’s fraternity, we must ensure that we attract the best students possible into our fraternity. Concerning this commitment, I’d like to suggest a new candidate. James Ross is his name.

Mr. Ross is someone I’ve known for over three years. We’ve known each other since we were in high school, when I was a year ahead of him.

Mr. Ross has always struck me as a determined and principled young man. In this regard, I strongly urge him to join our fraternity. He is devoted to his family, colleagues, and leadership, and I am certain that his contributions to our fraternity will not go unnoticed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Herbert Kelly  King’s Fraternity Secretary 

Sample #5 for Fraternity Letter Of Recommendation
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