Effective Sales Email Templates to Close Those Deals

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In case you are in marketing or sales, it can be a massive struggle to compose an email, which can get opened, leave aside generates a sale. It is for this specific reason that we have put together a few sales email templates, which help in closing a deal successfully. However, we will begin with the merits of having a well-structured sales email template.

Merits of good sales email templates

A stales template can come handy to streamline the sales process of your organization. The sales templates we have discussed in this article have a specific purpose – to assist the sales team to close more number of deals.

A sales email template can be an excellent time-saver. It is especially so when the salesperson has to send similar kinds of emails regularly to cater to various phases of a buying journey of a customer. When an organization uses a full-proof sales email template, it can cater to a larger number of people while spending less time to do the same.

Thus, the sales team can generate a higher number of potential leads, as well as, close a larger volume of deals. The saved time can be used in carrying out other productive tasks. These tasks can include pursuing a hobby, learning a useful skill, as well as planning the next move for the conversion of a major account among others.

Today, most businesses need a set of highly effective and proven sales email templates. It is applicable even more when you are a team member of a service-based or product-based team that needs it.

Moreover, if a person is selling their services/products through email marketing, things can become tricky. That is because subtle information may play an important role in the minds of the readers. It is even more relevant when the element of visual expressions and experience is missing as a whole.

Even a caps lock in the wrong place of your email may make the tone of the email loud and screaming. To tackle such complex scenarios, we have tried to present a few ideal sales email templates for you and your business.

Criteria for an effective sales email template

You need to consider four major elements while compiling an email template for generating leads or prospects. When you get these elements right, your chance of conversion can significantly go up.

1. The subject line of the email: In case your subject line is not meaningful or distinct- you cannot expect the email to be seen by the intended recipients. Try to make your email attractive and alluring without giving too much information. An attractive email headline will grab your recipients’ attention and make them read the email.

2. The opening line of the email: Begin the email by pinpointing an important pain area for the prospect. You need to also mention how you can solve the pain area. Your opening line should be about the lead and not you.

3. Proper clarity in value proposition: You need to also ensure that the value proposition in the email is easily identifiable and clear. You need to also ensure that your products/services offer some kind of value before asking something from the lead.

4. A simple call to action: Your call-to-action should be kept simple in the email. Do not be excessively sales-oriented while addressing the audience.

Sales email templates-types

1. Follow-up email templates

A prospect may not respond to your email immediately for different reasons. It is apart from the fact that your email is not interesting enough for them. It is possible that your email was missed by them, wanted to check the level of your seriousness for working with them, or did not get time to respond to the email.

A follow-up sales email can be a differentiator when it is a question of your sales conversions. They can boost the rate of response to an email by up to 35 percent.

2. Cold email templates

In case you are trying to contact someone for the first time, do not be sure of them to pay you too much attention. As such, your message has to concentrate on the product value you are offering and should be kept as simple as possible.

3. Inbound lead email templates

Such a lead is someone who has already demonstrated his/her interest in the product/service of your organization by finishing action on the website. An action completed by the inbound lead can be downloading a complimentary guide, signing up for a newsletter, getting registered for a webinar, and so on. As they already have this link, your sales email template  can be slightly more targeted and in-depth.

The following sales email templates can be used after an opportunity has been identified, as well as, qualified. We have tried to cover different scenarios in this article to make your sales conversion easier and more effective.

At times, you could be facing problems with radio-silent and unresponsive prospects. There could be also certain scenarios where the momentum is high and looks promising with your prospect. You are only a few moments away from your sales conversion.

Follow-up sales email template after meeting

It is possible that you have already met the lead and discussed their pain areas and exact requirements. These sales email templates can be employed after meeting the prospect.

1. A DEAL email can be sent to the prospect

DEAL is an effective email strategy and template for sales conversion. It is meant to maintain an open conversation with the prospect. The email is extremely simple and straight forward. It jots down the terms you discussed with the prospect in your earlier conversations or meetings.

DEAL is the acronym for:

i) D- Determine needs

ii) E- Engage the prospect

iii) A-Assume accountability and responsibility

iv) L- List the desired success criteria/outcomes

2. Share recommendations

It is an excellent mechanism to share recommendations or references from previous or existing clients who had similar pain areas. Sharing references can be also a good way to maintain momentum after interacting with a client.

3. There should not be a break in the conversation

4. Your email can share success stories

5. The email can introduce the lead to some other team members

Radio silence busters

You can have sales email templates in place to handle radio silence. These email templates are meant for leads that are not responsive and have become cold. The strategy is also referred to as “going for no”.

There are two purposes for going for no. Firstly, it can take the lead out of the pipeline so that time is saved for leads that fit your products/services better. Second, it can also function as an intervention to make a slow-moving lead take the necessary action.

Purchasers are typically accustomed to an insisting salesperson. They can be stunned after hearing a salesman say that he does not require the deal. How to conduct go for no?

It is imperative to not be projected as a bully who is trying to force a prospect into action. The tone of these emails can vary based on the kind of rapport you have with the prospect, i.e. casual or formal, serious, or funny. Always make it a point to respect the decision of your prospects.

1. The email template is such that it asks the prospect politely

2. The email can ask bluntly

3. Can inform cordially

4. Inform bluntly

5. Email can be “short and sweet”

6. It can be polite yet casual in its tone

Tips to write a creative and unique sales email template

Here are some of the handy tips for creating effective sales email templates

1. Do not email your prospects multiple times

Make sure to be minimal. In other words, your aim should be to create an impact with just 1-2 emails. Ensure that your prospect observes that you are not being too aggressive by sending across multiple emails.

2. Personalize the email

There is a big difference in how you address the prospect in the email template. For instance “Hey Roberts” is highly distinct and more impactful from “Hey client”. Addressing your prospect can give them a feeling of friendliness and make you more reliable.

3. The subject line should be effective

It is a known fact that your first impression can become the last impression. You should be creative about the subject line of the email. Do not make too much of an attempt to get their attention as the customers will realize your intention.

4. Discuss the merits instead of the product features in your email

We all get irritated by a salesperson who simply speaks about the values and features of his/her products. No one bothers about that. They are more interested to know how the product can be helpful or make them look good. So, discuss the advantages of the product rather than explaining its features.

The bottom line for developing a sales email template

When you craft your sales email templates carefully, you can create fresh conversations with prospective customers. The email templates given here can be used as a starter. Distinct approaches can be then tested to find out how to get the best response.

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