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When it comes to digital marketing, cold promotional emails still holds its fair share of advantage. In today’s fast-evolving digital space, emails have outlasted several other conventional cold selling metrics.

Emails are affordable, informative, and have high penetration. It is non-evasive unlike calls and imparts more detail than short messages. However, owing to its advantages, emails are everywhere. Every day between 250 to 300 Billion emails is exchanged on the world wide web. This makes effective use of email template a highly relevant. There is a wide range of effective cold sales templates available in the market, but using the right template for the right purpose remains the key.

Email templates need to be concise, clear, and informative towards the desired objective of the mailer. Here, we list some highly popular cold sales templates used by experts globally. These templates have been around for a while and are highly effective in driving consumer engagement. Including these in your next email blast will definitely help improve your chances of converting cold leads into useful engagements.

1. Offer/Benefit/Prize to the reader

As far as email probability of being read is concerned, the offer or benefit riddled emails seem to perform particularly well. From a consumer point of view, any option of a free benefit attracts interest. This pulls at the onset and render a high chances of being read. A campaign which provides a special interest to the consumers always get attention. Lucky Draws, Open Competitions, Mutual Action for collective gain, special insurance policies are some examples of few such email campaigns that offer better success ratio.

Some tips to follow while drafting offer/benefit based cold sales emails,

a)Focus on the special offer or benefit being offered to the customer. A short and precise message detailing the promotional offer helps provide better readability.

b)Detailing the advantages of availing the proposed offer or benefit. This further clarify the sale and helps clear out the clutter of misinformation or doubt from the customer. A detailed analysis of benefits build customer confidence. It enables faster decision-making which helps cut down upon valuable buffer time between pitch and conversion.

2. Congratulatory and adding value to the reader

A congratulatory mail which further boosts the reader in their goal is another highly popular email template. Depending upon the recipient, a congratulatory email creates a sense of bond. Congratulation could be about a new job role, a promotion in work, completion of a project or starting a new business. Such email templates provides a personal touch to an otherwise mechanical medium of communication. This also increases the respect towards the sender for their thorough background research.

An extension to congratulatory emails would be to establish value for the client. This provides a leverage over the reader. Gaining respect and attention by flattery followed by offering a solution helps paint a clear picture. It helps in further consolidating the need of the reader with the solution on offer.

Congratulatory and value adding cold sale email templates work well while interacting with certain specific customers. This includes niche customers such as CEO’s, Directors and other such senior managerial post holders.

Some tips to keep in mind when sending congratulatory and value adding emails,

a) Maintain a friendly and cheerful language. A cheerful tone helps generate interests in Senior managements as they deal with formal and mechanical emails on a daily basis. A friendly tone provides a fresh perspective to customers on a personal level.

b) Use of graphical images to establish value without completing giving it away. Images and screenshot of services and products helps generate a interesting email beyond the web of words.

3. Personalized Emails

Hyper personalized emails work well in standing apart amidst the barrage of emails exchanged every day. Highly specific pitch, personalized projects and remote selling work well to generate interests and possible further engagement with the clients.

While drafting personalized emails it would help to study clients business or operations to identify areas for improvement. Following up the official website, balance sheets and public engagements are some ways to gather information and provide ideas and solutions. Screenshots are a fantastic way to share the research conducted and adds further value to the solution. It also adds a unique and creative touch to the email instead of sending a wall of texts.

It is important to note few tips while drafting personalized email templates:

a) Addressing the right recipient of the email- Along with research on company and operations, it is imperative to address the right recipient. Clear and concise explanation on why the recipient is chosen instead of a colleague.

b) Display the value of research- Mails with screenshots and images from clients website or reports along with solutions that can help provides further impetus to the mail. The clients understand the work and effort behind the pitch and it helps make decisions quicker. This cuts down upon valuable time between pitch and potential conversion.

4. Cold Emails addressing competitors clients.

Another important database of client would include competitors clients. On many instances, certain shortcomings of the competitor may help improve chances of transfer of business. This presents unique opportunity of connecting with a highly specified potential recipients who are using similar services.

These cold emails also serve as a suitable brand awareness exercise amidst desired client bases. Promoting services amidst competitors clients is a highly popular email template. It provides a high probability rate of conversion and must be included into cold email campaigns.

There are certain tips for such emails.

a) A casual and friendly tone helps get customers interested and excited over the solutions offered. It helps to build a friendly engagement as customers may not be familiar with the brand yet. Overtly serious and mechanical tones doesn’t help to dissuade customers into a new service.

b) Underlying the customer benefits helps build the narrative. When expecting a customer to switch from one service provider to another, it is needed to spell out the advantages customers will receive in clear and concise terms. Focussing upon the added advantage helps dissuade customers into a new brand. While maintaining a friendly tone, a comparison of superior services being offered from that of the competitor helps build up customer confidence.

5. The Partnership Email.

A partnership email is a great way to connect with businesses. It is subtle approach in building trust and a relationship among entities. It provides a unique option to advertise with a reason to connect. Furthermore, a partnership is a great way to derive more engagement as it represents a mutually derivative opportunity, at least upon initial impression. It is short, clear and not at all pushy.

Partnership emails also help target companies directly link to mutual markets. For example, a cycle manufacturing company partnering up with a delivery service provider. It provides a mutual market for both the businesses.

Important tip to follow when sending partnership emails are as follows.

a) Provide the recipients business information while proposing the partnership. It helps display the research done before reaching out to the customer. This help establish the fact that the customer is contacted after a deliberate and detailed homework. Customer understands the effort being put forth before deciding upon the partnership proposal.

b) A semi-formal to casual approach to not over sell the idea and propose a partnership which is subject to further discussion. This light-hearted approach helps not put pressure upon the recipient. A partnership is a mutually beneficial arrangement and help generate interest. It results into greater consideration and provide engagement.

6. Asking for Opinion.

Cold sale email templates which seek customer opinion is another popular style. This emails focus upon seeking reviews, information or survey based analysis from the customers. This template provides few other benefits such as profile building, consumer analysis amidst others.

The idea behind opinion template emails are to establish customer importance. How customer review or opinion is highly valued presents a feel-good factor. The customer is made to feel highly sought after where their opinion helps understand different perspective. Opinion based email templates are helpful when conducting customer research, generating new lead and segregating existing database. It is widely used when companies conduct research, takes feedback/reviews. The template also help build a brand awareness by indirect promotion. Rather than try to sell directly, customers are introduced into the brand. It also generates organic engagement with customers. New businesses must include opinion based cold sale/lead generation template to further boost engagement.

Some important tips to follow when campaigning with an opinion template email are as follows.

a) Establish customer exclusivity and importance. It is imperative to make the recipient feel exclusive and not a random customer. Stating that the customer reviews are highly appreciated and the fact that opinions are given importance generates intrigue.

b) Conduct objective based surveys to gather information upon customer choices. This help segregate databases into similarities in interest or habits. This helps target specified customers when pitching sales in the future.

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