Tips to Write A Professional Thank You Email

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A thank you letter or email shows how grateful you are to the recipient. The receiver may be your colleague that helped you with your work, a friend that sent a wedding gift or a customer that has made a repurchase. While a thank you note goes a long way in maintaining good relations, making it look professional through an email further adds value. A professional thank you email makes a lasting impression. It is a representation of how good you are at acknowledging the people surrounding you. If you are looking for tips to write a professional thank you email, go through the following lines.

Simple Tips to Help You Write a Great Thank You Email

Subject Line

Many people make the mistake of leaving the subject line blank. When writing a thank you email, remember to fill up this space. The recipient should know what this email is all about. However, keep it to the point and do not make it too lengthy. For instance, if you are thanking an HR manager post-interview, you can say ‘Thank you <interviewer’s name>’. If you are writing a thank you note to your colleague for his service, you can say ‘Thank you dear <your colleague’s first name>’. On the other hand, if you are thanking your boss for a pay rise you received, simply say ‘Thank you Dear Mr. <last name>.

The Beginning

The beginning of a professional thank you email can truly make the difference. In recent times, people prefer to be called by their first names. This holds true especially if you are very close to the person to whom you are sending the email. Do not make a bad beginning and upset the recipient. Use appropriate salutation and greet the person to bring an instant smile on his face. The beginning is as important as the body of the email. So, ensure to get it right.

Get Straight to the Point

Say thank you in the first line. Don’t go around telling stories. Express your gratitude in the beginning itself so the recipient knows why you are writing the email. Be appreciative of his service/help and clear with what you say. The choice of words is also extremely important when writing a thank you email. Wrong words can do more harm than good. Thank the recipient first, you can go into the details in the following lines.

Include Some Details

Write all the minute and major details in this section. If you are thanking your job interviewer, say ‘thank you for your valuable time’. If you are writing to thank the HR manager for the job offer, you can say ‘Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I will be very happy to work for your esteemed organization’. Draft a few lines to say why you want to thank the person and include a few points on why you liked him. You can also write a couple of lines on how the event/job will change your future for good. The details should help the recipient understand your true intention. Again, carefully choose your words and make no mistakes.

Thank the Recipient Again

Before closing the email, make it a point to thank the person again. This shows how grateful you are to the person. Additionally, it is a reminder of your deepest appreciation and gratitude. Simply say ‘Thank you again for your service’ or ‘Thanks again for the opportunity, I’ll live up to your expectations’. You can add a couple of lines more to link your note with the event or whatever the email note is about. A professional thank you email should never skip this part.

Appropriate Closing

This is the last part of the email letter. Use proper words like ‘Sincerely’, ‘Warm Regards’, ‘Best’ or any other appropriate closing you feel will get along. Sign off with your digital signature.

While a handwritten thank you note is recommended for friends and relatives, an email thank you best suits when it comes to professional notes.

While the above-mentioned points assist you in writing a thank you email, here are some more tips to make your note even effective. Follow the tips if you want to write an amazing thank you email.

Timing is Important

Many people commit the mistake of delaying sending a thank you email. It is to be noted here that the timing of showing your gratitude is important. Say, for instance, you received your job offer letter, instantly write a professional thank you email to the person that handled your interview. Express how grateful you are, and include details as discussed in the aforesaid paragraph. A delayed thank you email cannot impress the recipient. To be true, it only shows how unprofessional and negligent you are. Further, the recipient feels you are not being honest in expressing your gratitude. Make sure to send your thank you email within 24-48 hours of receiving the service/help.

Be Sincere, Don’t Overdo

As mentioned earlier, choose words carefully. Be positive and express your appreciation honestly. Do not overdo. In other words, while you can say why you are thanking the recipient, avoid false praising. Some people think they get bonus points by false praising, but actually the case is otherwise. Be sincere with your lines and write the email to express your true feelings. Stick to the point and be brief. An overdone, lengthy story will irritate any recipient. Stay polite and talk only about things that make sense. Irrelevant lines can distract the receiver.

Thank You Emails to Multiple People

If you are writing to thank multiple people, don’t Cc. Instead, take some time to send separate thank you emails to each one of them. Address each person properly and include a few details relevant to the person. This shows your honesty. Adding multiple people in the Cc simply shows you are writing a thank you note out of formality. Thank you emails are sent in order to connect with the recipient emotionally, so ensure to do it right.

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Keep it Short

Please remember it is a professional thank you email and not a story you are writing. Keep it short, include only the relevant and very important details and be straight to the point. Describing each and every minute detail about the person/event can annoy the recipient. If you want your email to stand out and catch the recipient’s attention, stick to your theme and cover all necessary points briefly.

Proofread Before Sending Mail

Finally, after you are done drafting your thank you email, proofread a couple of times. Check for possible spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Correct your lines wherever necessary and send it to the person you want to thank. Take note, an email showing your deepest gratitude makes no positive impact if it is full of language errors. Grammar and vocabulary are also equally important when you are writing a thank you email.

Professional Tone is Important Too

You can address the recipient by his first name when thanking him but at the same time, you should stay within your limits. We will make it simpler to help you understand. Since a professional thank you email is generally written to a person holding a responsible position in an organization, you need to be professional and display your true concern. Do not make it too personal.

A Thank You Email Written Right Can Make the Difference

A well-written thank you email can help you receive a job offer, take your career to the next level, develop strong bonding with a client or vendor.

You need to understand that the recipient, be it your boss, manager or any other person in the organization’s hierarchy, is also human. So, thank him right if you really want to express your gratitude and appreciation. A well-written, unique and sincere thank you email will be received with great enthusiasm. Chances are high the person will remember you better than the others in your level.

An email thank you works best under many circumstances, especially in the professional world where everything is fast-tracked and expectations are quite high. An email allows you to thank anyone instantly, in the best possible manner. However, you should know what makes a good email and what makes a bad one to ensure your thank you note does just right. The above-discussed paragraphs help you write a professional thank you email note.

Write the Perfect Thank You Email

Writing a thank you email is not mandatory. However, if you prefer to write an email to express your sincere appreciation, you will be noted and stand out from the rest. With carefully chosen wordings and the right format and etiquette, a perfect professional thank you email can help you earn a reputation for displaying the greatest quality of a human. This article provides all the tips required to write a great thank you email. If you are about to write one, just follow the above-mentioned simple tips and get noted!

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