Thank You Letter to Bridesmaids: How To, Templates & Examples

Writing a thank you letter to a bridesmaid

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So you just got married and the wedding ceremony was a grand success! One of the top things on your post-party to-do list must be to write thank you notes to your guests and of course, thank you letter to bridesmaids.

A bridesmaid is a dear friend with whom you want to maintain a lifelong bond of friendship. Loving thoughts are different but putting them in words for your dear friends may not be as easy as it seems. You want to convey the right feelings through your thank-you letter to some of the most important people at your wedding. So, how do you put your appreciation and tender thoughts together for them in a letter? Read along to find out what’s important and how to express your feelings to your bridesmaids in a letter that you may send with a thoughtful gift.

Why is writing a thank you note to a bridesmaid important?

Your bridesmaids are your best friends, so do you really need to thank them for being there and standing by you at your wedding? No matter how small, a thank you note or a post-party letter always speaks volumes about your feelings. Each of your bridesmaids is your very special friend and it is important to convey your heartfelt feelings to them. Sometimes it may be difficult to express your exact feelings but saying what’s in your heart make your friends feel overjoyed! So without giving a second thought send them a note saying how much you care and appreciate them.

However, you may not have the same relationship with each of your bridesmaids and that may require variations in your thank you letter to bridesmaids.

What should the letter say?

A thank you letter to a bridesmaid is not a formal letter and thus has no set pattern. However, some dos and don’ts can surely make a thank you note more appreciable and loving. You may use quotes, poems, and mention memories from the past to add a more personalized touch to your letter. Send your thank you letter to bridesmaids in nice papers, along with a card or gift to add an extra loving touch.

There is no one template fits all formula, so what you want to write to each individual is your choice but some things go well for every letter.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while writing a thank you letter to bridesmaids to add an extra bit of feeling to your words. These ideas will make your letters better, unique, and help you personalize your notes for each bridesmaid better.

Bridesmaids are an important part of a wedding

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Show appreciation

Your thank-you letter to the bridesmaids may be simple but it must tell them how much you appreciate their support. Tell them how you treasured each moment and cherished their presence at your wedding. Let them know sharing your wedding memories with them made it special. Beginning your letter with some sweet words of appreciation will set the right mood!

Example: “It was a delight to have you by my side on my special day.”

Share memories from the past

Good times spent with friends are always cherished memories. Mention something special about your friendship to walk down memory lane. Share stories from trips, special events, to express a special bond.

Example: “I have always cherished our friendship from the first day we met at school, the times when we went camping together, and took our first all girls’ trip to New York.”

Keep the language simple

Sometimes simple words can express the deepest feelings. Since thank you letter to bridesmaids is an informal letter, keep it short and sweet without cramming it with wordy text. A lengthy letter again is a no-no as that can become boring and lose its right essence.

Keep it lighthearted

While writing each bridesmaid’s letter, think about the relationship you share with them. Maintain the tone, how you usually speak to your friend. Use words and phrases that you use often, and don’t hesitate to be funny and quirky. Be affectionate, thoughtful, original, and don’t over-complicate things.

Mention how grateful you are and how much you loved it

Talk about how they made the wedding special in their way. How supportive they were and how you couldn’t have gone through it without them. You can also mention how encouraging they were throughout your relationship since the day you got engaged.

Tell them they were the best bridesmaids you could have

Your friends were by your side when you needed them the most on your special day and now it’s your turn to reciprocate. Let them know how wonderful it was to have each one of them as your bridesmaid.

Example: “It gave me strength and immense comfort having you next to me on my wedding day. My wedding day would never have been the same without you by my side.”

Mention something special that they did on your wedding day.

Mentioning something unique they did on your wedding day shows you were attentive and noticing your friends even on your special day. That means a lot to your friends.

Example: “Your enthusiastic dance moves and the speech were one of the most enjoyable things at the party. It added loads of fun and laughter to the event which brightened up the mood by a notch.”

Thank them and sign off on a sweet note

In your thank you letter to bridesmaids don’t forget to mention how much their friendship means to you. Thank them for everything they did for you before you sign off. 

Give it a personal touch

A handwritten letter is the best thing but even if you are typing it out, sign it by hand before sending it to your bridesmaids. It adds a personal touch and gives an extra special touch to the letter. Including some wedding photographs, is also a wonderful gesture and shows you are thinking of them.

Remember that a thank you letter to bridesmaids is a letter that you write every day. Keep these letters special by going that extra mile to make your friends feel they are special!

Send the letter without much delay

Apart from following the basics of writing a good letter to your bridesmaids remember to send it on time without much delay. Get it done as soon as possible, surely within a couple of months after your wedding.

Sample of thank you letter to bridesmaids

Template #1

Dear [Name],

Thank you for being a wonderful bridesmaid and making my wedding day extra special! I can’t imagine saying ‘I do’ without you being by my side. We’ve known each other since school days and our bond is very precious to me. Remember when we said we’d be each others’ bridesmaids in third grade? Haha, seems like it came true indeed! You have always stood by my side, supported me, and helped me sail through the most difficult times, be it university or my wedding. You were always there for me when I needed you the most and my special day wouldn’t have been complete without you. Thank you for being my bestie.

Much love,

[Your name]

Sample #1 for Thank You Letter to Bridesmaids

Template #2

To my bosom buddy,

My wedding day could not be so enjoyable without having my partner in crime beside me! You are my favorite lady and you know how important you are to me. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and helping my special day flow like a breeze. I can’t thank you enough for making my big day extra special. You were an ace bridesmaid and I can’t imagine anyone else carrying my flowers but you.

We have been partners in crime since the time we met in the summer camp in Timber Lake and I will cherish everything that we have done together. Thank you for standing by me on the most important day of my life.


[Your name]

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter to Bridesmaids

Template #3

Dear (Name),

With you as my bridesmaid, I have been one of the luckiest brides. Your presence made my big day exactly what I dreamt it to be. I can’t thank you enough for being by my side all the way till the aisle. It has always been a pleasure being your friend and having you as my bridesmaid was an honor.

Although I’m married now our friendship will always be extremely special to me. I am thankful for having a friend like you and feel privileged to be your bestie.

Sending a few wedding photos that are very close to my heart. I am sure you will love them too.

Love and hugs,

Your name

Sample #3 for Thank You Letter to Bridesmaids

Template #4

Dear (name),

Thank you for being an incredible friend and a wonderful bridesmaid. Starting from my wedding preparation to the final day you helped me turn the event into a fabulous one. Thank you for helping me prepare for my big day and holding the flowers on the most important day of my life.

Thank you for sparing your time and keeping my wedding on top of your list. The busy shopping days, the late nights, and the good times we had together will always be fond memories for me.

I admire your friendship, love, and the never-ending support that you provided throughout the exciting journey. My dream wedding would have remained just a dream without you.

To express my appreciation and love, I chose this little gift for you. Hope you like it. Once again thank you for being such an amazing bridesmaid.

 Lots of love

(Your name)

Sample #4 for Download Sample in docx Format

Template #5

Dear (Name),

You were an incredible bridesmaid and I cannot thank you enough to express my gratitude! You were the ideal bridesmaid any bride could ever wish for. I value your friendship, infinite love, and rock-solid support at all times! My wedding day would never be so awesome without your presence by my side.

 Thank you for calming my nerves on my wedding day. I don’t know what I would do with my shaking knees without you by my side. Everything went smoothly as you managed everything so promptly and handled every difficult situation so well. Here’s a small gift for you that I have chosen with lots of love. Hope to get together soon again.


(Your name)

Sample #5 for Thank You Letter to Bridesmaids

 Template #6

Dear (name),

You’ve been by my side for as long as I can remember, starting from that snowball fight in nursery. I couldn’t imagine not having you by my side on the biggest day of my life. You being there made the day so much better, and put me at ease. I knew that things will flow smoothly with you to handle any last-minute faux-pas. I can only hope to be as good a bridesmaid to you, as you were to me. I simply cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices you made for me especially, prioritizing my big day even when you had so much work.

I hope that every bride gets a bridesmaid like you, best friend. You’ve had my back throughout this entire process, even when I got the jitters and thought everything would fall apart. I couldn’t have made it through this without you by my side every step of the way. From all the decisions you had to make, to the impeccable execution of the event, I cannot think of anybody else who could have pulled this off without a glitch as you did.

I’m attaching a few of the wedding photos as a keepsake; I know you’ll treasure them as much as I do.

With loads of love,


Sample #6 for Thank You Letter to Bridesmaids


A “Thank You” letter to bridesmaids is one of the easiest to write as you can use simple, everyday language, and pen down your true feelings for your friends. It helps you to convey your true inner thoughts to your dear buddies. A handwritten, at least a personally signed letter with a few honest and loving words is the best way to convey your gratefulness and your heartfelt thoughts.

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