Thank You Letter to Car Salesman: How To, Templates & Examples

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A thank you letter to a car salesman is no different than any other thank you letter. All you have to do is express gratitude genuinely through words. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to say thank you to people who are in the service industry. They are often underappreciated by their management as well as customers. Imagine that you work all day helping customers find the right product, and still have a hard time closing deals. On top of that, you don’t engage in any shady marketing or sales tactics to dupe your customers.

Of course, you will feel good if at least one out of ten customers genuinely thank you for your effort once in a while. You must’ve recently been to a car showroom and come across a salesman or saleswoman that was truly helpful. If that’s the case, you should consider writing a thank you letter to them.

According to data by marketing experts, almost 61% of salespeople in the business world feel underappreciated. It’s no secret that our capitalist society is structured in a way that alienates people especially when it comes to business interactions. Moreover, those at the lower rung of the whole system such as salespeople and other blue-collar workers, are often demeaned. They are also not appreciated by their higher-ups as well as consumers. It’s high time that our business world adopts a little empathy and humanity. Writing a thank you letter to any salesperson can be one way in which you can contribute to changing the system from the inside. A simple gesture such as writing a thank-you note or letter goes a long way. Moreover, it’ll also help you practice gratitude in your own life which will help you in your own personal life as well as career.

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What is a Thank You Letter to Car Salesman

A Thank you letter to a car salesman isn’t an official letter. Thus, there are no correct formats or official guidelines to be followed as such to write it. All you need to do while writing a thank you letter to a car salesperson is to talk about your experience with them and say thank you in a genuine way. Just treat this letter as a thank you letter that you are writing to an acquaintance. If you do decide to write a thank you letter to a car salesman, it’s obvious that you must have seen something in them. Thus, one aim of writing that letter could be to extend your friendship with them.

If you’ve actually hit it off with them on a personal level, then you should ask them to hang out after work hours. But all of that depends upon you. Thus, you should only do that if you are comfortable with it and you’re sure that the salesperson would be comfortable with it too. Don’t use forceful language to force your plans onto them. You can also include other details of your experience to make the letter a bit more genuine. Therefore, it’s not as if you were writing it as a formality. The content of the letter will depend upon your subjective experience.

When is it required?

A thank you letter to a salesperson will probably be required after you visit the showroom to buy a car. It doesn’t have to be that you’ve bought the car or will definitely buy the car. If you’re not going to buy the car, you can still write a thank you letter to the salesman if you enjoyed their company and were impressed by their sales skills. All in all, it’s your choice to either write a thank you letter to them or not. If you were not impressed by a particular salesman or did not actually hit it off with them, you can decide not to write a thank you letter. It’s not compulsory to write one. It’s just a decent gesture some people make.

Tips for writing an effective Thank you letter to car salesman

There are some effective tips that will help you write a better thank you letter to a car salesman. In fact, the following tips will help you get better at writing the most informal thank you letters:

1: Keep the language light

Consider the audience that you’re writing for before you pick up the pen. It’s imperative that you keep the language as light-hearted as possible. Using big words and complicated jargon will only make your letter difficult to understand and pretentious, especially if you’re writing an informal letter. You’ll be writing to a person who must’ve only met twice such as a car salesman. Thus, you wouldn’t know if they will be able to understand your vocabulary. Analyzing your audience before writing for them is a tip that works for all pieces of writing.

2: Include details from your experience with them

In order to make your letter feel more genuine, you should avoid writing in a generalized way. Make sure that you include the little details that will help the salesman identify you. Salesmen meet a lot of people every day. Thus, if there was something in your exchange with them that was unique to it, you should include that.

3: Avoid buttering

Your letter shouldn’t feel as if you are buttering them up. This tip is also effective if you are writing formal letters. Even in informal letters, you should avoid buttering the other person up as that will make your letter come across as a bit fake. Keep everything in your letter as real as you can. If you are taking the time out to write a letter to a car salesman, there must be something about that person that impressed you. You should include those qualities and traits in your letter. That way, they will also understand that what you’ve written has come from a place of genuine goodness.

4: Keep the grammar neat

Spelling mistakes or poor grammar, be it in informal or formal letters, is a real put down. You don’t have to use complicated sentences or jargon. But you should avoid silly spelling mistakes or bad grammar that will actually make your letter difficult to understand. If you’re unsure about a sentence, you should change it completely. To sum it up: keep it simple silly.

5: Don’t delay

It shouldn’t be that you are writing a thank you letter to a car salesman months or years after meeting them. They will not be able to remember you as they tend to meet a lot of people on a daily basis. Thus, if you feel that you should write a thank you letter to a particular car salesman, do it on a priority basis. Not only will you be able to write better as the experience will still be fresh, but the salesman will also appreciate your timeliness and quick response.

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Samples that will help you

Here are some samples that will help you understand how to structure your letter and get an idea about things that you can include in your letter. Keep in mind that the language used is completely informal, as is used in most thank you letters.

Sample 1

Dear Mr. XYZ

(Company Name)

I hope that this letter finds you well. I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is (Your Name) and I came to the showroom where you work on (Date). I just wanted to say thank you for helping me pick out the perfect car for my work needs. It’s an amazing car and I couldn’t have selected the right model without your help. You were articulate and precise with your words, and I got a better idea of what I actually needed. Initially, I was clueless about the car that I wanted to buy. Apart from that, you seemed like a really nice person. So, if you want to grab a drink sometime, just write back to me.

(Your Name)


Sample #1 for Thank you letter to car salesman

Sample 2

Dear Mr./Mrs. XYZ

(Company Name)

How are you? I hope this weather is treating you and your family well. If you remember, our family met with you on the 3rd of December regarding a car at your showroom. It pleases me to inform you that we have finally decided to buy that very model. All your insights and the details that you provided helped us a lot in making this decision.

Moreover, all the information was checked out. After a lot of consideration, we’ll be coming to your showroom as soon as we are in a position to buy that very same model. And it’s all because of you. Thank you for being so helpful and giving us the extra time of yours to help us browse various models. I’m afraid we’ll be taking more of your time when we come to buy the car. Jokes aside, we wish you and your family a very happy new year. Keep yourself safe and we’ll see you soon.


The Baker Family


Sample #2 for Thank you letter to car salesman

Sample 3

Dear Mr./Mrs. XYZ

I’m just going to say outright Mr./Mrs. XYZ, you’re one heck of a salesperson. The zeal that you showed me and my friend during the test drive really convinced us to consider selling our cars and buying a new one. I mean, we were at your showroom just to kill some time and go for test drives on cars. But your persona was so positively contagious, that we’ll probably be coming back to your showroom to check out the various options that you have available.

You deserve a promotion, good sir. And we’re definitely going to put in a good word for you with your manager. Anyway, we’ll see you this Friday if we get off from our work on time. And maybe, we can grab a couple of beers later, if that’s all good with you? And Aaron feels the same way. He’s already put his car on sale. So, thank you for investing all that energy into us man. And yes, do tell us if you’re free on Friday night or not.

Your potential buddies

(Name1 & Name2)


Sample #3 for Thank you letter to car salesman

Sample 4

Dear Mr./Ms. XYZ

Mr. XYZ, my name is ABC. I visited your showroom on (Date). It was a pleasure to meet you. Your salesmanship skills are extraordinary, I must say. Apart from that, I found you to be a genuinely interesting person, all in all. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for putting in so much time and effort showing me all those models of (Car Name). I’m convinced that I should buy (Model name) as those are the features that suit me. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be unable to make a purchase at this time.

Usually, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write a letter to a salesman if I wasn’t going ahead with the purchase. But due to your vibrant nature, I was compelled to do so. You’re an amazing salesman as well as a person in general. I hope we will cross paths again sometime in the future. And if I do decide to buy a car in the future, it’ll probably be from your showroom. And you’ll be the only salesman there whom I’ll approach. Take care of yourself in these trying times as well as your loved ones. If you want to chat sometime regarding anything or want to extend our friendship out of the showroom, you can write back to me anytime.

Best Wishes,



Sample #4 for Thank you letter to car salesman

Sample 5

Dear Ms. XYZ

It’s a rare sight to see an independent woman of such a jolly nature be out there and working so hard to make ends meet. As a fellow woman, I was impressed with your professional skills as well as candor. Whether I decide to buy the car or not is another matter entirely and that is not the subject of this letter.

I just wanted to thank you for talking to me human-to-human and giving me all the relevant details about the cars and assessing my needs. I hope that we can hang out at the coffee shop outside your showroom if you have the time. I feel there’s a genuine friendship hidden in the conversations that we had regarding the cars. If you feel the same way, you can write back to me anytime. Once again, thank you for putting in all the time and effort. Very few people in sales tend to handle their customers as well as you do.

Good luck in the future,

Yours own



Sample #5 for Thank you letter to car salesman
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