Thank You Note to Personal Trainer: How To, Templates & Examples

Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

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A personal trainer is by the side of his/her client for the majority of the latter’s journey. Also, they are fitness experts and are certain of the kind of exercises the client should do for getting the best outcomes. They also act as cheerleaders that come up with motivation and valuable advice. It gives them great pleasure when they get to know their efforts paid off for their clients.

At times, a client can show his/her gratitude by letting them know the way they made a big difference in their lives. After all, a personal trainer has been there for the clients through lows and highs. So, doesn’t it make sense to tell them how much their efforts are appreciated?

On the other hand, personal trainers are simple people and may feel embarrassed when a client makes a grand gesture. It would be better if the clients keep things simple and send sincere words, a card, or a thank you note to personal trainer expressing their gratitude.

The article will guide you on how to frame a thank you letter to your personal trainer. It also covers some easy templates, which you can tweak based on your specific situation and requirement.

What is a Thank You Note to Personal Trainer?

There are many clients that develop an extremely special bond with their personal trainers. The reason for this is the trainer has put in their best possible efforts to keep them healthy. A personal trainer not only creates special workout plans but also offers guidance to their clients on nutrition.

If a personal trainer and a client develop a special bond and the latter experiences a life-changing transformation, they may offer a special thank you gesture. If you get significant outcomes under the guidance of your personal trainer, how about thanking them? Make them aware that the program they suggested worked for you. You can do that by writing and sending a thank you note to personal trainer.

You may mention the results that changed your life in this thank-you letter. In other words, a properly written thank-you letter can appear to be a testimonial for them. Your personal trainer may share that appreciation letter with their other prospective letters. They may also display such notes on a billboard’s site or include the same on their websites. A thank you note implies success for them. So, thank them for the wonderful results.

Here are some key reasons why it is a sensible idea to send a thank you letter to your personal trainer.

· Make your relationship with them more special. Your thank-you note can help you in preserving the special bond you share with your personal trainer. If you show your appreciation, they will also feel inspired and continue to provide their support and help. Although it may appear to be an end of the chapter for their guidance, you may need their support in the future again.

· Offer something special to your personal trainer. A personal trainer and their clients often form a special bond. A thank-you message is something he/she can hang onto. Whenever they look at your note, they can recollect the good times you spent together and why they decided to be your personal trainer in the first place.

· Build up a professional connection. When you express your thanks, your personal trainer realizes that you are a professional and thoughtful person. The knowledge can be in your favor at times.

When is a Thank You Note to Personal Trainer required?

A thank you note to personal trainer is a kind of correspondence, which expresses your appreciation. The letter shows your gratitude for them and all the efforts they took for your well-being.

Writing a thank-you letter offers you an opportunity to make your personal trainer be aware of the value addition they did to your life. You are acknowledging their hard work through this letter.

A thank-you letter’s format may not be the same as it can differ based on the circumstance and your relationship. Irrespective of whether it is an email or a physical letter, a thank-you message usually follows a traditional letter’s format. Very frequently, the sender starts the letter with a greeting, followed by the paragraphs and proper respectful closing.

A professional personal trainer knows what is most suitable for your body and helps you to create your future goals and health goals. They devote their career towards it so that their clients can lead happier and healthier life. They help people who lead a sedentary lifestyle to cope up with various health-related problems and issues.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can spare a few moments and let your personal trainer know how thankful and grateful you are to them? After all, they made a big impact on their body and lives.

So, make sure you send a special thank-you letter to your personal trainer. There is hardly anyone who is not happy to be appreciated for their work. The following are some situations when you should send a thank you note to personal trainer:

· After they agree to be your personal trainer

· At the end of your program

· When you are close to the anniversary of your association

· After you get a new opportunity thanks to their help

· When they shared a helpful life-changing lesson for you

If you know your personal trainer well, you may request them to give you’re their address. However, if you are associated with him in a small group or are working on a 1:1 basis, you may hand-deliver the thank-you letter. Alternatively, you can also ask for their email address for emailing the thank-you note.

Tips for writing an effective Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

There is no replacement for a good personal trainer. Hence, it is extremely crucial to express your thanks to a coach for all their hard work and care.

The best way to write a thank you note to personal trainer would be to create a handwritten letter. This will ensure the personalization of your thank-you message. However, you may also email the thank-you note or send it to them by post.

You can craft an effective thank-you letter to your personal trainer with the following steps:

1. Begin the letter with an appropriate greeting

A thank-you letter is an ideal chance to formally thank your personal trainer. You may start the letter by greeting the recipient politely, such as “Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer]. It makes a letter more meaningful as compared to a casual greeting like “Hi” or “Hey”.

2. Mention why you are writing the letter

Begin your thank-you letter by explaining the reason for expressing your appreciation. It can be due to the occurrence of some specific events. Similarly, you may simply mention in your letter that you felt it was the perfect time to demonstrate your gratitude to them.

3. Cover specific details

Make sure that you cover or explain a few specific points your personal trainer has done for you in this thank-you note. You may include details, which show their guidance and support made a positive influence in your life. Also, you can discuss some beautiful memories of your association with the trainer.

4. Use a thoughtful closing to end your thank-you note

You may finally end the letter by thanking your personal trainer once again. Include some closing lines to make it clear how much you value your relationship with them. Do not forget to include a thoughtful sign-off, such as “Best”, “Sincerely”, or “Warmly.”

Check out some other tips that can be used for expressing your appreciation to your personal trainer:

· Keep your thank you note as short and simple as possible

· You may consider mailing your letter to the office or home of your personal trainer

· It is always better to write such a letter by hand

· Demonstrate you wish to give back. While it may not be always essential, you may offer to extend a helping hand to your personal trainer in the note. For example, you might offer to help them with one of their upcoming projects.

· Your handwriting should be neat and proper. If you are sending your thank you note by mail, you need to ensure to write in neat handwriting instead of writing in a hurry. Select a pen that does not bleed easily so that your letter appears extra special.

· The letter should have a sincere tone. You should only write a thank-you message if you feel genuinely thankful to them. You can express how much their support meant to you. The letter may also include details demonstrating how they transformed your life.

Samples of Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

Check out these samples of a thank you note to personal trainer. You may use them as templates while writing such a letter in the future.

Sample Letter 1

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Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

I would like to thank you for giving me such good attention and care beyond the call of duty. I would not have been able to win the trophy two times in a row or be known as the best player without your encouragement, guidance, and inspiration.

Thank you once again for instilling values such as hard work, perseverance, and discipline in me and for making me perform so well. If anyone deserves great respect and appreciation, it is you, and I am thankful for that.


[Your Name]

Sample #1 for Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

Sample letter 2

Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

You are a fantastic personal trainer! I have seen the care, support, and hard work you have invested in me this season. I would like to thank you for inspiring me to set my goals and work diligently to achieve them. I extend my sincere gratitude for all your care.


[Your Name]

Sample #2 for Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

Sample letter 3

Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

I can feel the extraordinary change in my fitness and well-being this year simply because of your Herculean efforts. You know how much I hesitated to play on the soccer field when I started working with you. However, thanks to you, I have enjoyed an amazing season this year. Not only have you helped me to improve as a player but you have also supported me to increase my confidence level on and off the field.

It was obvious how much you care about each player and I sincerely hope to remain associated with you for a long time to come.


[Your Name]

Sample #3 for Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

Sample letter 4

Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

Thanks to your encouragement that I became a better basketball player. Your commitment towards my skill development and improvement is highly appreciated. Although you treated me with toughness, I really appreciate your efforts. I could give in my best because of all your efforts and guidance.

I would love to have you as my personal trainer this year as well and am looking forward to a long and fruitful association.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Sample #4 for Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

Sample letter 5

Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

I would like to thank you for designing an excellent exercise program specifically for me. I am able to see great results and my body feels good. I am extremely thankful for your personal guidance and support.


[Your Name]

Sample #5 for Thank You Note to Personal Trainer

Sample letter 6

Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

I am thankful for the amount of time you have devoted to meeting with me at the gym. This type of exercise is entirely new to me. Thank you for responding to all of my queries and demonstrating the various moves for me. I have started to feel stronger for the first few weeks.


[Your Name]

Sample letter 7

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Dear [Name of the Personal Trainer],

I am writing this letter to you to express my deep gratitude for all your support over these past three years. All of your guidance and support made me realize that I have the ability to follow my dreams.

As our association comes to an end, I sincerely hope we can continue maintaining such a special relationship. In case you ever require assistance with any of your projects, please let me know. I will be more than glad to assist. Thank you again for always being there.


[Your Name]

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