Can I contact a Youtuber via email?

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An innovative social platform that reached millions of people around the world, Youtube was launched as a small video content publishing website in 2005. One of the Youtube founders, Jawed Karim was the first person who uploaded his video, titled – Me at the zoo.

Today, Youtube has become a premier video content creation platform. It has millions of subscribers who watch video content every day. The platform is available in 130 countries around the globe. As per the latest figures, there are about 37 million Youtube channels, and every minute around 500 hours of videos uploaded across Youtube channels. The main reason for the massive popularity of Youtube is its social reach, features, and video publishing capabilities. Youtube platform is socially accessible and free for viewers and subscribers to view, comment, and share the uploaded video content.

Becoming a Youtuber

In the past 15 years, Youtube has attracted millions of people who have signed up and created their Youtube account for uploading their video. Youtube provides access to create personal accounts and upload unique video content for free. Once the published video content matches the criteria for monetization, Youtube offers the option to join the partner program and become an active Youtuber.

To become a Youtuber, the video content creator will have to join the Youtube Partner Program. As Youtube  is owned by Google, the partner program is run for monetization of the video content. Channel owners who have at least 1000 subscribers, and have 4000 hours of video watching time can join the Youtube Partner Program to become an active Youtuber. Under the partner program, Youtubers also get access to Youtube resources and the Partner Support desk for raising video quality and revenues for content.

Running own channel on Youtube

About 5 billion videos are watched on the platform each day. This is why the platform has grown sustainably year after year and has encouraged millions of people to become Youtuber to enjoy the benefits of monetizing their video content.

Youtube works on intelligent ways to publish user content. It provides an option for Youtube channel owners can create one channel and upload content across different categories. The platform allows the publishing of video content across several categories. Becoming a Youtuber is also fast and easy. One simply needs to create an account and sign up and upload the video as per the defined categories. Once they start uploading video content, the content is then auto-moderated before getting publishing on the platform.

Music, comedy, film and animation, education, news and politics, people, and blogs are some of the prominent categories available for video uploading on Youtube. Up to 12 hours of video content can be published on the platform in one go. This makes the platform even more user-friendly and monetize-able.

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Contacting a Youtuber

While the Youtube support works round the clock to address both queries of active Youtubers and viewers, it is also possible to contact Youtubers, one-on-one. Every day, Youtubers create and upload content on the platform, wherein, thousands of subscribers and non-subscriber leave comments, sometimes, showering praises and also for business collaboration.

The type and quality of video content uploaded by a Youtuber can lead to chances of other business collaboration, as well. This can help them take their content to other avenues to views and following. While some Youtube users might simply want to connect with the Youtuber for personal purposes too.

Nevertheless, contacting a Youtuber is the simplest thing to do. They can be contacted via email and direct messaging.

To elaborate, here are some ways to contact a Youtuber via email:

Business email: Every Youtuber is required to make their Youtube channel and enter all the details pertaining to their video content category, personal, and business details. Users can open the channel by clicking on the video thumbnail. Then click on the channel name to open the channel home. From channel home, select ‘About’ and scroll down to see the business email option. Click on the business email and obtain the email contact.

Email address: Sometimes, Youtubers who upload their video are required to add descriptions of videos and fill in sub-categories like title, type, links, keywords (for search) and license info of video content, etc. Among these sub-categories, the Youtuber often adds an email contact, website link, or social media page link. One can actively search this section, right below the main video, and find the details, easily.

Social media search: Often, popular Youtube channels, and Youtubers are present across other social media channels as well. They can attach their social media links within their Youtube channels. To check these linked social media profiles, a Youtube user should click on the channel name, open the channel home page and go to the ‘About’ section. Simply, open the section and see the ‘Links’ section for connected social media profiles. From those profiles, obtaining email contact or phone number becomes easy.

Other ways to contact:

Send message: Youtube channel owners can also be contacted via direct message. For this, a Youtube user should again visit the ‘About’ section. Scroll down slightly and see the send message button. Click on that button to obtain the email contact of the Youtube channel owner, easily.

Video commenting: Youtube users upload their video content and allow comments on the video to collect user feedback. Thousands of users leave comments about the video, which has the option to capture the response of the Youtuber. So, the first way to contact a Youtuber is through commenting and asking for the contact details.

Youtube is one of the interesting ecosystems today for uploading and publishing video content. With the rate at which it has grown and continues with its winning streak, almost all types of video content creators can be searched and contacted on the platform.

Finding video categories on the platform is equally easy. The ways of monetizing video content are also carried out via collaboration by many Youtubers, who want to increase the popularity of their channel. Contacting top-rated video channels is an intelligent way to amplify views, attract viewer engagement, and a good proposition for business purposes.

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