Letter of Non-Attendance: How To, Templates & Examples

If an employee’s attendance at work is poor, he/she has to be given a warning or terminated. Luckily for such employees, organizations do not terminate them right away for poor or non-attendance. After all, the recruitment process is usually quite lengthy for any new employee. At times, a simple letter of non attendance to warn such employees is adequate to keep them in check.

All business or organizations has strict regulations and rules about their employee conduct. The rules may be mentioned in the contract given to employees when they join or handed over informally. No matter how the organization communicates such rules, they expect their employees to follow them.

Some employees may feel that rules are meant to be violated. However, when these people get a warning letter from their human resource department from their superior, their thinking may change.

There are several cases when too much absenteeism from work without permission can be a sign of severe health or family issues. At the same time, the employer has to be slightly sensitive to the reasons given by employees while being firm and intimating such employees to follow the organization’s rules.

In case an employee appears to have a severe issue, which needs their time, the employer must handle the problem in a manner, which follows their company’s rules. Else, it might send the communication of business or favoritism and damage the morale of other employees.

Some common reasons that may lead to employees taking leave without taking permission before are as follows:

  • Non-attendance immediately after or before the employee has been reprimanded
  • Non-attendance that take place on the most crucial days for the business
  • Non-attendance repeatedly on the same day week after week
  • Too many leaves on the days just after or before holidays
  • So-called family emergencies, which cannot be documented

Tips for writing an effective letter or certificate

If the management of an organization issues a warning letter of non attendance, they should remember that it is not a light issue for the concerned employee(s). The concerned employees could be even fired from their jobs.

Such letters should be always written on letterheads of the company. These letters should be put inside sealed envelopes so that the impact is more. Doing so will give proof to the employer that the concerned employee was given a warning before taking any disciplinary action. Such actions come in handy in case the matter is taken to court.

Non-attendance letters should be written and sent to intimate the employee that they have not complied with the rules. At the same time, such letters should not have an overly dictatorial or authoritative tone.

  • In case, the organization has any rule related to non-attendance or absenteeism, such rules should be reminded to these employees.
  • Mention that the management or the department is facing problems with his or her poor attendance.
  • Do not forget to express concern over the matter.
  • You can mention the dates and times of absenteeism and so should have such data with you.
  • In case they continue to be absent in the future, explain how the absenteeism should be handed, as well as, the documentation needed to ask for more.
  • Remind them what the management expects from them in the days to come.
  • Warn such employees that they can be fired if the problem persists.
  • Intimate to them that the warning and the action taken will be recorded in their personal files.

Letter of non attendance-sample 1

<Name of Employer>

 <Name of Business or Organization>

< City, State, Country, Zip Code>


<Employee Name>

<Designation of Employee>

<Employee Address>

 Subject: Formal Warning Letter

 Dear <Employee Name>

The concerned authorities have noticed that you have been taking leave from your work without getting or requesting permission in advance from your superior on <Date 1>, <Date 2>, and <Date 3>. Your endeavor has been considered as an indication of gross negligence of your responsibilities as a customer care executive.

If you continue to be absent from your work without prior approval, your behavior will be regarded as irresponsible and you can be subjected to disciplinary action. The management hereby warns you not to pursue such irresponsible behavior in the future.

 As you have not been absent without permission in the past, I would request you to send a written explanation mentioning why you decided to opt for such unauthorized leaves. Your explanation should reach within 7 working days of getting this letter.

We will be putting a copy of the letter in your official personnel file. Please consider this as an urgent issue.


<Employer Signature>

<Printed Employer Name>

<Business or Organization Name>

Sample #1 for A Letter Of Non-Attendance


Letter of non attendance –sample 2

Dear John Mark

It has come to our attention that you have been violating the absentee rules of the organization of late. You are aware that our company has laid down a set of rules, which should be followed by all employees when they are absent from the job. Your attendance has not been up to the mark lately.

It is something we should sort out immediately. We have been intimated by the management that you have not come to the office on 3 of the 7 days in the same month. You were supposed to be at the workplace on those three days. However, you did not come to work without even informing your superior or HR.

You cannot continue violating the company rules while working with the organization. We are concerned that you are not interested to work for us any longer or may quit soon.

We expect you to be more diligent in the future, be present if you are scheduled to be present, and be punctual. In case there is an emergency for which you have to be absent or need some time off, you should fill out the necessary formal documentation. You were told about this rule immediately after you joined and the same is also mentioned in your employee handbook.

If you continue exhibiting the same kind of behavior going forward, we will be forced to take sterner action against you and you could be also terminated as well. Additionally, if any other organization contacts us to check on your status of employment or give a reference, we will not hesitate to tell them the reason for your termination.

We would like you to get back to work as early as possible.

Ronald Brown

Sample #2 for Letter Of Non-Attendance


Letter of non attendance – sample 3

<Employee Name>

<Name of the Business or Company>

<Business Address>



<Employee Name>

<Employee Designation in the Company>

<Employee Address>

 Subject: Warning Letter

 Dear <Employee Name>

This letter aims to send you a formally documented reprimand for your delay to work on <Date>. You came to the office three hours late to work on this particular date and thus violated company rules related to employee attendance.

You did not furnish any written cause for coming late to work and simply told your superior that you overslept. This letter serves as a formal written warning as your superior has already given you a verbal warning during the past fortnight. The company expects all its employees to attend the office on time and be diligent in their work.

 This is to serve as a written warning, as you have already been giving a verbal warning in the past two weeks. We expect all employees to come to work on time and to be ready to work.

We attach great importance to attendance and regard it as a crucial factor, especially in your position. We aim to always provide effective and quick service to all our customers. On the other hand, your attendance issues are unacceptable to us. As we are an organization that deals with timely installation, we had to reschedule our route so that your tardiness could be accommodated.

As you arrived at the office late, someone else had to be allocated your work. They had to cover routes so that the missed service request could be made up. We tried to get in touch with you many times but did not succeed. We were also uncertain whether you would show up on that day or not. We want our employees to be dependable as the customers always expect that installers visit their homes according to scheduled appointments.

 Your late attendance has been a disservice to our consumers, as well as, the employees who had to cover for you. Further, this incident is not a stray one as you had been late to the workplace on several occasions in the recent past as well. It also appears that verbal counseling to you has been ineffective. As such, this letter is the only further warning you will get related to the issue. Being on time and proper attendance is essential for our organization’s overall functioning.

We will put a copy of this warning letter in your official personnel file. Please treat this as an urgent issue.


<Employer Signature>

<Employer’s printed Name>

<Business or Organization Name>

<Business or Company Name>

Sample #3 for Letter Of Non-Attendance
Sample #3 for Letter Of Non-Attendance


Letter of non attendance  sample 4


 <Employee Name>

 <Employee Address>

 Dear <Mr./Ms. Last Name>,

This letter aims to draw your attention to your absenteeism (attendance record) with the <Department Name>. It is also to admonish you for not succeeding in meeting the organization’s acceptable attendance standards.

Also, you are being warned of further disciplinary action in case your attendance is still in the same state. We have noted that your absences from the workplace are frequent occurrences. The management cannot depend on your irregular attendance on your services for the <Department Name>.

The value of your contribution has greatly reduced due to your unstable attendance. You were told at the time of joining that the organization attaches a great deal of importance to regular attendance at all levels.

We have summarized the day-wise leave usage below to show how you failed to report to work. From <Date> to <Date> you absconded from work without getting them authorized on <X> occasions during the working period of <Y> days.

The management opined that such absences indicate your continued reluctance to comply with the set rules and regulations related to the request for leave in advance. We would also like to point out that <Z Number> of your <Number of> absences were taken before and after holidays/weekends/scheduled days off.

Your superiors have verbally counseled you on various occasions while discussing this unaccepted attendance level. They have also told you how you failed to adhere to procedures while requesting leave.

You can discuss the issue with me in writing or person concerning this letter’s content. However, you have to do so within 7 (seven) calendar days.

You are requested to sign a copy of this letter suggesting your receipt and give it back to me. Your signature will simply indicate your acknowledgment of the letter. We will place a copy of this warning letter in your confidential personnel file.


<Appropriate Signature Authority>

___________________________________          __________

<Employee signature>                                                           <Date>

Sample #4 for Letter Of Non-Attendance
Sample #4 for Letter Of Non-Attendance


Letter of non attendance -sample 5

To: <Employee Name>

<Job Title>

<Work Address>

From: <Supervisor Name>

<Supervisor Title>


Subject: Formal warning for using sick leaves

Dear <Employee Name>

Treat this as a warning letter related to your continuing attendance issues. Your uneven attendance has started affecting other parts of your work, thus making the need for improvement even more pertinent.

Our attendance records suggest that since <Date>, you utilized ___ days in total on _____ occasions. Also, ____ occasions were before or after the weekends.

I communicated to you during our meeting on <Date> that your continued non-attendance has become a matter of grave concern. Although we have been trying hard, you have not succeeded in achieving a good level of attendance.

This letter will serve as a documented warning that if you continue to take excessive sick leaves, you need to produce a proper medical certificate henceforth. Your performance appraisal may also see a dip in rating in the “attendance” section. We sincerely hope that this letter will offer you the necessary incentive to improve the usage of your sick leaves.

A copy of this warning letter will also go into your personnel file for future reference.

Your timely presence at the workplace and good health are both very crucial to use and are necessary for the department to operate smoothly.

Thank you.

Alex Green

________________________________________ ________

 Employee’s Signature and Date

cc: Supervisory File

 Labor Relations

 Personnel File

Sample #5 for Letter Of Non-Attendance
Sample #5 for Letter Of Non-Attendance

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