Income Affidavit for Tax Purposes: How To, Templates & Examples

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You will almost certainly be required to file a documented affidavit of your net income and assets. Also, other conditions must be documented when filing for a passport, a bank loan, or monetary incentives or scholarship. This report is known as an income affidavit in the legal environment.

An income affidavit is indeed a signed affidavit, which is essential to note. You testify to the statement’s veracity and authenticity by signing it in front of a notary public or lawyer. The written statement is used by institutions to determine an individual’s economic ability or lack of it. Later, it is used to make intelligent choices.

What is an income affidavit?

Affidavit documentation validates your identifying records for authentication purposes and it is a legal document. It will include your full legal name, birth date, and age, as well as, in some cases, your Social Security Number. Affidavits must be signed in front of a notary by the affiant (the individual making the sworn statement).

A recorded legal affirmation of your or your family’s gross revenue from incomes, investments, securities, inherited wealth, assets, and pensions is called an income affidavit. Academic institutions use income affidavits from parents to assess a student’s financial assistance eligibility. Income affidavits are used by banks and financial firms to assess a person’s credit ratings. While determining a person’s visa qualifications, governments and embassies use income affidavits as a supporting document.

Wage workers are not always covered by income affidavits. Even if a person does not work or earn money, he or she can still fill out this form. Homemakers and adolescents who still live in homes can fall into this category. If you like to see how this template appears, you should look at it.

Affidavit forms can be found in a variety of situations.

  • It is also used in industry to verify a person’s financial stability when applying for a credit card or a company’s financial status.
  • It is commonly used as testimony in courts and investigations within the law profession.
  • In administrative and quasi-judicial cases, an affidavit form may be used as testimony.

What is the difference between an affidavit and a statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is an affidavit in the context of a document. It accomplishes the same goal. An affidavit differs from a constitutional declaration in that the latter is found in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Under the United States, an affidavit is used.

Who are the people involved in an affidavit?

The following people are involved in an affidavit:

  • Court: The jury or civil body who will receive the affidavit.
  • Affiant: The one who drafts and files the affidavit.
  • Oath Commissioner or Notary Public: Person who authenticates an affidavit by authorizing the affiant’s signature, signing it, and sealing it.
  • Witnesses: In most cases, two persons are expected to testify to the document’s authenticity.

Who is a notary or notary officer?

A notary acts as an unbiased third party and can legitimately validate the identities of those who are signing an affidavit. A notary would ask you to present a valid means of identification when you consult with them. Notaries are unable to provide legal advice, so refrain from seeking their advice on your situation.

What are some affidavit rules to remember?

  • The laws differ from one state to the next. In your country, financial affidavits can be referred to by a particular name.
  • Your divorce lawyer can just look over this affidavit for serious errors. You have to double-check that all of the data is correct and complete.
  • And after you’ve filed your financial affidavit with the judge, you can amend it if your financial conditions alter.

What are the guidelines of income affidavits?

Writing Income Affidavits from scratch is more difficult than using affidavit type models. However, no matter which form you use to carry out an income affidavit, try to follow the instructions below:

  • Be truthful about all personal accounts you have in your income affidavit.
  • Income affidavits are private documents that will only be read and checked by the organizations that have demanded them.
  • Income affidavits are official instruments. If the financial situation improves, notify the agency that requested the Income Affidavit. After that, request that the affidavit be amended. By doing so, you reduce the risk of being charged with perjury.
  • Before signing the affidavit, make sure you ask your counsel any doubts or clarifications you might have on what was written throughout it.

How to generate requirements while documenting affidavit of support income?

A sponsor is required for foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to another country, such as the United States. This supporter would be financially responsible for the immigrant’s help in the new land.

The supporter must submit an Affidavit of Support for the individual’s visa to be processed. Different states have different conditions for citizens who choose to approve a refugee.

An individual’s income level, annual revenue, and total family income are often included in these criteria. Check the existing regulations for the present year and evaluate the affidavit of assistance forms accessible on the government website. You must check them to get clear details about the salary standards that will apply to your case.

How to write an Income Affidavit?

Income affidavits, including monetary affidavit forms, may normally be accessed from the organization or establishments that need them. They will almost certainly use their regular paperwork that you will only have to fill out about the other forms you’ll need to apply and then have notarized.

If you wish to write your income affidavit, you can have the requested facts: 

  • your identification
  • place of residence
  • age
  • current annual paycheck (from jobs, company earnings, trusts, etc.)
  • date of the notary stamp
  • your stamp
  • signature or seal of your counsel

Affidavit writing is a straightforward method. Everything you have to do now is to make sure you meet the correct coding and style guidelines. To get acquainted, consider the following suggestions and exemplars:

  • Grammar: Writing in the first person is grammatically correct.
  • Introduction: Affidavits usually start with an overview of the writer’s history and the explanation for writing the document. First, provide your permanent federal name, profession, and email in this paragraph. And you will construct a paragraph or two on why you’re submitting the document.
  • Stay on topic: An affidavit isn’t a place for you to express yourself. It’s all about the truth. One evidence per section is recommended in particular. The amount of details you should include in your affidavit, though, is dependent on the scenario.
  • Your first sentence must be in the first person, and it must say that the affiant is pledging under the contract that the material in the declaration is right.
  • After that, compose assertions that could be backed up by proof.
  • Finally, the affiant’s signature, as well as the date, are needed. It is important to keep in mind that the affiant does not sign the form until they’re next to the notary.

The Writing of an Affidavit

  • Determine the kind of document you require- for example, do you need one for ethical or moral reasons?
  • Create the affidavit’s title and intent. Have the contact details of the individual giving the evidence (the affiant) in the title of the affidavit is a sworn declaration. If the document is to be presented in court, the caption of the case must be mentioned at the end.
  • If you have the names and addresses of the people concerned, write them down.

What are the samples of writing an income affidavit?

Sample 1: Cash Income Affidavit

I hereby affix copies of my tax returns for the two most recent pay periods for which self-employment tax records may have been filed (but were not needed to be filed). And, attest that the details contained therein are accurate and correct to the best of my understanding. Net revenue from the running of a company or occupation, including cash withdrawals from the business, is counted against income requirements for the Small Rental Assistance Program. Accelerated depreciation, costs to enlarge the company, and principal loan payments are not deductible.

Name of Business:

Type of Business:

Start Date:

Business Address:

Self-Employment Federal Tax Returns filed in the last two years:

 tax return income:

 $ (Year of)

 tax return income:

 $ (Year of)





  Anticipated Weekly Income


 x 52 Weeks =

I confirm that the evidence contained in this certification is valid and accurate to the best of my understanding under penalty of deceit. The hereby also acknowledges that presenting this information is a form of deception. A lease arrangement can be terminated if false, deceptive, or inaccurate information is provided.

Tenant Signature


Printed Name

 SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me on this the day of ,200 .


Sample #1 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes
Sample #1 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes


(Wait till the notary is available before signing.)

I, promise that I have read this document report and the evidence and facts presented in this document are true, factual. They are full to the best of my understanding and belief. I realize that if I do not say the truth, I may face felony charges.

Affiant Signature

Sworn before me and signed in my presence this day of , DD-MM-YYYY .

Notary Public Signature

Sample #2 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes

Sample 3: Zero Income Affidavit




I, ___________________________________________, swear or affirm that I currently do not

have any income of any kind.

I, ___________________________________________, swear or affirm that my dependent child,

__________________________________________, does not have any income of any kind.

I (or my dependent child) do not have any current income because:


I (or my dependent child) do not have any documents to explain no income because:







Signature of Applicant or Parent or Legal Guardian

Sample #3 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes

Sample 4: Self-declaration of Family Income Affidavit


I, the undersigned_____________________ (Name) ___________________________ (Surname)

born in _____________________ on _____________________________ and resident in


address _________________________________________________________________________

city _______________________________ country ______________________________________

declare that my family income is as follows:

Total Household Members:


Total Household Income per year (gross amount)


List of any documents attached:

Date _______________ Signature ____________________________


I, the undersigned_____________________ (Name) ___________________________ (Surname)

born in _____________________ on _____________________________ and resident in


address _________________________________________________________________________

city _______________________________ country ______________________________________

aware of my duty in the event of a false statement, and aware that if the given evidence is discovered to be false, the profit will be revoked.


All information on my family’s earnings is accurate and complete, and I understand that Banca Intesa San Paolo reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information given.

Date _______________ Signature ____________________________

Sample #4 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes
Sample #4 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes

Sample 5: No income expenditure Income Affidavit

Household Name: ___________________________________Unit No: ____________________

Development Name: _________________________________City:_______________________

1. I hereby confirm that I do not derive revenue from any of following sources on a personal level:

a. Wages earned by work (including commissions, tips, bonuses, fees, etc.),

b. Profits on a business; 

c. Rent from real or personal property; 

d. Interest or dividends on assets; 

e. Social Security contributions, annuities, insurance plans, retirement accounts, etc.

f. Poverty or disabled payments; 

g. Public entitlements; 

h. Occasional allowances such as alimony, child care, or donations earned from members of my household; 

i. Revenue from self-employed assets (Avon, Mary Kay, Shaklee, and so on); 

j. Some other source not listed above.

2. I personally have no source of income and do not anticipate any significant changes in my financial or job situation in the next 12 months.

3. To pay for rent and other needs, I would use the following sources of funds:



I confirm that the evidence contained in this certification is valid and correct to the best of my knowledge under penalty of perjury. The undersigned also understands that making false statements herein is considered a form of fraud. A lease arrangement can be terminated if false, deceptive, or inaccurate information is provided.


Sample #5 for Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes
Income Affidavit For Tax Purposes

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