Top Reminder Email Template for Credit Card Companies

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What are reminder emails?

Reminder emails are a business imperative in the digital world. All business verticals make use of the reminder email template in more than one way for business communication. When formal communication takes place between two parties, emailing the stakeholders is a common practice throughout the industry. Different departmental heads normally mail each other and prefer to stick to the polite format of writing their message.

For instance, to write an email internally, a sales head makes use of a reminder email template for clearance of bills for his business trip. Similarly, in external business communication, reminder emails are sent to customers or clients to make payment for the service utilized. An email sent to remind the receiver about a subject is referred to as a reminder email. The reminder email template should always convey the communication or message politely.

Uses of reminder email template

Information appears professional and easily understandable with the help of an email template. Rather than sending an informal email with bits and pieces of information, the majority of senders prefer to use reminder email templates. A reminder email template helps the recipient under the communication without posing any confusion. The template format helps in keeping uniformity in communication and make it look professional.

Reminder emails work best for sending email communication to a large number of senders. Whether it a corporate office, an onsite location, governmental body, or informal business, or e-commerce venture reminder email can be sent to any type of recipient around diverse subjects and tasks. Reminder emails are extensively used for marketing and promotional purposes, as well.

Here are some of the common tasks carried out with the help of a reminder email template.

  1. Subscription reminder email for the usage of a commercial service.
  2. Payment reminder email to clear off the pending amount of a service rendered.
  3. Reminder email cum invite of an event or promotional program.
  4. Reminder email to make use of deals and discounts for customers.
  5. Reminder to attend a webinar, meeting, conference, and reap benefits.
  6. An email reminder to power marketing and promotion efforts of a company.

Reminder emails often become an integral part of some products and services used by the customers. Especially for payments and subscription fees, many products integrate email reminder templates sender to nudge customers. As per industry standard, with regard to product and service offering, an email reminder is sent to the recipient as per a defined cycle. It is a sporadic activity, which helps in renewing product subscriptions.

Like this, reminder email templates are part of various other ecosystems. While in most cases, the communication of a reminder email template is observed as polite and interactive.

How to make a reminder email template

Reminder emails are better written in template format. It helps the sender to stick to a structure and make fewer errors. Before writing a reminder email template, ensure that the purpose of the email is clear. In the next step, figure out the limits of customization that will be required before sending it.

Write down the matter as precisely as possible, as a draft. Think upon it more and jot down the fields. If necessary, consult other stakeholders too, before zeroing upon the fields. Now, write the matter field-wise. Double-check the character length you should maintain while writing the reminder email template. In several instances, email reminder templates are auto-sent and thus, the scope of customization should be decided in the beginning.

However, if sending a reminder email is a temporary task, then customization can be easily executed. Yet, choosing the necessary fields should be considered. It will help in giving the reminder email a professional and comprehensible look.

Reminder email templates in credit card companies

Credit card companies operate across states and countries. There are multiple credit-related products and services which are present in their ecosystem. Many customers forget to make timely payment of credit card services. Since the payment for the credit card is made post usage, calling each customer to make payment is an impractical procedure. Accordingly, the usage and application of reminder email template is a standard practice. The email reminder template can be system-generated or manual.

Most of the time, credit card companies send email reminders for these reasons:

  1. Initial payment reminder, which is sent before the due date.
  2. Actual payment reminder- sent on the due date.
  3. Email reminder when payment is overdue for more than 7 days,
  4. Final email reminder before service disruption

Credit card companies normally have automated email reminder responses configured for customers. Against the base, the reminder emails, which are in the form of the template are sent in regular intervals.

Top reminder email template for credit card companies

An email reminder template is preferred by the credit card companies over customized email reminders since the customer base is fairly large. There are millions of customers who use credit cards and make payments. The email communication around the usage thus should be simple, short, and precise, and automated. While writing a reminder email template, writing the message clearly is recommended. However, jumping on the message can miss the target audience. Avoid being too direct and plain and keep the language as professional as you can.

While sending an email reminder, the reputation of the credit card company is also at stake. Hence, being too direct or harsh for payment collection should also be avoided. Rather than pressurizing the customer, it is better to remind them of a long association or suggesting ways to reaching for a solution to make payment.

Some reminder email templates scenarios for credit card companies are sent in the below scenarios:

Scenario 1: Reminder email for payment before the due date

  • Choose a concise subject line- mention invoice/bill number
  • Start with a greeting
  • Explain the purpose of email reminder
  • Clarify billing information
  • Express gratitude for association
  • Signature

Scenario 2: Reminder email for payment one day before the due date

  • Choose a concise subject line- mention invoice/bill number
  • Start with a greeting
  • Explain the sequel of reminder
  • Clarify billing information
  • Express gratitude for association
  • Include a link for payment
  • Signature

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Scenario 3: Reminder email for payment 7 days after the due date

  • Choose a concise subject line- mention invoice/bill number
  • Start with a greeting
  • Explain the sequel of reminder
  • Clarify billing information
  • Express gratitude for the association and include a link for payment
  • Signature

Scenario 4: Reminder email for payment 14 days after the due date

  • Choose a concise subject line- mention invoice/bill number
  • Start with a greeting
  • Explain the reason for the email reminder
  • Clarify billing information
  • Mention date for credit card discontinuation in case of non-payment
  • Express gratitude for the association and include a link for payment
  • Signature

Reminder email templates are sent to customers in the above scenarios from a credit card company. Reminder email templates should be written in the simplest of manners. For example, here is a given a sample to start with:

Subject line: XYZ credit card statement- bill due date period – Invoice number

Email body:

Hi <name of customer>,

Greetings from <company name>

Your credit card bill statement for the period <start date/end date> is pending for payment on <date of payment>. We request you to make the payment before the due date to avoid late payment charges.

For any kind of assistance, pls call our customer care for help. We value your association with our company.

Pls, view your statement here <link>. Make a payment on this <link>.

Warm regards

<Company name>


End note

Many customers forget making the payment due to genuine reasons, while others choose to skip due to unknown reasons. There are people who willfully default on making payments- such customers are separately handled by the collection department of the company. However, customers who regularly pay as per usage, respond back within a day or two. They may falter in making on-time payment but they eventually, after a series of reminder emails, they clear all payments.

Reminder emails are the best way to communicate with customers for payments. It is the most professional form of communication between the company and the customer. A reminder email works in multiple ways in which customization of communication is also possible. Usage of a static template is also widely accepted in the reminder email template of credit card companies. The communication can be scheduled for automatic push with the help of a reminder email template. This is why there is less ambiguity over email delivery. Through data, it can also be analyzed how many customers read the email reminder. The scenarios for sending reminder emails are still evolving. Product-specific changes are pushing credit card companies to find innovative ways for collections. While reminder emails lead the way, since about 45% of customers reportedly fasten up payment after receiving the email.

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