Step-By-Step Instructions for Changing Your PayPal Email On eBay

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Most of the transactions in today’s modern world have moved online. E-business dominates the global scene rather than old-fashioned ‘Brick and Mortar’ stores.

Gigantic e-commerce corporations such as eBay, have redefined selling by encouraging ‘customer to customer’ and ‘business to customer’ modes of selling. They give consumers the facility of online shopping and online auctions.

The products’ deliveries are made via couriers or errand boys, and the payments are becoming contactless. There is no physical interaction between the buyers and the sellers on eBay. Various online platforms have sprung up to facilitate pace and ease of transactions and make financial dealings seamless. ‘Paypal’ is among these platforms used by the buyers and the sellers of eBay. The users have to create an account by typing in their email ID to receive and make payments. They can also link their eBay and Paypal accounts. The moment they log on to their eBay account, the Paypal automatically gets activated. This reduces extra hassle for the buyer to enter the details each time he logs on to eBay.

However, the user, for any reason, might feel or face a situation when the account holder needs to change his primary email ID.

For instance, the account holder might have made an error in creating an account on eBay, or his Paypal account got hacked. It is even possible that he wants to retire his old account or wishes to switch over to a different bank.

Logging in

When creating a Paypal account, we feed in personal information as —email ID, phone number, and address. If we are an active user of Paypal other than eBay, we do lots of transactions through it. Each time we make or receive a payment, all our personal information, including our email ID, gets transmitted to the other party.

If we have multiple email IDs for the various parties, then notifications of every transaction that we do, get broadcasted to everybody on our list. Indirectly our Paypal financial status almost goes into a mini—public domain. It is quite unpalatable, and nobody would like to share this sensitive information with unconcerned and remotely known parties. So, it becomes a very potent reason to change or edit our primary email address on eBay.

If the user decides to change his email ID, it is mandatory to log in to his account on the Paypal website. For this, we need to go to ‘My eBay’ and search for the PayPal section there.

How to change PayPal email on eBay

To modify or edit the existing account, we need to follow a set and preformatted procedure as follows:

  1. As the first step, we need to navigate our web browser and log in to our Paypal account. We do so by filling in our email Id and the password in the required fields. If we have auto-saved this information beforehand, it obviates the need to fill in these fields each time we log in to our Paypal account.
  2. After we have securely logged into our Paypal account, the ‘Home Page’ opens with our photograph in the top left corner. On the left corner, we will see a few fields like summary, activity, payment methods. Different icons can be viewed as a bell, settings logo, and log out button on the right-hand corner. Among the three icons on the left, we click on the ‘settings’ button, which is in the middle, gray and shaped like a gear.
  3. After clicking on the ‘settings’ button, a new page opens, containing all our personal information. It has details like name, email ID, address, phone number, purpose code etc. When we go to the personal information section, we will see the email field, and there will be a small arrow in front of it. As we tap on this arrow, then all the email IDs that we have created will appear. Amongst those IDs, the address on the top is our primary email ID, which we want to change.
  4. The words’ primary email address’ would be inscribed under it. In front of our email Id, there would be a ‘plus’ sign. We need to click on this ‘plus’ symbol to create a new email ID.
  5. By clicking on the ‘plus’ sign, we would navigate our way to a new screen where add a new email ID. We have two email IDs in our account—the primary (former) and the secondary (latter). Click on ‘add’ email field on the left corner beneath the main domain to finish the procedure.
  6. For the next step, we are guided back to our’ Home Page,’ and now we will view two email IDs instead of one. The word ‘primary, is written under the former ID, and ‘Unconfirmed’ is written under the second one. We have now created a new Email ID, but it has to be confirmed to complete the email address change.

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  • To confirm our new email ID, we have to switch over to our Gmail account. After we have logged in to our Gmail account, we would notice that a new welcome mail has been sent to us by Paypal, which requires us to confirm our new Gmail address. We open and scroll down to the bottom of the mail and click on the field-Confirm your email address.
  • After clicking, the confirmation of the address is over, the system will ask us the Paypal account password, which we have already set before. Once again, there will be a field-confirm the email address, and we need to click on that. This step verifies the information.
  • We need to log in to the Home page to check whether the process of changing the email ID is successful or not. Once again, we go to the settings button and click there. We will notice that under the second or the new email ID, now the word ‘unconfirmed’ will no longer be visible as it was previously.
  • There will be two words in a single field in front of the second email ID- edit or remove. If we wish to edit this ID again, we have the liberty of doing so. It will also ask us if we would like to make this new ID as our primary ID for receiving notifications. If yes, this can be done by clicking on the tab-change your email address.
  • To check the process’s completion, we go back to our ‘Home Page’ and notice that our second email address has become our primary address for receiving notifications. The word ‘Primary’ is written under it.
  • If we want, we can remove the old email ID from our account, and it will not be visible in our account details.


An account holder might feel the need to change his email ID because the old partner has decided to quit, and so there is a change in the partnership status. In that case, we have to keep in mind that the new email ID should reflect our financial details or those of business, not those of the old partner. We have to make sure that under ‘Payments’ head of future listings, the new email ID is prominently visible and not the previous ID, which also included the financial details of the old partner.

An important thing to be kept in mind is that the Paypal address is by default hard-coded in all the listings once submitted. Logically, the next course of action would be to edit all such active listings.

It would not be wise to edit all listings that are accompanied by a bid or the ones where we are expecting a cash flow. The Paypal will fail to recognize the new email ID as the primary ID for receiving payments. The logo of ‘Sandglass’ would falsely show that the payment is getting processed, but the Paypal would not identify the payment route. It would be practical to add or create a new email ID to their current Paypal account unless all our listings accompanied by a bid are paid for and squared. This way, all our active listings and probable relist listings would get edited. The parties can make payment to either email IDs, and the money will safely reach the account holder with no glitches.

The users have to be mindful that the registered email ID for Paypal never changes on its own. The change has to be manually modified and updated by the users themselves. People who are not very familiar with Paypal and eBay’s working usually commit an inadvertent error. They change their email ID on Paypal but forget to do the same on eBay. So, they face the problem of delayed, suspended, or missing payments. The flow of funds gets blocked, and it becomes imperative to fix the problem by changing or adding a new email ID. On eBay, we can add up to eight addresses in one account. The users can follow the detailed step by step discussion on how to change PayPal email on eBay.

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