Daycare Thank You Letter to Parents: How To, Templates & Examples

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Daycares are places where you leave your children to be attended to if you are otherwise occupied. They provide a place for the child to stay and also provide basic schooling for kids. Trust is an important factor in these institutions. Trust, again goes both ways. Just like the parents trust the daycare to take good care of their children, the daycare must also trust the fact that the parents feel confident about the daycare. Such trust deserves to the appreciated with a Daycare thank you letter to parents.

What is a Daycare thank you letter to parents?

A Daycare thank you letter to parents is an acknowledgment of the trust the parents have placed on the daycare to take good care of their children. The Daycare thank you letter to parents vindicates that trust and also makes the parents feel good about their decision.

Why must you send a Daycare thank you letter to parents?

There are a lot of organizations that offer daycare services. But the parents you are thanking have chosen your daycare center for this. This augurs a heartfelt thank you. The best way to express this gratitude is by writing a Daycare thank you letter to parents? They have placed that trust due to the good work your daycare has been doing. While it is important to celebrate this, it is also equally important to attribute some of the success to the parents who did their part.

The Daycare thank you letter to parents also conveys the amount of respect you hold for such parents. Although not the objective of the letter, it also serves as an endorsement for your daycare. When you take care of your wards properly and also the parents by thank them earnestly, word of mouth does spread.

When should you send a Daycare thank you letter to parents?

There is no fixed time to send the Daycare thank you letter to parents. You can send the Daycare thank you letter to parents whenever something important happens at the daycare. For example an event organized for the benefit of the children. You can also send the Daycare thank you letter to parents without any significant event. It can simply be a letter to thank the parents on their choice and trust.

There is no other agenda to this letter except to thank the parents.

How to write a Daycare thank you letter to parents?

The Daycare thank you letter to parents must be to the point and concise. This is not a formal letter and can also include anecdotes pertaining to the child which only the daycare and the parents are privy to.

An Opening address:

The opening statement clearly lays out the purpose of the letter. You have a choice here on how informal you want your letter to be. You can either address the parents as Mr and Mrs or you can call them by their names. You can also include the name of the child in the letter. Although, you are not going to be thanking the child in the letter, you can include his or her name.

Thank you statement:

The Daycare thank you letter to parents should include a clear thank you statement. The statement should be unambiguous and clear. It could read something like this: “Thank you for trusting us to take care of your child”. 

You can also use the child’s name in the letter to make it more personal.


You can start by mentioning why you are thankful to the parents. You can also write in this section some traits of the child which you have found endearing. You can also include some of the pranks the kid has played. If you have observed any particular attribute in which the child has grown significantly you include that in this section.

You can elaborate on some of the things your daycare has been doing to improve the care given to the kids. But do remember to mention these things only briefly. Keep in mind that the Daycare thank you letter to parents has only purpose. And that is to thank the parents.

If you have additional points to add pertaining to any upcoming events you can include them as a separate addendum to this letter.

Final Thank you statement:

The Daycare thank you letter to parents must end with another note of thanks. The final thank you statement is very important. This statement will be the last sentence to be read by the parents and will leave a lasting impression. It also serves as a reinforcement of the gratitude you are feeling for the parents.

Closing statement:

The letter must end with a statement similar to “Looking forward to serving you in the future as well”. Or if you are inviting the parents to an event you can say “Hope to see you soon at the XYZ event”. The letter must be signed with your name prefixed with a statement like “Sincerely” or “Warm regards”.

What are some tips to keep in mind while writing a Daycare thank you letter to parents?

Keep the letter short and precise. Aim for a page and not more. The objective is to just thank the parents and that is it.

Keep the language simple. This is not a formal letter since you know the parents well. The Daycare thank you letter to parents can be personalized so that the parents get a feeling of exclusivity. You can address them by name for starters. You can include personal details pertaining to the kid and also include some moments you know the parents will cherish.

If you are planning to invite the parents for an event organized by the daycare, include the details of the event in a separate letter. Do not club the two together. The Daycare thank you letter to parents must be uniquely able to express your gratitude towards the parents. You can mention the event briefly in your thank you letter and mention that a separate letter will contain more details.

If you are writing this Daycare thank you letter to parents in response to a correspondence initiated by the parents mention that you are responding to their letter. You can mention this in your opening statement.

In case you are writing to the parents about a past event in which either the parents or the children participated you can mention the following. You can appreciate their participation and preparedness. If you have any pictures or photographs of the event you can include a copy along with the letter.

The best way to make the parents feel special is by making the Daycare thank you letter to parents handwritten. That way they can preserve the letter like a memento. Although there is no rule prohibiting you from typing the letter on the computer, a handwritten letter adds an old world charm. Refrain as much as possible from sending the thank you note as an email.

Thank the parents with a lovely thank you letter

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What are some of the examples of Daycare thank you letter to parents?

Example 1

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I am writing this letter to Thank you for choosing XXX Daycare Centre for your beloved child, Anna. We understand that you want the best Daycare Centre for your child, and we can assure you that we will live up to your expectations.

In our childcare Centre we are committed to providing a safe and clean environment to the children. Safety is our priority and under no circumstances do we compromise on that. Our classrooms are fun and interactive with lots of activities to keep the children engaged. We also have an outdoor play area where the children can play freely and explore nature. We have experienced teachers who focus on the overall development of the child. Our teachers are friendly and caring and give personal attention to each child.

As parents, we love our children so deeply, and we want them to be treated with utmost care. We can assure you that our staff truly cares about Anna and we will provide the best guidance and support to her. Once again, I want to take this opportunity to Thank you for sharing your child with us.

Yours Truly,

Sarah Mathew.


XXX Daycare Centre

Sample #1 for Daycare thank you letter to parents

Example 2

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I want to take a moment to Thank you for choosing XXX Daycare Centre for your little boy, Joe. We know choosing a Daycare Centre is not an easy task, as you want the best for your child. So, Thank you for entrusting us with the responsibility of looking after your child.

At XXX Daycare Centre our teachers, staff members and care givers are very warm and friendly. Your child will feel at home and will enjoy spending his time here. We have the infrastructure and the facilities to provide a fun learning experience to your child.

At XXX Daycare Centre, we believe only when the parents and the daycare staff work in tandem and are in sync, the best care is provided. We always want your feedback and your preferences when it comes to your child. With that in mind, I would like to extend an invitation to your husband and yourself to come and have tea with us tomorrow at 4 PM. We can discuss more about Joe’s likes and dislikes in that conversation.

Once again, thank you for choosing us to assist you. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Warm Regards,

Harry Clifford

XXX Daycare Centre

Sample #2 for Daycare thank you letter to parents

Example 3

Dear Parents,

We wish to Thank you for your continuous support to our Daycare Centre. Our dedication to you and your child is very important to us. We are committed to provide your child with the best of facilities and quality education. And this wouldn’t have been possible without your cooperation and support.

We received a lot of requests from parents to provide meals in our Daycare Centre facility. We value your requests, and we have decided to introduce a meal program for our little angels. Nutritious meal is extremely important for the growth and development of the child. And hence, we have consulted a Nutritionist who specializes in Child Nutrition to develop a meal plan. The details of the meal plan is attached. Please do share your feedback and suggestions, and we will certainly implement them.

Our endeavor is to provide a delightful experience to our children in our Daycare. Thank you for trusting us with your child and allowing us to be a part of his/her daily life.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry Smith.


XXX Daycare

Sample #3 for Daycare thank you letter to parents

Example 4

Dear Parents,

I am writing this letter to Thank you for choosing XXX Daycare for your child. We believe that it’s a huge responsibility to provide a safe atmosphere to children, and we can assure you that we will not disappoint you.

As a mother of two beautiful children, I understand the importance and value of trusting a provider to care for your child. You can trust us to provide the best care to your little angel. At XXX Daycare, we are committed to provide a warm, friendly and loving environment to your child. Our beautiful classrooms, our outdoor play areas, our experienced teachers, our gentle care givers work together as one big family. We provide a home-like environment to the children so that they enjoy spending their time with us.

When you enroll your child at XXX Daycare you can be rest assured that your child is under good care. Thank you once again for choosing us and believing in us.

Yours Truly,

Mary Mathew.

Founder and Director,

XXX Daycare.

Sample #4 for Daycare thank you letter to parents

Example 5

Dear Parents,

On behalf of all the teachers at XXX Daycare we would like to Thank you for the wonderful notes, letters, and mementos you sent on “Teachers Day”. All the teachers are truly touched and overwhelmed. We can’t Thank you enough for this kind gesture.

We take pride in our teachers who go beyond and above to take care of each and every child. Our teachers make sure every child feels at home while focusing on their overall development. We feel extremely proud and honored when parents praise our teachers and recognize their efforts. Appreciation form parents motivate us to further improve our standards and strive for excellence.

Please continue to extend your support. We are grateful that you have chosen us to be a part of your child’s daily routine. Thank you once again, and we look forward to an enjoyable experience with your child.

Many Thanks,

Robert Wilson,

 XXX Daycare.

Sample #5 for Daycare thank you letter to parents

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