Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award: How To, Templates & Examples

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What is a “Thank You” letter for receiving an award?

A “Thank You” letter is an undeniable marker of the opulence in your personality. It is always advisable to write a letter after you receive any award, big or small. It shows your appreciation towards the organizers. The letter also displays your humility and a certain depth of character. It shows your solidarity with the movers and shakers of your field.

The organizers will be more inclined to keep in touch with you if you reach out to them first. They will easily slip into your social contacts and will come in handy if necessary. Writing a letter to thank the sponsors will keep you closer to the action in your field of expertise. It will help you be in the thick of things without much effort.

When do you write a “Thank You” letter for receiving an award?

It is considered a common decency to write a letter thanking the organizers after the actual award ceremony. It is also acceptable to write the letter after announcement but before actually receiving it. If your award is announced in a journal or newsletter, you can send a letter to thank the coordinator right away.

Do not think twice about appearing overzealous about receiving the honor. It is well deserved, and you are well within the normal human emotional sphere if you come across as excited about receiving it. If you missed writing the letter after receiving the award, you need not fret. Better late than never. You can write a thanking letter late, but not as an afterthought.

Whatever your disposition, find samples here you can use as a template to write that perfect thanking letter for receiving an award.

Tips to write the “Thank You” letter for receiving an award

  • Be open and honest: Feel free to talk from your heart and explain that the award means a great deal to you. If you know anyone on the advisory committee, you can specifically mention and thank them. Since this is not a business letter, you can appear warm and caring.
  • Gratitude is the name of the game: Irrespective of the magnitude of the award, it is a step in the right direction to acknowledge your work. Be vocal about how thankful you are to receive the award.
  • Tread the personal / professional line deliberately: Be prepared to write from a place of cordiality and fondness, especially if you know anyone on the committee personally. Embrace your friendship and be willing to cultivate new friends through the experience of receiving the award.
  • Name a few luminaries: It is quite acceptable to name a few of the previous recipients to highlight the reach of the award. It will give the advisory committee a new zeal to continue their constructive efforts.
  • Appreciate the sponsor or organizer’s work: It is good etiquette to familiarize yourself with the sponsor’s sphere of work. You will gain insight into what drives them to do what they do. Do not refrain from mentioning it in your thanking letter.
  • Explain how it helps you: They appreciate knowing the award was a good investment for them. They will be glad to know their contribution has helped as a positive reinforcement for professionals in their field of interest.
  • Avoid false modesty: Claim the impact your work has on your field of trade with pride. But do not indulge in a humble brag. People will see through it instantly.
  • Mention other finalists: If there are other professionals in the trade that were considered for the honor, be liberal in mentioning their names and their achievements. It will convey your empathetic bent of mind to the people in charge.
  • Acknowledge everyone’s contributions: Success seldom is the result of a lone person’s efforts. Be generous in thanking the team you worked with. Dwell lightly on the participation of your family and friends.
  • Mention your plans: Conclude with how your work might align with the interests of the sponsors. You might gain more than just the award, if they have other plans for your experience and expertise.


Here are a few samples to put you on the right track to writing a thanking letter for receiving an award. Feel free to modify these letters to suit your needs.

1. “Best employee” award

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A commonly used motivational tool in any business’ arsenal is the best employee award. It is an undeniable positive reinforcement for employee morale. Please help yourself to this sample that address this award and change it to suit your requirements.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I am extremely happy to receive the “Best Employee” award instituted by our company. It is nothing less than an absolute honor, and I must admit it took me aback. I am grateful for being recognized and I intend to live up to the level of success this award demands.

I am well on my way to implementing a new strategy to improve the efficiency of my team. This award will go a long way in slotting the new mechanism into place.

I would also like to duly recognize my team (name the members) on whom my success rides. I look forward to working with cross-functional teams to boost our overall efficiency.

Thank you again for this prestigious recognition.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Sample #1 for Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award

2. Employee bonus/ raise award

A great gesture to boost employee loyalty is to hand out a bonus after the successful completion of a project or after hitting a different milestone. If you find yourself at the receiving end of such an award, here is how you can write a letter to thank your management.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I am writing to let you know of my gratitude for being awarded the employee bonus. It is an absolute privilege to be considered among the most competent in our company. I treasure this award as a precursor to greater achievements that lie before me.

I realize that I now stand among the professional stars that our company has produced over the years. I will strive to rise and reach the heights that they have reached.

I attribute my success to the diligence of my teammates and their accommodating nature.

Hoping to bring you more victories.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award

3. “Best student” award

One of the fondest accolades you will receive in your life is the “Best student” award. It could be at school or university. Here is a sample of how you can write a memorable thanking letter to show your appreciation to the sponsors.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I am tremendously happy to receive the Best Student award for this academic year. This is among the most significant events of my student career and I shall look at this day with great fondness.

This award will propel me towards my set goal of (mention your line of work). I appreciate the academic contributions made by your company towards the same. I look forward to working with you on the several related projects.

I write this letter to pledge the rest of my academic trajectory to the betterment of this field of study. It is an honor to be named among my heroes who have benefited from your kindness.

Thank you again for your support and the accompanying generosity.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Sample #3 for Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award

4. “Best educator” award

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Being a teacher is an award in itself. You have molded the minds of the future generation with grace and measured intellect. If you find yourself receiving an award for your tenacity, then here is a sample letter to thank the organizers for their generosity.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I would like to thank you for bestowing an award I will always treasure, upon me. I have spent the last couple of decades teaching young, receptive minds with great delight. It is only fitting that the “Best educator” award sits atop my humbling experiences as a crown jewel.

I am particularly indebted to the advisory board for nominating me for this eminent award. Receiving this award will bolster my efforts to impart knowledge to impressionable minds.

I thank you for your encouragement. And I am honored by your trust in me. I wish you well and hope you continue to encourage educators to reach their highest potential.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Sample #4 for Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award

5. “Industrialist of the year” award

Industrialists are seldom thought of as a force in shaping the future. But there are organizations that identify and foster a successful business. If you are among those so recognized, go ahead and use the below sample to thank the sponsors of the award.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I am delighted to be the recipient of the “Industrialist of the year” award. This has come as a pleasant surprise, considering that I am relatively new to the playing field.

I assure you that this award will serve as a great motivator for all my future projects. I will strive to tread the path shown by my moral compass, while making the world a better place to live.

I concede that I stand on the shoulder of the giants of this profession. I acknowledge all those who have come before me. I would also like to thank my team who have unfaltering faith in the future we dream to build.

I am convinced that your organization will display great tenacity in promoting promising professionals in our line of work.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Sample #5 for Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award

6. “Doctor’s choice” award

Being nominated by your peers for a distinguished award is a measure of respect you have cultivated for yourself among them. Be sure to express your gratitude to your coworkers along with the institution that bestows you with the award. Here is a sample to take you through the process of writing such a thanking letter.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I accept the honor of the “Doctor’s choice” award with great pleasure and professional pride. I cannot put to words how elated I am to be chosen as an archetype for my illustrative colleagues. I thank all the members of the board for my unanticipated nomination.

I assure you that the spirit of this award will be the cornerstone in structuring a better practice for all medical professionals. In the past, this award has catapulted visionary professionals to unforeseen heights. You have my commitment to live up to the stature of this award in everyday practice.

I am grateful to be affiliated with an esteemed organization like yours. I look forward to working with you on our shared interests.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Sample #7 Thank You Letter For Receiving an Award

7. “Dynamic entrepreneur of the year” award

Entrepreneurship is for the resolute and ingenious. It is a litmus test of a person’s business acumen and technical skills. Keeping your vision on the general good, is the suggested tone to use while writing a thank-you letter for receiving this award. You are welcome to read through the following sample and refashion it to suit your needs.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Organizer’s name)

I am ecstatic to be the recipient of the “Dynamic entrepreneur of the year”. It is an absolute honor that I will cherish for the rest of my career. The award caught me by surprise, but I shall live up to the new standards drawn up for me.

The “Dynamic entrepreneur of the year award” has sparked a flame of a certain magnitude that will only be matched by the efforts I will put towards fanning it. I am glad to report to you that the social responsibility we assume is gathering pace and your moral investments will bear fruits.

Being affiliated with your crew feels like being part of a winning team. I hope to retain your confidence in me for years to come.

Yours sincerely (Your signature)

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