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Sample letter to in laws

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Relationships are the most fundamental links in our lives. As soon as we are born, we become someone’s child. We have a mother, a father, our grandparents, our siblings and so on. The only thing which matters the most is having your loved ones near you. Appreciating your loved ones is not a Herculean task. Being with them and appreciating their presence in your life is like a blessing. Giving value to your near and dear ones is a good sign, shows your commitment and dedication towards that relationship.

And one such relationship which belongs to a completely different side your life is the relationship you will share with your in-laws. After marriage, you begin a new life, you embark on a new journey of life with new family, some old friends, a lot of new relations. And it is in this very phase of your life that you encounter with your in-laws. Before you can look into a few thank you letter to your in-laws sample, understanding the importance of such a letter is vital.

Why do you need to thank your relatives?

Irrespective of the relationship you share, being appreciated by our loved ones is always a plus. You feel special, you feel cared for and most importantly you feel wanted. Having your near and dear ones is a blessing. And appreciating them is a true blessing indeed. Your respect, appreciation, gratitude is all reflected in that one gesture when you choose to write a thank you letter for your relatives, especially your in laws.

Always be grateful for the relations you have. Not everyone is lucky enough to cherish relatives who genuinely care for your well-being. Hence it becomes all the more important to make them feel special and loved and especially taken care of. Feel lucky to be surrounded by people whose happiness depends on your happiness. Feel blessed to have people who smile when you smile- who stand by you no matter what time of the day. Relatives are such a blessing in life. And appreciating and thanking your relatives is, metaphorically speaking, thanking the Almighty for bestowing this life on us. So be grateful and make your relatives feel special.

Why a thank you letter to InLaws?

A letter is indeed a traditional form of communication. In the modern world, where laptops, computers, smartphones have taken over our lives, writing a letter is considered to be old age and traditional. Letters have their own charm. They feel more personal, sweet, and expressive. The words in your letters matter the most. Letters are indeed important, even if it is traditional. Their importance is still more than the digital mode of communication.

A thank you letter for in laws will always help you in the longer run of life. You meet your in laws only after you get married. InLaws are those relatives with whom you meet after marriage. Technically they exist, but they come in your life only after you get married. The relative of your spouse comprises your InLaws. And once you are married, the in laws will be your extended family.

And being a part of the new extended family, it is important to establish, build and maintain a healthy relationship with your InLaws. You do not want to upset your spouse in any way.

InLaws help you in different ways. They help you understand the upbringing of your spouse in many ways than you can imagine. They help you understand the intricate workings of a new household. You get help in your wedding preparations. They are a part of your extended family and are equally important.

A thank you letter for InLaws can help you develop and build a relationship with them. Their presence means the world to your spouse and making them your priority will always keep you in the good books of your extended family. You can appreciate their presence during the biggest day of your life. You can thank them for helping you adjust in a new family. Also, for welcoming you to a new phase of life, for understanding your demands and needs, and to be a part of your life.

Thank you letter

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How to write a thank you letter to in-laws sample?

Having understood the importance of writing a thank you letter to InLaws, here are a few pointers which can help you get the perfect thank you letter to in laws sample.

  • The reason of writing the letter should be clear. You want to say thank you to your in-laws but you do not want to sound boring. Be genuine and write the letter.
  • Keep the letter short, simple, and sweet. You do not want to keep on writing to fill pages. You want your message of thank you to be communicated in a way they understand the letter and not get confused. Avoid the use of ornamental words, lengthy sentences, and jargon. Keep the letter simple and concise.
  • Mention the name of the recipient of the letter. While you are writing the letter, it is important to mention the name of the person the letter is addressed to. Especially when it is a thank you letter to in laws, writing the name of the person will make it more personal and approachable.
  • Write a neat and clean letter. You may opt to type the thank you letter, or you may opt for a handwritten letter. Irrespective of the type, ensure the letter is presentable, neat, and there should not be double writing and spelling errors.
  • The letter should be in A4 size of paper. Avoid use of a torn piece of paper from your notebook to write your letter.
  • Check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. And make the changes before sending across the thank you letter to in laws.
  • Keep the letter personal and genuine so that your feelings are reflected in the letter. Write in your own words if possible. Add a small anecdote or a memory or a moment you have shared with your in law and mention the same in the letter to make it more personal.
  • Remember you are writing the letter to thank your in law and not to boast about your own personal achievements. It is important to keep your mind clear while you sit to write the letter to avoid any such shortcomings.
  • Mention the subject or the reason of writing the letter right on top. It gives an idea to the recipient of the contents of letter, also saves a lot of time for the recipient while reading and making sense of the letter.
  • Always mention your contact information at the end of the letter.
  • Make use of words like ‘appreciate’, ‘gratitude’, ‘humbled’ to make the recipient understand the reason behind writing the letter.

Thank you Letter to in laws sample.

It Is difficult to write in words what you feel and what you want to convey through your thank you letter to in laws. You also have to keep the above points in mind while writing the thank you letter so that you do not deviate from the original purpose of writing the letter. Here are a few thank you letter to in laws sample which can help you with your dilemma. These letters are designed in such a way that you can directly copy-paste them or write them out to your in laws. You may also choose to make minor changes to the letter as per your liking before sending it out.

Letter to in laws

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Template 1

Thank you for attending our wedding. (subject on top)


Name of recipient

Address of recipient

Date: dd/mm/yy

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is an absolute pleasure to have you as an important part of the biggest day of our lives, our wedding day.

I appreciate you taking your precious time off and fly down to attend the celebrations and be an active part of it. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of the celebrations and making it on time to even attend the rehearsal dinner with us.

I understand, considering your work profile and the distance, it isn’t always possible to travel halfway around the country, to be a part of the family celebrations. But having you here with us for the celebrations made it all the more special.

I appreciate you taking the time and making an approach to understand me and my needs while I was trying to adjust to the new change of life. I appreciate your valuable advice of being in an absolutely honest marriage from the day one. I appreciate your gesture but adore your sweetness.

Thank you once again for being here with us. We look forward to having you with us sooner than we can anticipate.

Take care.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

(your name)

(your address)

(your contact number)

Sample #1 for Thank You Letter To In laws

Template 2, Thank you letter to Mother in law

Dear Sir/ Madam,

To the most adorable and understanding mother-in-law. I cannot thank my stars enough to align them in the same path as yours.

From day one, I have felt more like a daughter than like a daughter-in-law in the household. You made me feel comfortable from the very first day and I appreciate that. You ensured I never feel lonely and feel a part of the family as much as possible.

The moment I stepped on the threshold- I knew I was home. It never felt like the surroundings are unknown to me. You took me in your wings and helped me fly high. And I appreciate that the most.

Thank you for being the best mother-in-law ever. I shall forever be grateful to you and shall take ahead your teachings to the future generations as well.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

(your name)

(your address)

(your contact number)

Sample #2 for Thank You Letter To In laws

Template 3, Thank you letter to Sister in law

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have never had siblings and so was not aware of how to fight with one. By marrying Roger (name of husband) I came to meet you, the sweetest sister-in-law ever. Even after meeting you and being with you for such a long time, I can proudly say I am yet to learn how to fight with my siblings.

You have welcomed me to the house as one of your own. I appreciate you being there with me throughout my journey of adjusting to my new surroundings. I feel humbled and grateful to have found a great friend in my sister-in-law. Thanking you.

Thank you for everything.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

(your name)

(your address)

(your contact number)

Sample #3 for Thank You Letter To In laws

Template 4, Thank you letter to Mother in law for an incredible son

Dear Mother in law,

It has been a little over a year that I have been a part of the family. And never once I have felt like a stranger or a newcomer. All thanks to an incredible mother-in-law like you who has raised an equally incredible son.

Roger (name of your husband) has taught me how to sail smoothly even when rough tides hit us in marriage. I never knew marriage would be such a Herculean task. But then Roger makes everything simple, easy, that many a time I forget I am married to him.

You have taught your son well and I feel incredibly proud to be a part of this family. Now that I have entered by second trimester of pregnancy, I see an immense change in Roger. He is so careful around me and the baby, he ensures I am taken care of. And he is always there with me. I feel lucky to have found a husband like him.

Thank you for your kind words and support always. We are looking forward to your summer visit when we shall all be together to sit and chat on the porch.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

(your name)

(your address) (your contact number)

Sample #4 for Thank You Letter To In laws
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