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Affidavit of Translation, getting notarized

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Legal documents and certificates have taken a new role in this world. You need to be sure about the documents you have. You should even get certified by the legal bodies to get confirmation and affirmation. In turn get the exposure you have always been looking for. Legal proceedings in court rooms need proper evidence and support. And your notarized documents, affidavits, legal documents comprise this evidence and support which can help you in the longer run.

Affidavit is one such document which can be extremely helpful for you. And getting an affidavit for the translation you were looking for can be of an added advantage. However, before you go into drafting a proper affidavit of translation, you need to understand what an affidavit is and what does translation comprise.

What is an Affidavit?

The basic definition of an affidavit states that it is a verified statement or showing. To comprehend in other words, an affidavit contains a verification, which is mostly done by the means that it is made under oath. The oath is under the penalty of perjury, and this very act seems to serve as an evidence for its veracity and is very much required in any court proceedings. Perjury comprises intentional act to swear false oath or lie, whether in spoken or written form. These are matters which may be urgent and important, and related to official proceedings. Affidavits are written in first or third person, depending on who has drafted the document.

Affidavits are legal documents. These are permissible in the courtroom as evidence and support. Hence, you need to be sure about the affidavit you are making.

What do you mean by Translation?

Translation has many forms, is of various kinds, types, and dimensions. In today’s global economy where businesses are no longer bound my geographical boundaries, it is important to understand each other’s language and to be able to translate the same for other’s understanding too. However, translations are also considered to be a complicated process. Especially when you need to translate notarized documents which have legal significance, the translation must be accurate.

Translation of books/ texts/ documents/ certificates is very much sought after considering there is a vast population of people from all over the world. And getting an affirmation or proof of accuracy is required through official personnel and needs excessive care. You have to be sure while translating the document, as these are permissible in the court of law. One such document which is of significance and is translation related is known as the affidavit of translation.

What is an affidavit of translation?

Now that you have understood the meaning of affidavit and translation, you must now get a vague idea of what the meaning of affidavit of translation is. An affidavit of translation comprises a sworn document solely to be written or authorized by the translator. It will state and confirm that the translation in question is accurate and contains the exact content of the original legal document.

In such a scenario, the translation has to take an oath for the accuracy for the translation. It has to happen in front of an authorized commissioner who can administer oaths in the country from where the translator belongs. An affidavit of translation also seems to assert that the translation in question maintains the international standards of translation. And, also that the translation has been done by a skilled and professional translator.

Translator signing on the Affidavit of Translation

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When is an affidavit required?

Below are listed few instances when you may require an affidavit of translation.

  • In family law when your address has to be confirmed.
  • When your personal information is compromised, it is then that this document can help prove your identity.
  • When formal statements are given for a case in court on paper, an accompanying affidavit can prove the validity of the statement in the court of law.
  • When you may need to record your business data like assets and debts, an affidavit can help confirm that very information.
  • In case of the death of kin, you can assert the ownership of the property with the help of an affidavit.
  • An affidavit can also help as a notification of death only in cases where the death certificate has not been issued yet.
  • An affidavit also works as a proof if you have changed your name.

Why is an affidavit of translation important?

An affidavit of translation is required in a number of scenarios. It is majorly required by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS for certain immigration or other related documents. Even few universities may also require affidavits of diploma translations. Such documents are required in universities majorly for admissions and furthering the process of admission of a student. An affidavit of translations is also needed by courts of law. The affidavit of translation becomes a major source of evidence for any case where the documents involved are from a country of a different language. This means it is other than that which is practiced in the concerned court of law.

Even if it sounds simple and easy, obtaining an affidavit is not an easy process. Any service provider company would know everything related to translation. A layman can not have access to every document related to translation, and fail to realize the importance of an affidavit of translation. The risk involved in making an affidavit of translation is bigger than you can imagine. USCIS majorly require an affidavit of translation and if it does not get accepted, then the visa processing can delay. It can even stop at that very instant. And the concerned person has to begin from the very start the entire process.

You have heard of affidavits but understanding the importance of affidavits is also very much required. An affidavit of translation is also a type of sworn statements which an individual can give on piece of paper, which hold must importance and it also adds their signature on it. This document can also help you against fraud and can even help you prove your identity to the government.

For all these many reasons, an affidavit of translation is highly significant and important.

What does an affidavit of translation guarantee?

As you have now understood the importance of an affidavit of translation. You also need to understand what the affidavit of translation guarantees as a whole. Below are the pointers which can help you understand the Affidavit of Translation in a more proper manner.

  • The translated documents of significance receive a statement signed by the translation company representative or the translator.
  • The statement also includes the signature of the translator by a Notary Public.
  • It also states that the translator believes and affirms the target-language text is an absolutely accurate and complete translation of the present source-language text.

How to draft a proper affidavit of translation?

While drafting a proper affidavit of translation, you will have to keep the following points in mind, and these should also reflect in your document.

  • The translator’s identity, the full name of the translator along with the languages the translator is fluent in, besides English, had to be mentioned in the affidavit. This helps in understanding the translator’s credibility and also since the information becomes a part of an important document. If required, they can contact the translator for future translations as well.
  • It is important to describe the document which has been translated and verified and authorized. The type of document, number of pages translated, language it has been translated from are amongst a few things which should be a part of the document. Couple of others are language it has been translated to, date of translation.
  • As mentioned earlier, an affidavit of translation is like a certificate of authentication of the document. It is also required to validate and certify the document by the translator too. It should state the authenticity of the document along with the signature of the translator. This means that the translator is verifying and certifying that this is an authentic translation of the concerned document. It must include his signature, complete name, date for confirmation.
  • A section should be left at the bottom of the document for the notarization seal to be done. The seal and signature of the notarized personnel will confirm that the parties involved in the translation have been accurately represented.
Drafting a proper affidavit of translation

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Sample Affidavit of Translation Template

Now that you have understood the meaning, importance of the Affidavit of Translation, you will not have to sit and write a one. Keeping the above pointers in mind, here are a few templates of Affidavit of Translation for your reference. The templates are designed in such a way you can directly copy and paste from them, or you can make your own changes and print them out.

Template 1

Affidavit of Translation (subject should always be on top)

I, (your full name), am fluent in the following languages, English, and (name the other language or languages). I, hereby certify that the attached document has been thoroughly translated and verified.

Here is a brief description of the document for your kind perusal.

Name of document-

Pages translated-

Original language-

Translated to-

Date of translation-

I hereby certify that the attached document has been successfully translated to English language to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Signature of translator                                                           Full name of translator

 State of

Country of

Subscribed and affirmed and sworn before me on dd/mm/yy by (notary full name).

Notary seal                                                                             Signature of Notary

Sample #1 for Affidavit of translation

Template 2

I, (your full name), am fluent in languages English and (mention the other language).

I hereby certify to the best of my ability and knowledge, that the attached documents are accurate and true translation of the (name of original document) in English.

Name of the original Document

Original Language

Page nos.

Name of the Translated document

Translated Language

Page nos.

Full name of Translator                                             Signature of Translator

Full name of Notary                                                   Signature of Notary

Seal of Notary

Sample #2 for Affidavit of translation

Template 3

I, (your full name), of (your State name), do solemnly declare and acknowledge the following:

  • I am fluent in languages – English and (name the other languages).
  • I have worked and prepared a complete translation from (other language) into English of the book/document/ certificate, of which the original book/document/certificate has been attached.
  • The attached documents along with its translation is true, correct, and complete in all respects.

I solemnly make this declaration believing it to be true to the best of my abilities. I also declare knowing that it is the same force which can use its force and effect on me, as it is made under oath.

Full name of Translator                                             Signature of Translator

Full name of Notary                                                   Signature of Notary

Seal of Notary.

Sample #3 for Affidavit of translation

Template 4

Document number

Document name

Original language

Date of Completion

Document number

Document name

Translated language

Date of Completion

To the best of our professional knowledge, belief and opinion, the above-mentioned document has been translated successfully without any fails or setbacks.

The complete process of translation has been followed to the core. And we give our confirmation for the same.

A copy of the original as well as the translated document has been attached along with the document for your kind perusal.

Name of the Translator                                                         Signature of the Translator

Contact Number:                                                                   Email id:

Name of Notary                                                                     Signature of Notary

Seal of Notary

Sample #4 for Affidavit of translation

Template 5

I, (your full name), solemnly pledge and confirm that the document (Document name) has been successfully translated over to (language name). The original (Document Name) along with the translated document have been attached.

I hereby declare to the best of my abilities, that the translation is to the point, accurate and law abiding.

Please make note, I am fluent in languages English, (and other language) and have been involved in translation of books/texts/documents/certificates for over 10 years now.

Name of the Translator                                             Signature of Translator

Name of the Notary                                                   Signature of Notary Notary seal

Sample #5 for Affidavit of translation
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