Affirmation Letter: How To, Templates & Examples

Writing an Affirmation Letter

Now more than ever, we are all feeling the need to nourish our souls. Thinking positively is the best way that we can sustain ourselves and those we love through the tough times.

Affirmations are a useful way of practicing positive thinking and empowering yourself and your loved ones. They can help address insecurities, remind us of our positive attributes, all the ways that we matter, and offer encouragement, so we know what is working for us.

When we feel bad, we aren’t able to do anything at all. Even if we’re unhappy with ourselves, the only way to change our lives for the better is to improve our point of view. Finding a direction and having the energy to move in that direction is possible when we think positively. This is where affirmations come in.

Why Write An Affirmation Letter

Creating an affirmation involves thinking deeply about what we would like to achieve or attract into our lives. This involves thinking about how we want to feel, and how best to raise our self-esteem and emotional state into a place that allows us to grow.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that our affirmations are set down clearly, compassionately, and in an easily memorable way is to write them down.

An affirmation letter is an act of love from us to ourselves, or to the people in our lives. Taking the time and effort to think and carefully craft a letter of affirmation allows us to focus on what we want and need.

Writing a letter is also helpful for those who are new to affirmations because it can be difficult to keep the negative thoughts away. Physically writing a letter helps us think carefully about what we want to include and edit out any involuntary negative thoughts and ideas from this act of love.

If you are wondering how to write an affirmation letter, keep reading!

Tips for Writing a Good Affirmation Letter

  • Start with a warm, affectionate greeting

This sets the tone for your letter, and creates welcoming, safe space for you right from the beginning! Address the recipient of your letter with love, especially if you’re writing to yourself.

“Dear You,” “Beloved,” are a few examples of the way you can begin your letters of affirmation to yourself. If you’re writing to a loved one, use a special name if you have one for them. If not, try a word that describes your relationship with them.

  • Acknowledge the real circumstances of your life

When you feel seen, you feel loved. That is why acknowledging the current circumstances, laying them all out without judgement, and offering yourself or the people on your life the gift of witnessing their difficulties goes a long way.

We tend to downplay our own joys and griefs in light of the world, and this is a simple way to hold space for ourselves in own lives.

  • Write ‘I’ statements

This is a letter that you have to take ownership for. In this letter, you’re expressing your emotions openly and honestly. In a world that prizes honest criticism, we all deserve access to honest kindness. The easiest way to do this is to write direct and straightforward affirmations. If you’re addressing yourself, start your statements with ‘I’ or ‘My’.

  • Keep your statements positive
Keep Your Statements Positive
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You want to make sure that this letter reaffirms your decisions to be kinder, and help you think more positively. It helps to use sentences that include ‘Will’ and ‘Can’ rather than sentences that start with ‘Don’t’, ‘Can’t’, ‘Stop’ and so on. 

Make sure that the focus is on what you want to do, rather than what you want to avoid. This primes your mind to make the changes you want to make in your life and reassures you of your abilities. There’s no reason for you to give your negative thoughts any more material!

  • Keep them Believable

When you write an affirmation letter, you’re reinforcing the good parts of yourself, and your life. Don’t be modest! Downplaying your good bits because you feel like you are being prideful won’t help. This is a private letter intended only for its recipient, and you have nothing to prove.

Write your truths firmly, without couching your language in platitudes. When you use words like ‘but’, ‘even though’ etc., when discussing your positive attributes, you end up undercutting yourself, so avoid using those words.

Writing an affirmation letter with strong, believable statements about yourself can be hard. If you’re struggling with self-esteem, write statements in a way that you open the possibility of believing them. You can write statements like “I will be…”, “I am open to….”, “I am ready to believe…” that lets you venture into exploring how you can speak more positively about yourself.

Affirmation letter examples

Example #1

Dear [Your Name],

Here I am, amid [situation]. It has taken up a lot of my time and energy, worn me down, but I’ve survived it all. I will celebrate myself. 

I took the information that was given to me and made the best decision I could, given the circumstances at hand. I’ve made progress, I’ve come so far, and I continue to grow every single day, no matter what obstacles the world throws at me.

I am proud of my resilience, your strength, and how far I’ve come.

I trust in my abilities to say centered, focused, and open doors that will lead me to the places I want to be. I trust in the Universe, and that I am in the right place at the right time. I believe that I have everything I need to keep moving forward in my journey towards growth and success.

I move with courage and faith in my abilities and talents. I am willing to believe that these will see me through to the other side of my current circumstances.

I know I can overcome all difficulties with my own power and the love, support and respect of those around me. I am excited to share my capacity to express myself with the world and know my willingness to learn will lead me to new and greater heights.

I exist in gratitude and at peace with the Universe and my own self.

Full of hope,

[Your Name]

 Sample Affirmation letter

Example #2

Writing an Affirmation Letter to a Friend Example
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My dearest [your relationship with the person ex: ‘Friend’],

Here is a reminder to you that your worth is not determined by the number that you see on the scales. Your worth is not in the hours of labor you have clocked in, or even the number of messages you have sent out for the sake of other people.

I value and love you for the kindness of your heart, the ease of your smile, and the warmth of your laughter. You bring light and joy to this world with the little things. Your hellos and goodbyes, the energy you bring, and the passion with which you approach everything you adopt as ‘yours’. You ease hearts with your presence, soothe hurts with the gentleness of your tone and calm anxious minds with the simple humanity of your existence.

You are incredibly special, and I am grateful for your presence in my life, as is everyone who is blessed with your presence.

Know that you are loved and celebrated by all those who know you. There is no counting the depth of our affection for you or challenging the reasons that you matter. You simply do.

With abiding affection and respect,

[Your Name]

Sample #2 for Affirmation letter

Example #3

[Your Name], conductor of light,

I am successful, secure in my finances and in my love.

I am a product of everything in my environment. I have been shaped by the blessings that were put in my way. The obstacles in my path allowed me to grow and shape myself into a person I am proud of.

I love and appreciate myself, my gifts, my capabilities, my compassion and my grace in grave circumstances. I know I can trust my intuition and follow it as it guides me to greater heights.

I have faith that I can work towards and manifesting the resources I need for my further growth and security. I am settled in the power of my confidence and cannot be shaken from it, no matter what winds are blown towards me.

I attract love that settled within itself, and supports me, guides me, and helps me in my endeavors. I choose the love that I wish to keep and give it back equally.

I am a conductor of light in everything I do, and I joyfully embrace life and all its complexities.

Shining brightly,

[Your Name]

Sample #3 for Affirmation letter

Example #4

My lovely [Their Name],

You are the greatest example of human creation – your beauty is unsurpassed and there is no one else like you.

You were formed lovingly in the womb by Mother Nature herself You were molded in the image of those who came before you, your ancestors who look upon you lovingly. You are wholly and completely yourself, and completely perfect in every way.

Your body carries history and tells stories in the way it is shaped, in the way you move, the instincts that have been written into your sinew and bone. Your body is perfect as it is, without alteration. It will continue to be perfect as it grows, changes, and adapts to the circumstances that life and the Universe send your way.

Feeding your body and nourishing it are acts of love, not methods of control, and you know what your body needs better than anyone else.

You heal your hurts, tend to your wounds, and ease the small wear and tears of living upon your body, and it serves you well. You are beautiful, strong, and in possession of great health.

Celebrating your bounties,

[Your Name]

Sample #4 for Affirmation letter

Example #5

Dear Changemaker,

I am surrounded by people whose face reflect their joy at living wonderful, fulfilling lives, and I am grateful that I have helped them.

I celebrate the opportunities that have allowed me to work diligently for the betterment of my fellow beings. I am grateful for the gifts of compassion and intelligence that I am able to offer. I am proud of my abilities to work hard and work quickly.

I am feeling strong, confident, and alive.

I can visibly see the difference I am making in the lives of the people in my community. I am secure in my path, in my journeys at work, and I face all the challenges in my way with grace and strength.

I am celebrating being helpful, successful, and a great source of joy and comfort to the people I work for, and I am delighted to be included in their celebrations.

I know I can move mountains if I try.

Moving with purpose,

[Your Name]

Sample #5 for Affirmation letter

Example #6

I, a Traveler,

I am feeling warm, relaxed, and full of gratitude as I sink my bare feet into the warm sand at this seashore, in a land in a far away country. I am celebrating the journeys that have allowed me to travel far and wide. I know I have come a long way from where I began.

I have seen the wonders of the world with my own eyes, and I am enjoying the thrill of travelling on my own and recording the stories of my adventures.

I am focused, flowing, and fulfilled in my journeys, which are both physical and spiritual.

I am growing in confidence every day and learning new routes and pathways to travel and living.

I am feeling exhilarated and alive, and I am filled with ideas for where I could go next.

All routes and pathways are open to me, and if a door closes, I am confident in my abilities to find another way to reach my destination.

I trust that with each destination I will find a new adventure, and new places to explore.

I am ready and receptive to new ideas and thrilled by the events in my life.

Overflowing with possibility, [Your Name]

 Sample #6 for Affirmation letter

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