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Email, text and calls have become a standard medium of communication in these hectic times. The pressures of living life on the edge or managing family responsibilities can distance us from our loved ones or even colleagues. Business meeting or family get-togethers over lunch can be a great way to connect with people around you. 

What is Thank you for the lunch letter?

If your colleague or a personal acquaintance has invited you to lunch, you should know they like to invest time in keeping in touch with you. A thank you note for the lunch is a sincere attempt to tell them that you appreciate the gesture and find it a great way to connect more. Always make a note to thank the other person without mistake and you will win their approval. 

Lunch can be a great bonding exercise among people. A great way to catch up with a friend, know more about a colleague, or spent time with loved ones, a lunch is informal and casual. It is a great way to grease your networks or reignite your relationships. The principle of sending a thanking note is not new or outdated. It rather shows that your respect for the other person and value of their time. 

When is Thank you for the lunch letter required?

It is complimentary to write a thank you when you are treated to a lunch. The lunch can be from your boss, superiors, juniors, colleagues or family acquaintances.

-A lunch that does not have any strings attached should be acknowledged personally. 

-A lunch honoring the person for their achievements should be thanked personally.

-Any lunch that celebrates personal or professional milestone should be applauded with a thank you note.

-A lunch or a get-together without any agenda should be thanked for.

-A much that is help as an introduction for the person to an organization or group should be commended. 

Some sample messages below will give you an idea on how to draft your own personalized thank you for the lunch note. The sample messages add a touch of finesse to your communication. The messages can be customized with anecdotes of what made the lunch quite interesting and memorable. 

Some things that you can highlight in your Thank you for the lunch message (Do’s)

-Your association with the person

-Points of talk during lunch

-Common passions that bring you together

-Their desirable character traits 

-Their food or drink habits 

-Their wonderful and warm nature 

Tips for your note of Thank you for the lunch message

The host would like to find out what fascinates you about them.

-Share moments or stories that you have shared together

-Talk about anything interesting conversation over lunch.

-Remind them of anything that you agreed to do together.

-Compliment them that everything was perfectly planned.

Point to avoid mentioning in your Thank you for the lunch (Don’t)

Do not make your message sound formal or snobbish. 

-Anything that was disagreeable or confronting.

-Do not talk about splitting or sharing the bill afterwards. 

-Don’t mention anything dismissive about food or drink choices.


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Thank you for the lunch message (Basic Template)

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

It was very nice to meet and reconnect with you over drinks at [Restaurant’s Name]. I am thrilled that you indulged me to your favorite drinks and delicacies. I had a great time talking to you after a long while in a more relaxed setting. 

Thank you again for treating me to a palatial lunch. I wanted to pick your brain on certain things I was exploring and your advice has put me to ease. Thank you for staying in touch and spending your valuable time with me. I hope we can get together more often and get to discuss more ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Thank you for the lunch message samples

Thank you for the lunch Sample 1

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

I was surprised to see you taking time out of your busy schedule and taking me out for lunch. I am grateful to have a lovely person like you as my friend and cherish these small getaways. It was not only exciting but rekindling. We got to catch up and let our hair down after a long time. 

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful lunch and brining all the friends together. You are the most precious person in my life and one who would go to great lengths for the happiness of their friends. Our friendship has stood the test of time and moments like these make it worth the extra effort. It means a lot to me that you took time out to plan the lunch to the last detail. God bless you and shower you with all the happiness. 

The lunch was exotic and felt deeply pampered by the hospitality. Like always It is always to connect with the gang. I made superb memories with every one of my sisters. It was nice to know we all still share the taste in good food and wines. It was an amazing way to unwind for me on an afternoon that was going in the direction of project deadlines and chaos. 

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Sample #1 for Thank you for the lunch

Thank you for the lunch Sample 2

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

I value your exertion in making the lunch retreat work. It was spontaneous burst of incredible conversations, exotic platters and fascinating drinks. I got to know the different and fun side of each colleague what was priceless. I adored conversing with each one and specially you for making the lunch special. 

Group lunches are an amazing idea and I cannot thank you enough for thinking it through. We hardly get time to talk and meeting the same people at work informally has been eye-opening. I made a new friend that I would have never if I hadn’t met them out of office. Great way to boost morale and grease team dynamics.

The lunch retreat was an ideal blend of interesting conversations and lip-smacking buffet spread. A dazzling lunch date with unlimited beverages and starters. I usually avoid these meet-ups but this has me grooving. Much obliged for great amount of preparation you put up to make this all work. 

It was a great way to loosen up, share tidbits and make memories. We hardly get to catch up with all the work pressures and responsibilities. It was good to know the real people behind the colleagues that we spend time with every day. This was a healthy break from the cycle of not knowing my colleagues. It was a pleasure meeting all and specially you over lunch. I am looking forward to many such lunches with you.

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Sample #2 for Thank you for the lunch

Thank you for the lunch Sample 3

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

There is nothing quite like the feeling of working with people that are more than faceless colleagues. These impromptu lunches give a change to know each other personally which adds more depth to office interactions. Thank you for the luncheon that we had the other day. In the cacophony of daily pressures, I did not know we worked with such interesting people. I feel good that we discussed office gossip and connected with people. Our colleagues are barely visible to us while at work even when we spent more time with them than our family. It was nice to know them up close and personal.

Much obliged for welcoming me to explain business and protocol with me over lunch. The meal got exquisite and extraordinary with each passing course. The entrée was amazing and the local wine was a great crescendo to finish the evening.

Thank you making it special and also discussing lateral opportunities for me at office. I thank you for being a mentor to me and always having my back. I hold in high regard and respect you for your professionalism. Mixing business with pleasure was a great way to broach the subject. Thank you for making it sound so much less stressful.

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Sample #3 for Thank you for the lunch

Thank you for the lunch Sample 4

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

The lunch with you yesterday was enlightening and helpful. Thank you for introducing me to your office culture casually and bringing me up to speed on business matters. I feel more informed about the way of work here. The meal was the high point and very delightful. It was so big of you for picking up the tab for the lunch. I am thrilled to work with people who have a great sense of humor and equally sharp commitment to work. I was excited to know more about the company and partner program specially planned for employees. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping me transition into the new role easily. 

The only thing that I regret about the luncheon the other day was not thinking of it before. Even though our careers keep us busy, taking time out was the best thing that happened to me. I appreciate meeting you like this, connecting over office talks and sharing daily travails with a friend who is also my role model at the company. I value my interaction with you and look forward to more exciting chats with you soon. 

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Sample #4 for Thank you for the lunch

Thank you for the lunch Sample 5

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

Thank you for treating me to a wonderful birthday lunch. Thanks for making it extra special and bringing a homemade meal along. I feel like we are teenagers again, sharing everything. You are my best friend, and every moment spent with you is memorable. It warms my heart that you are still passionate the birthday tradition. You are great at managing events and every time you end up surprising me with a rich palate, gastronomical delights and finest local wine. I know you love planning birthday treats and I have been reaping the benefits of your knowledge. You are great at finding new places to explore on surprisingly economical budgets.

The wonderful experiences with you never seem to end. Thank you for keeping me in your heart forever. I had a wonderful time with you exploring the city as well. You seem to have had a magical spell on me. I keep bumping into you in the most unexpected ways. I am thankful to god for giving me a friend who I have no doubt always thought the best for me. I hope we grow fonder of each other every passing years and celebrate many more lunches together. Thank you again for planning a great birthday lunch. You have outdone your last years record and I have no doubt you will keep up the winning streak. 

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Sample #5 for Thank you for the lunch

Thank you for the lunch Sample 6 

Dear [Inviter’s Name]

Lunch was great yesterday. I am surprised to know we have so much in common. You being a travel junkie has coaxed me to follow my passion more often. It is a tempting proposition to make spur of the moment decisions, pack your bags and head to the mountains. I have learned so much from you and will make time to go trekking this summer.

 Also, I enjoyed discussing the book you have been reading and how it has changed your perspective towards life. It is great to know we can learn so much for other’s experiences. These are things I have never considered before and it was an eye-opener. Your interests have rekindled my passion and for that I am thankful. 

I enjoyed hearing about your background and passions. It is not every day that you meet people who you can connect instantly. I find meeting new people stressful, but lunch with you has comforted me a lot. Thank you for bringing me up to date on new opportunities at the office. The more I talked to you the more I realized that I have been missing on life. I would like to be a carefree person like you.

I had the best time with you. Your stories are so much more amazing and interesting. I appreciate you taking time out to meet me. It was great to know you are going places in your career. I too can learn from you in that field and would love to discuss that soon. Perhaps we can go out again soon. Next time the lunch is on me. 

Thank You 

[Guest’s Name]

Sample #6 for Thank you for the lunch
Thank you for the lunch Templates on Naviance

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