Thank You Letter to Nanny: How To, Templates & Examples

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A nanny is someone more than just a person who takes care of your child in your presence or absence. He/she is the one who looks after him/her, spends hours with your child, teaches him/her new things, plays with him/her, and takes good care of your baby.

For working parents with a busy work schedule, a nanny is a lifesaver when it comes to taking care of their baby. A nanny helps parents to pursue their careers, juggle between work and home, get their me-time when schedules are hectic and traveling is on the cards. For many parents, it is possible to maintain a balance between their personal life and career only because they have someone trustworthy at home to look after their child. And that’s what a nanny is!

In the beginning, it is never easy to trust a nanny and leave your child with a stranger. Over time, your nanny becomes a part of your family with whom you can happily leave your munchkin. You know he/she will be safe, well-fed, and looked after. With such an important role to play, National Nanny Recognition Week (September 22-28) has been dedicated to express appreciation for nannies. This offers a wonderful opportunity to thank your nanny and express your heartfelt gratitude in different ways. Giving gifts is a nice gesture but writing a thank you letter to nanny can be one of the most heart-touching rewards to give your baby’s caretaker.

Are you considering writing a letter to your nanny for his/her hard work, dedication, and excellent job? If you are at a loss for words and not sure what to and what not to include in your letter, read on to get some help. Here are tips for writing an appropriate letter to your nanny and other things that will help you pen down your thoughts.

When is a good time to write a thank you letter to your nanny?

In life, we come across many people who deserve our sincere thanks. These are the people who provide us services to make our lives easier and one such person is a nanny.

The question that people often have in mind is, when should they write a letter to their nanny? Any day is a good day to write a thank you letter to nanny. There is no hard and fast rule when you can or cannot write an appreciation note to the person who takes care of your child. However, you can take advantage of special days like your nanny’s birthday, Thanksgiving, or sometime during the National Nanny Recognition Week (22 – 28 September) to express your gratitude. It can be an e-mail, a handwritten letter that’s posted to their address, or a surprise note hidden somewhere you know they will discover without fail. You can show your appreciation through actions by helping them, giving them a day off, but feelings expressed through words mean a lot.

Why should you write a thank you letter to your nanny?

Thank you letters are a gesture of politeness and for telling someone how much you appreciate their help and effort. Your child’s nanny is the person who takes care of your child all through the day, tells him/her stories, and keeps the child comfortable and safe. Though your nanny’s job is to look after your child and you make a payment for the work, there is a lot of emotion and commitment involved. Your nanny should be appreciated for how well he/she is handling his/her job and how thankful you are for his/her splendid services.

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Tips of writing a thank you letter to nanny

Begin with thanking your nanny

The main reason for writing this letter is to say thank you to your nanny. So start by expressing your gratitude. Lat them know what are you thankful for to make it sound genuine.


  • Dear …(Name), many thanks for being a splendid nanny.
  • Dear …(Name), we truly appreciate your commitment and love for our kid.
  • Thank you …(Name), for taking such good care of our child.
  • Dear ….(Name) we can’t thank you enough for being the best nanny ever!

Be polite

A thank you letter may sound simple but it carries a lot of meaning and sentimental value. It may leave a lasting impression on your nanny. A heartfelt thank you letter to nanny shows your gratitude for the nanny’s work. It reflects how much you respect their dedication towards the demanding work that they do.

Use inspiring words

Caring for children is not an easy job. It can be challenging, monotonous, and be faced with difficult situations. Appreciation and motivating words go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your child’s nanny. Use encouraging words in your letter to make your nanny feel enthused. It takes nothing to go out of the way and write a note but the outcome lasts longer than you think.

Talk about their qualities

‘Along with appreciating their efforts, it is important to mention the qualities that make them excellent nannies. Talking about their qualities reflects depth and meaning to your acknowledgment of their superior services. It shows your acknowledgement for their arduous work.


  • I admire your exemplary qualities as a nanny
  • You are so amazing with the kids
  • Your patience with children is truly laudable
  • The way you discharge your duties diligently is praiseworthy
  • The efforts you take in making the children comfortable is truly commendable

Praise for anything extra that they do

A nanny’s job doesn’t end with only taking care of the child. It extends to other tasks such as folding the laundry, telling them stories, and doing other household chores that you may have discussed when appointing them. Don’t restrict yourself by thanking them just for their fabulous ways of handling the children but also let them know you appreciate other chores that they do.


  • It’s a pleasure to see how beautifully you organize educational and fun activities for …(child’s name)
  • Taking the children to school every day is a tedious job but you make it seem so enjoyable
  • Thank you for helping ….(child’s name) with her homework everyday

Do not reciprocate negative feelings

You may or may not like everything that your nanny does. Remember this is a letter of thanks to the nanny and you must at all cost refrain from expressing any displeasure with their work. With any bit of negative thoughts or expressions, the essence of a good thank you letter to nanny will be lost.

Sign off by saying thank you

How you end your letter depends on your relationship with your nanny. Whether you want to keep the final comment slightly formal or totally informal depends on you. No matter how you conclude your letter, don’t forget to thank them in the end.


  • Thank you for taking such good care of our little one.
  • Thank you for being our nanny. Our son couldn’t have gotten anyone better than you.
  • Thank you for leaving such a wonderful impression and being such a good influence on (…child’s name)
  • Our child is always telling us how much he enjoys your company. Thanks for being so nice to him. Your company and support are appreciated.
  • Thank you for not only taking care of our baby boy but also teaching him valuable life lessons, skills and manners!
  • Thank you for being our dream nanny!

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Template #1

Dear (Nanny’s Name),

I cannot say enough to appreciate your wonderful ways of handling the children. Me and …(your spouse’s name) admire how you provide care to (child/children’s name). You have such a fun way of telling children stories and teaching them values through those tales. We could have never found a better nanny than you in this whole world.

It’s not only us but the kids love you so much. They just cannot imagine their days without you around them. The day’s when you are on leave he/she/they continuously talk about you making us realize how much they miss you.

We know how much extra time and effort you put in to get …..(name/s) involved in various activities and for the cleanup after that. We truly appreciate your patience. Thank you for everything, we don’t know what we would do without you.


(Your name)

Sample #1  Thank You Letter to Nanny

Template #2

Dear (Nanny’s name)

I am grateful for the hard work you put in towards taking care of my child. Your work ethic is admirable indeed. I know it is not easy to look after a toddler but you seem to make it so easy.

You never fail to impress me and my husband with your impeccable cleanliness. Thank you for folding the laundry every day and keeping the house delightfully neat.

I must tell you that ….(child’s name) loves your bedtime stories and waits for a new one every day. You have taken away so much burden off my shoulders and have been such a great help. Your passion for children is fascinating. We are extremely lucky to have you.

Thank you for your incredible ways with our child. We are truly blessed to have you as our nanny.


(Your name)

Sample #2  Thank You Letter to Nanny

Template #3

Dear (Nanny’s name)

Let me begin by expressing my heartfelt thanks for looking after our child while we are away. I cannot tell you how much your support means to me because without that I would not have been able to pursue my career goals.

I have noticed so much improvement in my son’s studies. He has started getting high grades in his quizzes and it’s all because of you. There has also been a significant change in his behavior. He is more polite and much attentive with his work.

You’re also incredible with your chores around the house. My deepest thank you for your assistance.

With much appreciation

Mrs. (Your name)

Sample #3  Thank You Letter to Nanny

Template #4

Dear (Nanny’s name)

Now that you are leaving to pursue a better career opportunity, we will truly miss you. We wish you the very best in the future and will always appreciate your wonderful services.

It was beyond our imagination how much hard work is involved in raising a child. But, you made everything seem so smooth and easy with your incredible working style. It was a delight to see your time management and organizing skills. You have been a great help in raising (child’s name) and I would be completely lost without you. My sincere thanks for your kind help.

From taking (child’s name) to the playground, to organizing the play area, and cleaning up the kitchen, you completed all your tasks with so much dedication. I have learned so much from your way of handling my child. I am grateful for your assistance and will remember you forever.

With sincere thanks,

(Your name)

Sample #4  Thank You Letter to Nanny

Template #5

Dear (Nanny’s name)

Hope you’re having a great day. We wanted to thank you for your contributions to our lives and making a difference in our son’s life in a big way.

When you came to look after …(child’s name) for the first time we were not sure how he would react. But, he started admiring you from the very first day and that was possible because of your loving nature. Spending time with you has been a blessing for him. He loves his snacks, game, and story-time, and even doing his homework with you. Under your supervision, he has learned to be kind towards others.

Our son was an introverted child from the very beginning but that has changed after you came to take care of him. Now he can make friends easily and that has added a spark to his personality.

It has been an incredible experience knowing you and watching you help our son grow in every way. No one can match your enthusiasm and passion with kids.

We cannot adequately express our heartfelt thanks for your help around the house.

Forever grateful

(your name & name of your spouse)

Sample #5  Thank You Letter to Nanny
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