Dental Assistant Thank You Letter: How To, Templates & Examples

Dental assistant thank you letter

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You should write a thank you letter to politely acknowledge an offer, compliment, service, or gift. To put it simply, such letters are means to express your appreciation and gratitude for the thoughtful actions of a person. A thank you letter can be sent after an interview, personal events, after receiving donations or gifts, or networking events.

A thank you letter is special as it makes the recipient aware what they did was greatly appreciated or valued. However, such a letter should be sent without any delay so that the events are fresh and the action is more meaningful.

These letters should be sincere, personal, and warm. Start with the magical words “Thank you” and then address your recipient in a manner that comes naturally. You should be clear about why you are thanking him/her. Let them know why their specific actions or gifts are so important and cherished by you.

Inquire about their well-being and share some details about your life as well. Let them know they are in your mind. You may also mention when you wish to meet them again. While wrapping up your thank you note, thank them once again and let them know how important their friendship is to you.

A dental assistant is a professional who offers patient care and offers chair-side support when dentists complete their procedures and exams.

What is a dental assistant thank you letter?

Thank you letters to doctors, nurses, dentists, or dental assistants are written to thank them for their valuable services. Such letters show the appreciation of the patients to any of these medical staff. However, patients should send a thank you letter immediately after they recover so that their action is more significant. However, you should remember that a dental assistant thank you letter is a formal note and should have a formal tone as such. Based on the content, such letters can be addressed to relevant bodies or individuals.

There is a reason why it is better to send these letters sooner. If you send it after too long, it shows your afterthought. Additionally, you may forget to send the letter altogether.

When is a dental assistant thank you letter required?

You should send a dental assistant thank you letter after extensive dental work or surgery. You should send it after a dental assistant has offered exceptional care to you when you visited a dental clinic and the treatment there made you comfortable. However, there is a process for writing such a thank you letter. For instance, you should be able to express your emotions properly and have knowledge of etiquette. Write your thank-you note on some nice stationery. You may also buy a card from the store and write your message according to your specific situation.

Tips for writing an effective dental assistant thank you letter

You should keep in mind some important points while writing a dental assistant thank you letter. To start with, you should address your letter to the right people. You should be clear about the purpose of your note from the word go. For instance, while writing a letter to a dental assistant, you should mention his/her name and pass the message accordingly. Close your thank you letter by addressing the recipient or you may even ask for a response.

Check out these handy tips to write an effective dental assistant thank you letter:

1. Use proper etiquette for the title while starting your letter

Your dental assistant thank you letter should start with the greeting “Dear” followed by the name of the dental assistant. When you do so, it indicates your respect for the dental professional. You should follow this approach irrespective of whether you are writing a traditional letter or an email. If you are writing a traditional thank you letter to the dental surgeon, make sure to write their name and surname properly. Use the next line to mention the name of the dental clinic and the next few lines to write the mailing address.

2. Express your appreciation and gratitude

Once you have greeted the recipient, start the letter’s body with a sentence that shows your appreciation. For instance, you can mention a phrase like ” I would like you to know how thankful I am for your impeccable care.” Write some lines to explain why you are writing to them. For instance, you might mention “Although I always have had a phobia of visiting a dental clinic, your soothing words and calm demeanor always made me comfortable.

3. Share some information

Specific details or memories are a beautiful way to highlight your gratitude. Try to recollect all those moments, which support your message before sharing them briefly, For instance, you could mention in the letter, “I was tensed up about my first root canal. However, after you spoke to me for some time about the procedure, I was confident there was nothing to feel scared about.” You may reiterate your appreciation with phrases such as, ” You took time out to speak soothingly to me. It melted away all my tension. Thank you so much.”

4. End with thanks

Wrap up the dental assistant thank you letter with an anticipatory line like “I am looking forward to seeing you next year.” Many people feel terrified to visit a dental clinic so you may jokingly mention, ” I cannot say I am looking forward to my next appointment at the clinic. However, I would love to interact with you once again.” You may repeat the thanks with a line such as “Thank you once again for your care.” You may finally use concluding words such as “Sincerely.” Finally, sign your name and signature to conclude the letter.

Samples of dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #1

Samples of dental assistant thank you letter

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Dear [Dental Assistant Name],

I would like to thank you for the fabulous job you had done when I visited the dental clinic for my crown replacement.

You are already aware I am a somewhat panicky patient affected by some unpleasant memories during my childhood when I had gone for my dental treatment. The incident led to me avoiding visiting a dental clinic for several years since then.

However, ever since I visited your dental clinic, I have always found you and the other team members going out of your way. You and your team made the experience as pleasant as possible for me. When I visited the clinic recently for my crown replacement, I was highly impressed with the way you spent your time explaining the entire process to me.

You described each step thoroughly and followed up via the front office people for follow-up calls to make sure everything was alright. While the procedure was a lengthy one, I can assure you that it was pain-free.

I am excited and happy with the end result because the new crown fits snugly. My friends and family members cannot even find out where the crown is fitted. I am also thrilled with the tooth whitening procedure at the clinic recently. My teeth now have an excellent all-around new look. The treatment was one hundred percent worth it!

Kind regards

[Your Name]

Sample #1 for Dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #2

Dear [Dental Assistant Name],

Thank you and to the entire team of the [Dental Clinic Name] for another delightful visit. I have always tried to follow the recommendations given to me by [Dental Clinic Name] over the years. I am happy to acknowledge that there has been a very little requirement for treatment as a result.

Today, I went through a cleaning technique of water with bicarbonate that had an extremely refreshing lemon flavor. It was a pleasant surprise to find the cleaning process was pain-free and quick. Moreover, there was a fantastic fresh clean feel to all my teeth that surely brought a face on my face.

Many thanks

[Your Name]

Sample #2 for Dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #3

Hi [Dental Assistant Name],

I apologize for the delay in reverting to you like these last couple of weeks have been really hectic for me. I would like to say a Big and Huge Thank You to you and the entire team at the [Dental Clinic Name] for the wonderful service.

The counseling and your soothing words really did magic to my nerves and I became much relaxed after that. I really appreciate your kind gesture and thoughtfulness during my visit to the dental clinic. You are a credit to your noble profession and I could not have had such a pleasant experience without your cooperation and support.


Kind Regards

[Your Name]

Sample #3 for Dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #4

Dear [Dental Assistant Name],

A big and huge thank – you to all of you for your professionalism and kindness. I appreciate it more than you could ever realize and will continue to spread a positive word about your wonderful practice.

With a million thanks and love,

[Your Name]

Sample #4 for Dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #5

Dear [Dental Assistant Name],

I want to take this opportunity and say thank you to you and the amazing dentist and all his staff. I became a new patient of your dental clinic [Dental Clinic Name] after our old dentist retired.

My husband visited your dental clinic first. He came home gushing about how wonderful the staff was and how you and the dentist took the time to explain everything in detail to him. You had briefed him about what is needed to be done and the expenses. He also mentioned how you took the time to chat and get to know you on a personal level, not just another patient.

I am one such person who is not so fond of going to the dental clinic but it was time for my teeth cleaning. I told them how sensitive my teeth are and I am afraid of the pain. You said the dentist could work with that to make me feel comfortable and that he did. I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. You were very honest and upfront with me about the dental treatment required to be done on my teeth.

The dentist did not try to fix what was not broken to earn more money. As a matter of fact, he said that everything was good and I just had to get a few things done. Not only the dentist but even you took time to get to know me and made me extremely comfortable. Your customer service has been simply fabulous and outstanding.

Thanks to you and all other staff in the clinic for all the wonderful service that you offer. You made visiting the [Dental Clinic Name] an extremely pleasant experience. I am looking forward to my future visits.

Many thanks

[Your Name]

Sample #5 for Dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #6

Dear [Dental Assistant Name],

I just wished to express my gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and courtesy shown to me by you and your staff while getting my treatment done. I got my Lumineers the day after my 65 birthday on December 10th and it was the most precious gift I could have given myself. What a fabulous change!

It appears as if everybody is now smiling at me, and yet I know it is because I am smiling more myself. My self-esteem has definitely gone up many notches. I just wish I had gotten them sooner. My New Year’s Resolution is to take proper care of my beautiful teeth and keep on smiling.


[Your Name]

Sample #6 for Dental assistant thank you letter

Sample letter #7

Dear [Dental Assistant Name],

Thank you for giving me the chance to enjoy your services. I am thankful for the time you took out of your hectic schedule to brief me about dentistry, with respect to both the medical health and the cost involved.

I really appreciate your kind gesture and tips to prepare myself well for the treatment that I undertook at your dental clinic. Thanks to your counseling, I was better prepared and did not panic when my tooth was extracted. As a matter of fact, the entire process was quite smooth and all the staff including you took good care of me.


[Your Name]

Sample #7 for Dental assistant thank you letter

We all know it is a polite thing to say thank you after someone does or gives something to you. As such, should you not write a dental assistant thank you letter after they gave taken such good care of you when you visited the clinic?

This is applicable to every dental clinic that you visit whether it was for 100 days or just one day. You should thank them for their professional and thoughtful service during your visits. So, it is time to be classy and write them a thank you letter. That is the right thing to do.

Dental assistants are people everybody should be actually aware of. After all, they help you to tackle any kind of problem you may face during your visit to the dental clinic. They help you to soothe yourself before the actual procedure starts. Who does not like to be appreciated for your hard dork and a dental assistant is not an exception to this rule. We hope that these sample letters act as a template when you plan to write a thank you note to a dental assistant in the future.

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